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  1. What is Athena? At it's most basic, Athena is an application that you can run on your 2nd screen that provides a very highly accurate representation of the in-game map and displays icons for friendly units in real time: a 'blufor' tracker that runs outside of arma on a 2nd screen whether that screen is literally a 2nd monitor, a laptop, a Windows tablet or a Microsoft Surface but that's an oversimplification of what Athena offers. Athena supports multiple instances. Building a cockpit and want several map screens? Athena will let you do that without any additional performance impact on ARMA. Athena supports the automatic import of any ARMA map and that's both vanilla and custom. No ExportNoGrid here. Athena supports the generation of shaded 'height map' views for any ARMA map and again, that's both vanilla and custom. Athena supports the private sharing of 'ink' or 'map drawing' with other members of your communities, again, in real time and with a great degree of control that exists outside of ARMA. Athena displays and updates an ORBAT in real time: one of your units picks up an MG, it updates their representation to indicate that they're an AR. They pickup an AT weapon, their label is updated to indicate that they're now "AT". Know which of your team members fills the important roles at all times. Athena provides a convenient list of locations for the current map: "Requesting evac at Mike-26!" Don't know where it is? Look in the locations tab, click "Mike-26" and click "Locate" and there it is. Athena provides a way for you set custom locations, known as anchors, on the map that are important to you. Someone calls requesting a pickup and they provide you with their grid or coordinates, type them into Athena and have it create an 'anchor' for you. This is especially handy for pilots. Athena lets you 'track' the positions of a unit, a group and an anchor at the same time by way of tracking lines that are drawn from your unit to the chosen unit, group and anchor. It also tells you the bearing and the distance. Athena lets your record your own sessions and play them back later. But Athena also runs 'outside' of ARMA so even when you're not playing ARMA, Athena still has something to offer you and your community by way of the Athena Community Server (ACS). Collaborating on a mission design? Have both you and your associate connect to the same ACS and mark up the map from across the Internet without ever having to fire up ARMA and join a server. Have a big op coming up? Connect with your associates and plan out your op prior to game time. Expanding on your training regimen and want to introduce some tactics discussions? Connect to the ACS and mark up the map and demonstrate the concepts behind the tactics. Or let's say you're not interested in using Athena in game and you're not interested in using an Athena Community Server, Athena still has something to offer. Let's say you're designing a mission and while you're play testing, you want to keep an eye on what the AI is up to... Use the @AthenaDesigner mod to output ALL data for EVERY side to the Athena Application. You'll see the units for blufor, opfor, civilian and independent and even their next waypoint. The @AthenaDesigner mod is not intended to be used along side the @Athena mod so make sure you're using one and not the other. The @AthenaDesigner mod is not intended for use in multiplayer so it's unsigned. Athena is not just a 'blufor' tracker, it's a system that will directly contribute to better coordination and communication across your entire unit and can even help with mission design. Media Where can I download it from? You can get it from the Steam Workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1181881736&tscn=1509512478 How does it work? Athena packages a series of scripts that will run during any mission that you play in ARMA and those scripts will collect all of the data for your side and feed it to the Athena software. All you need to do is start ARMA with the @Athena mod enabled, start the Athena Desktop application and click "Start". If you have the map, it will load automatically. If you don't, it'll prompt you for permission before it attempts to import it automatically. If your community has an ACS, you can connect to that and possibly download the map from the ACS from within the Athena Desktop application. But I don't have a second monitor. Can I use this on my laptop, tablet or Microsoft Surface? Absolutely. This latest version of Athena was specifically designed with that kind of setup in mind: I'm playing ARMA w/ the @Athena mod on my main PC but I've got this laptop off to the side that I'll use the Athena Desktop application on. All you need to know is the IP Address of your gaming pc. You go to File->Settings, enter the IP Address, click "OK" and that's all there is to it...in a perfect world: Of course, the IT guy in me has to mention that you've got software firewalls, spotty home wireless networks, etc. but in theory, yea, it's easy. This supports any map? Yes. Athena supports every map, both vanilla and custom and you only need to export them once (unless BIS or the map author release an updated version with changes). What we recommend is that you go into the editor, plunk down a unit, start a mission and then click "Start" in Athena. You don't have to do it that way, it's just what we recommend because in order to get a good export, the export process has to 'complete', right? So if you're in a mission, die and then restart, the scripting engine stops and the export will fail but if you're meandering safely around Tanoa during the export, it's going to finish and then you'll have that map forever. So, once you play this new map and "Start" Athena, Athena will prompt you saying "You don't have this map yet. You should import it ... bla bla bla. Do you want to proceed?" If you click yes, Athena will go into "Map Import" mode and that will trigger a series of scripts that will run within ARMA that will collect data regarding the map you're playing on and it'll send it to Athena. Athena will parse that data into a format that it can then render and display for you. Now, keep in mind: we're not exporting images. We're not using the 'ExportNoGrid' command...because we wanted to make the process as simple and painless for the player as possible. Our scripts collect the 'raw' data and we're using that raw data to build a top down visual representation of the world that is of a very high quality while also being extremely performant. You