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  1. stridev

    TWIRL_Hide v 1.0

    Has anyone figured out how to make this work outside of the example missions? If so, could you post some instructions? I really want to use this in a campaign I'm working on but, as noted above, the readme instructions don't work, and I tried the "updated" instructions too (copy autohide_init.sqf from the example missions etc...) but still no luck. I'm just trying to make a template mission that I can use. I tried to strip down the example missions into a template but the init.sqf has all kinds of crazy things going on. A simple editable mission without fancy hint text and all that would be extremely useful. :rolleyes:
  2. stridev

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Ok, thanks. I'll stop banging my head against the desk. Guess it'll be the ol' "ammo crate at the beginning of the mission" thing.
  3. stridev

    ACE for OA 1.11

    I'm unable to pack and unpack gear during the briefing screen. My search turned up the same question a couple of times, but the answer was that "it should work". I've got weapons, ammo and gear in the description.ext but the pack button is always disabled. Once I get in-game, I can pack and unpack fine, just not from the briefing screen? Is there a trick to making this work?
  4. Agreed, I'd like to know how to do that as well
  5. wow, i didn't realize how similar it was. i never finished the campaign and don't really remember much of anything of the plot. I pretty much went straight to the editor. how do the russians fit in story-wise? edit: just read the plot on wikipedia. yeah, pretty similar. :banghead: still, it won't be the same campaign, obviously. I'm aiming for more US vs Russia action, like CWC. most storylines i've seen don't really make a believable case for a US-Russia conflict in today's world. hopefully this will.
  6. I'm in the early stages of planning an SP campaign and was hoping for some feedback. First thing, the political situation. I'm trying to avoid any "Heroic, Infallible Good Guys" vs "Cartoonishly Evil Bad Guys" scenarios. So I've tried to make a real-world, believable conflict in which there is no clear-cut right side or wrong side. It depends on your perspective. Here's a timeline: 1991- Chernarus, led by ethnic minority Chernarussians, declares independence from Soviet Union, causing dissatisfaction among ethnic majority Russians. 20 years of ethnic Chernarussian political rule begins. 1994- Ethnic Russians form ChDKZ party in an effort to gain more political representation. 2000- ChDKZ wins first seat in Chernarussian Parliament. 2010- Firebrand ethnic Russian mayor of Berezino, Yan Mihailov, announces campaign to run for President of Chernarus on ChDKZ ticket, pledging reunification with Russia. April, 2011- Chernarussian incumbent Oleksander Babich of the National Party wins the election by a slim margin against Mihailov (who had a slight lead in the polls in the weeks leading up to the election). May 18, 2011- Independent election monitors declare the election results legitimate. May 19, 2011- Protests by ethnic Russians swarm the streets of Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, and Zelenogorsk, culminating in the so-called “Zelen Massacre†during which CDF forces fire into a crowd of unruly protesters, killing two. CDF commander claims his troops were taking fire. Both Washington and Moscow call for an investigation. July 20, 2011- Ethnic Russian soldiers in CDF, under senior leadership, split to form ChDKZ armed forces and occupy large part of Northeast Chernarus. Simultaneously, ChDKZ forces seize Utes island. There are unconfirmed reports of executions of ethnic Chernarussian CDF prisoners by ChDKZ forces. August 17, 2011- Skirmishes break out between ChDKZ, calling themselves “The True Patriotsâ€, and the Chernarussian Defense Force (made up primarily of ethnic Chernarussians loyal to Babich’s government). ChDKZ win some early victories. August 29, 2011- Red Cross workers report violence between ethnic Russian and ethnic Chernarussian civilians. September 5, 2011- 21st Marine Expeditionary Unit arrives offshore to deliver humanitarian aid, keep the peace and to enforce results of democratic elections. September 27, 2011- Loyalist NAPA guerrillas attack ChDKZ garrison in Stary Sobor, destroying Moscow-run businesses and killing Russian expats in the process. Moscow denounces “NAPA terroristsâ€. September 29, 2011- Although stopping short of actually doing so, Moscow hints that it might recognize the legitimacy of a newly-formed ChDKZ Chernarus, paving the way towards eventual reunification with Russia. September 30, 2011- CDF is isolated at Balota airstrip, with ChDKZ forces occupying the rest of Northeast Chernarus. As autumn arrives in Chernarus, 21st MEU is afloat near Utes while Russian helicopters are seen landing at Vybor airfield… I'd like to make it sort of like the CWC campaign with different characters to play. These are the characters I'm thinking of using (you'd be fighting on the USMC side): 1. Rifleman- Starts out as junior member of a squad, probably working his way up to Fire Team leader. (not sure if that's realistic in the scope of the conflict, but not sure I care :p ) basic infantry stuff. Some HMMWV missions. 2. Recon team leader- some Green Ops (recon, BDA) and some Black Ops (DA, FO/FAC) 3. Scout/Sniper- some personnel sniping, some anti-material sniping 4. M1A1 Commander- combined arms missions, etc... 5. AH-1 pilot- escorts, strikes and CAS 6. Harrier pilot- strikes, CAS and CAP 7. LAV squad leader- variety of missions Thoughts? (including the political situation as written) Note that I removed the ChDKZ communist angle. It seems a little anachronistic to me.
  7. I usually spawn a red smoke or (at night) red flare (or both) at the position of the enemy group's leader (group leader so there will always be one to spawn them at until the group is wiped out) You can tie it to a repeatable radio trigger, add some radio "chatter" to spice it up, etc... If there's an addon that has invisible targets, you can setpos those as well (for bomb runs and such). I'm not aware of any for ARMA2, though. At least not yet, anyway.
  8. and.... another question about the wounding system. I'm working on a SP campaign and would like to use ACE for it, because I like a lot of the features (loved WGL too), but the wounding system sorta breaks SP missions. -example: if my squad leader is wounded, alive but immobile, our group will not be able to move to the next waypoint (or whatever) and finish the mission. This is bad. -example #2: a squadmate is wounded, but immobile. He says "Injured!" My squad leader tells him, repeatedly ad nauseum to "Go to, medic, 6 o'clock". but he can't because he's wounded and immobile. This is bad -example #3: There are wounded and immobile enemies scattered around. The mission ends when there are no enemy present in a trigger, but will not end because there are wounded and immobile enemies. And I refuse to go around executing the wounded so I can complete the mission. This is bad. so, for these reasons- Q: Can I disable the wounding system for SP?
  9. stridev