see a building on our map because we know a building is there. We know the terrain so we draw contours around it. We know where the trees are and where there are a bunch of trees, there is technically a forest. We know the ins and outs of the maps because we don't have just mere images and we're planning on doing even more with the information we have. So I can draw on the map? Athena exists because I wanted to draw on a highly detailed version of the in-game map on my Surface Pro. That's it. That's what got this started so yes, absolutely, you can draw on our map and furthermore, whatever you draw can be shared, over the Internet, with anyone that you're connected to by way of an Athena Community Server (ACS) and that will work during a mission or offline...the ACS is always available. You can draw with your Surface Pen, your Wacom Stylus, the mouse or your Capacitive Stylus if you own a touch screen laptop or with just your finger! You mentioned something about recording? Yes, I did. Athena is, very soon, going to grow to become a fully fledged After Action Reporting, Archival and Playback tool but for now, right now, you can record your own viewpoint of any mission: it will only contain the data for your side but you can record it and play it back at a later date. Once the AAR module is launched, it'll blow your mind. If you think drawing on the same map at the same time over the Internet while not even playing ARMA is something, let's talk about playing that back in a synchronized format while you and your unit review the mission together at the same time in a guided, lets say 'directed' format, while you discuss events and how those events could have unfolded differently and demonstrating that via map drawing. That's coming to Athena. The foundation is already laid... Is this app meant to replace the in-game map? Absolutely not. The game and all of the mods and scripts that are made for ARMA revolve around the in-game map and we understand that. This system compliments the in-game map. But... but... but... This isn't realistic and everything in, around or having to do with ARMA must absolutely without question always be realistic! I disagree that everything ARMA has to be realistic and I completely disagree about something like this being unrealistic. When you open a map in your actual hands or look at a map on a phone or a tablet, do you have peripheral vision or does it take up the entirety of your viewpoint? Do you literally pull the map up to your eyeballs and see nothing else? When you use Athena, you don't grow an extra set of eyes: you can only focus on one thing at a time and anyone that's intently reviewing the strategic positioning of friendly units in Athena is in a realistically vulnerable position but that position is also not as unrealistically vulnerable as they would be if they were using the in-game map which offers the player no peripheral vision whatsoever. Now, if your argument is "No one can look at a map and get back into the action that fast!", then you're not watching many ARMA videos on YouTube. I am literally amazed by how fast some players get in the map, understand what's going on, get out and get back into the action. Does it save time to be able to glance at a persistently updated display? Absolutely but this isn't far into the future out of the reach Star Trek technology: As a very janky solution, a soldier could Velcro a cellphone to their wrist and get the same 'glance and go' functionality... and glancing at your position on your map and very quickly ascertaining your relative position to other areas does not make you a super informed cheater...I still suck at ARMA. And if anything, the oddity of playing a first person shooter through a little window on a desk that dumps you into all sorts of different locales and terrain offsets, more so, the instant "I'm here compared to them" information that you get from Athena but at the end of all the discussion, it ultimately, ultimately, all depends on how you play the game and how you would think Athena would fit into that style. If it doesn't, it doesn't: I don't care :-) Will it kill my frames? Every mod has an impact on your framerate. Every mod. I can't tell you exactly how many frames you will 'lose' from running this application and it's completely subjective. Athena displays the status of every unit on your side. If you play a mission with 100 friendly units, it could take 100x longer to grab all of that data than it would if you were running around in ARMA by yourself. I myself in my testing in a mission with ~100 AI, half of which were on my 'side', experienced a ~5 fps impact and the impact will also vary depending on where the application is running. You have the mod stuff running on your gaming pc but the application can be running on a completely different device. Moving it over to another device might buy you only a frame or two so it's not an 'official performance recommendation', it's only something to be aware of when you try to measure the impact on performance that Athena will have. My guess is that it's no more impactful than some of the other major mods that alter major gameplay mechanics. Is it complete? It looks like crap and this error popped up. Hey man! This is something I'm putting together in my spare time. It's a labor of love and I think it's beautiful... jerk. More seriously though: when you find a bug, report it. Is this open source? Can I view the source? Can I "help" you with the source? If I give you 'this', will you let me look at the source? No. I may open up the SQF on GitHub and accept contributions to it but the Applications, the ACS and the AAR module will all remain closed. Why? Well, to start off with...I'm not passionate about 'open'. I'm not but why only the SQF? Mostly because the SQF is really the only thing, out of everything in Athena, that is purely ARMA focused. I have created an Internet connected whiteboard that allows multiple users to connect with each other while reviewing the same 'content', to save that content and replay it back at a later date. Is this something that no one else can do? Absolutely not. Its been done before but the fact remains that there are complete components that can be taken out and used for other purposes that could have fiscal value. Mostly though, I don't know what direction I might taken Athena in and I don't want my options to be restricted by the opinions of contributors who provided code in good faith with certain assumptions. Because I don't know where the future lies, I can't open it up so no.
  2. @kibyde A native Windows applications built on the UWP framework doesn't have that ability I don't think ... but I'll look into it. Turns out it can: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45262879/in-uwp-app-windows-10-how-can-i-prevent-windows-os-from-entering-sleep-mode Will do.
  3. It's embarrassing to reply to these requests so late BUT: 1. Athena Designer mod is horribly out of date. What you can do is unpack the pbo, modify the scripts yourself to grab every unit, repack it and use it locally. You won't be able to join servers but you will get the ability to use it for local debugging. 2. The site basically just pointed back to the Steam page. So ... go to the Steam page. 3. Sometimes, there are some random JSON formatting errors that cause the deserialization to fail. If the relay is starting, there's a debug option that lets you capture the output from the game. You can run that through a JSON validation utility and it'll help you to identify what the problem is. What I've run into before is that some special characters in people's profile names aren't escaped (I know: I'm a newb) and that can be the culprit. Otherwise, the mods status is: I'm rewriting it. From the ground, up as a native Windows 10 app so everyone that asked for Pinch-to-Zoom is getting it. The relay's functions are being moved into the Extension so the problem some people run into with the relay process not launching is going away. The communications protocol is being overhauled. The data collection scripts are being overhauled. The map export process is changing to a more unit based method that should be more reliable and self documenting in case of failure. I've added support for mission designers, through scripting, to limit the 'scopes' of data that the users can collect (player, player group, player side, player + player side group leaders, all or specific units) and the user can select the scope they want from the app, which should help people that want to use Athena in very large missions with numerous AI by narrowing the data set. I'm making the app look more ... militaristic too. I have no actual knowledge of how military equipment looks and I do not intend to be bound by the reality of similar devices when the idea is more fun. The look of the map is likely going to change as well ... some people might hate it, some people might like it. I think it looks cool and different but we'll see. Sorry for all the delays. Life.
  4. @Eutyches Any progress? If it helps, I can post a screen of the misc references for each of the projects. @andyruler10 I'm in the middle of completely overhauling the map export process. @The Whitestrake I originally envisioned the ACS running as a service eventually. Because it was a very early release, I expected problems and I wanted to set an expectation that none of the data it held should be considered 'permanent'. It's matured a little bit but there's still an odd bug with the maps invalidating after a while...I haven't nailed that down yet. When I circle back to the ACS, I'll re-engineer it as a 2 part component: a service and a user interaction app.
  5. Not sure I understand the question. You want to record sessions from the server side? For that, you'll want the Athena AAR workshop item. That includes the server side mod and the logger utility which should be run on the server. It will connect to the relay running on the server, collect the mission info and store it in a zip.
  6. Ok, will investigate. However, I've been playing around w/ Unity. Might take the opportunity to perform a rewrite. We'll see.
  7. Probably the buttons. I had the slider bigger at one point and even though it was easier to touch, the underlying control was still finnicky to use via touch. Would you prefer the buttons zoom in and out as you press them or tap for incremental zoom?
  8. @viper4aa Updates are planned. Wrapping them up and getting them out is proving elusive though. I am aware of some issues people are having with some of the newer maps. That's my highest priority issue right now but time for Athena is limited. @kibyde It's difficult to implement pinch to zoom with the framework Athena Desktop was built on. Originally, it was a native Windows 8 app but Windows 7 was more popular so I had to port it to a Win 7 framework which didn't support pinch to zoom very well. I had hoped to port it to become a Windows 10 app but Microsoft kind of dropped the ball with their UWP rollout. I'm still interested in that port … it would give me the opportunity to clean up a lot of the code but it would make more sense to target a cross platform framework that also supports Windows 10 rather than pursuing native Windows 10. But then that means I have to take more time to learn that completely new framework in addition to a code cleanup so the whole 'move to a more modern framework with more modern feature support' effort is on hold.
  9. @eunos I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do. Do you not want to use Athena 'live' but only use it for drawing in the same room on an ACS?