    zTanks Merge

    I was wondering if anyone who uses ztanks (or the FCS alone) knows of an Abrams addon that 1. works with the FCS 2. has a little better armor than the default seems like all the addons i've tried don't work with the FCS
  10. I'm having trouble Embedding editor placed groups into DAC. I've copied directly from the readme this line: [HeliGroup1,1,[z1],10,1,1,[1,1,1],0] spawn DAC_fInsertGroup I put it into a trigger (on activation) but it says "type script, expected nothing" and won't let me do it. So i put it into the init.sqs and i get an error saying the group already has waypoints, when they definitely do not. Has anyone been able to embed editor-placed groups into DAC?
  11. I've always used Chris H's Arma Editor (and OFP before that) to change unit loadouts for a mission. Its quick and easy. But I just noticed (finally) that the loadout change doesn't happen until AFTER the briefing, so when you choose weapons, you still have access to whatever default weapon the units are stocked with. I want to have my loadout changes occur BEFORE you see the briefing (and weapons and ammo selection). Some of the default loadouts are inappropriate for the missions, so I need to be able to control what is available. I managed to do it the long way in the init.sqs, line by line changing weap/ammo for each unit in the players group but that's tedious and doesn't seem like the best way to do it. Is there a quicker way to execute it pre-briefing? [this] exec "ReconLdr.sqs" doesn't work right.
  12. stridev

    Mapfact.net releases two new SP missions

    I noticed you're using CEX and DAC together. I've had no luck getting my side to report (via radio or map updates) the location of DAC-generated enemy units; only editor-placed units. Have you been able to get that to work?
  13. I've been wondering the same thing for a while, too. I was a huge fan of WGL in OFP because it worked beautifully in SP, too. It seems, though, that Arma ACE is really for MP. I stopped using ACE for that reason (because I don't play MP). Can anyone confirm that it really isn't designed to be played in SP?
  14. stridev

    USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

    much obliged, Gnat. you just saved my campaign concept. thanks.
  15. Has it always been like this (I never noticed it) and is there a workaround? When starting in a boat, I can't select the weapons from the briefing screen before mission start.