  10. Hey Jan! Thanks! It's a 'planned' feature. Been 'planned' for a while though...
  11. Yea, it's not restricted to map downloads. The frames that are sent from the game to the app are in JSON format and JSON uses " to surround strings. So, when the mission starts and frames are sent to the app, the app tries to decode those frames and the unexpected " throws off the reconstruction of the frame (the process of turning it from a string of characters into a frame 'object' - deserialization). It actually throws an error, you just don't see it. So, because the app is never able to reconstruct the frame, it's never able to figure out what map you're playing on and determine if the app already has the map data or not. If it doesn't have the map, it prompts you to import it and if you do, it tells Arma to run some scripts and send the data to the app and it works pretty well. There are improvements I want to make but no matter what, it all relies on the frames being serialized and deserialized properly.
  12. Yea, it's a little embarrassing that I didn't escape the 'special' characters. I was probably in a hurry to see it work, skipped that and then when it worked, moved on to something else. Anyways, glad it's working and sorry you've had to permanently alter your identity ;-) I wonder how many of the other "It's not working!" reports were because they had quotes in the profile name....
  13. Of all the things, get rid of the quotes around Matic in your Arma profile name...honestly, it's always something stupid that I overlooked. I forgot that I released that Connection Status feature. How helpful :-)
  14. Just curious, how do you know its sending frames?
  15. @En1gm4tic, I don't believe it will work (automatically) if you move it from the workshop folder. The auto launch assumes that the relay is in the workshop folder. So, assuming everything is back to defaults, if you open Task Manager after launching Arma and starting a mission, do you see the relay running? Look for Athena Relay or relay.exe in your processes tab. If the relay isn't running, there's a problem. You can try launching the relay manually but it will auto close if it fails to detect that A3 is running. To prevent that behavior, you have to modify the config file and set auto close to false. Let me know what happens.
  16. I havent seen that particular bug. Athena doesnt generate keystrokes. It does listen for them via a windows hook and then take actions within the app. One of the unreleased changes I made drops the windows hook and instead listens for keys via the ‘custom controls’ function in the arma keybinds. Basically, a script is launched when the custom control keybind is triggered that then notifies athena that the control was triggered. Based on your control to action mappings in Athena, an action may or may not occur. That being said, theres definitely a bug in the current version where a action appears unbound but athena is still listening for it. You can try setting the keybind, highlight the field and then hit escape to clear it again...I think its escape. If theres a stored setting, that might clear it. As far as continuing to move forward, like I said, Athena doesnt generate keystroke kea and it definitely doesnt issue a command to walk forward :-D, it ‘might’ be possible that theres a bug in the windows hook thats somehow causing a repeat of keystrokes or perhaps if the system is a little sluggish or laggy, that the arma io might be flaking out. Arma has a history of input lag so there might be conditions that are amplifying that issue. As fas as rotating, its on my radar. I love when a gps rotates to my orientation. Its possible but not a high priority unfortunately. Ill look into artimis. Ive been thinking of toying around with unity but ... time. I appreciate you saying that you would pay for it but I wouldnt be able to provide a level of support that would make me feel comfortable accepting payments. Btw - the cockpit is really f***ing cool!
  17. That's odd... is your workshop folder in a non-standard location?
  18. Listener.Listen :: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. This indicates that a relay is already running or another application is using the same port. You shouldn't have to start anything manually and the relay should close automatically when Arma does. Check your processes for relay.exe (Athena Relay) and if it's running, shut it down and try launching Arma again. The relay 'should' start automatically when the first mission in Arma starts...you should see the relay process start and remain running via Task Manager. Then you should be able to launch Athena Desktop and click 'Start'. At that point, it should prompt to import/export.
  19. @stingray_ I don't think it will. I believe Arma Linux supports extensions but I haven't written the Linux extension. Sorry.
  20. I have a YouTube video up about how to set one up. I believe the ACS is included in the Athena distribution on Steam. You just run it, port forward and connect to it. *EDIT* - link:
  21. Oooooh how 'elite' of you ;-) Well, you can run the app w/o running the mod, setup a community server and join the same room. That would allow you to share ink w/o tracking.
  22. Not currently. It's a planned feature to allow scripters to control what the visibility levels are. Out of curiosity, do you only want to see yourself, like a GPS?
  23. Yep, thanks for letting me know. The server that hosted the site was moved and I haven't republished yet.
  24. Thanks man, it's a huge project. Just about done ripping it apart and we're going to start putting it back together soon.
  25. Hey guys, sorry for lack of updates and response. I relied on notifications via email to let me know when someone replied to the thread or sent me a message and those notifications stopped working for some reason. The reason for lack of updates is: I bought a 100yo house and updating it and work is keeping me pretty busy. I have some updates that I want to get pushed out but it's not the whole package that I was hoping for. I'll decide what to do with these updates over the next week or so and let you know. Thanks! -bus