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  1. I get lag as hell too, didn´t have that in 1.0, otherwise this is a great mod. But right now it´s unplayble. Also when I use helis they don´t fire? Any ideas on this? Z
  2. sweofp

    Missiles on boats

    Thanks! My model has 4 double missile launchers that can not move in side or height. Any idea?
  3. Hi! Need some help with the config of a missileboat class Norrköping (swedish) that I´m making, I need help to get the Rb15 (missile) there are 8 of them to fire, the ship also has one 57mm all target autocanon, but that one i got to work. Anybody please!
  4. sweofp


    Tanks for the help now it works. If I now want the the player (after surrendering) to be captive with an enemy squad? He needs to follow them somewere and so on, and if he gets further away then say 25 meters from his guards he will be setcaptive false. Any ideas?
  5. Hello! I´ve been searching for a couple of days here and at ofpec and so on... Here we go! I want the player (east) to have the choice of surrendering (addaction?), but if he takes any weapons he after he has surrender he will be treated as the enemy again? Any ideas of how to solve this?
  6. sweofp

    Campaign memory

    ok! Thank's guys, I´ll try this out.
  7. sweofp

    Campaign memory

    Thank you! But were will this go? Do I exec these from within the mission or in the descr. file? Is there an exampel?
  8. Hello! I wonder what and were to write if I want to keep information like surviving squad members, weapons and ammo from mission to mission. And if it´s possible to keep like destroyed houses and cars and so on from mission to mission. Thanks
  9. sweofp

    OFrP/Arma - Fist contacts

    Correct link to Frenchpoint
  10. An excellent idea, especially now when SFP are releasing their update 4.1.7
  11. I´m having an issue when I´m using the Binos and laying down, after a cpuple of sec´s my character starts to switch between binos and sights really fast (he gets stuck between them) and I´ll have to make him stand to get out of it? Any ideas why? This happens with the vte mod.
  12. Hello! First, Congrats to a great mod! I´ve got a question or two. 1. How do I use this addon with other addons like SFP or UKF and so on? Now I just get it to work with the default soldiers, and when I use other addons they don´t have the SLX effects? Cheers!
  13. Ok, how do I get the GL3 to work?
  14. sweofp

    Soviet 85's Winter Pack

    Hello! Just interested to hear how these troops are going....
  15. sweofp

    Mapfact.net releases DAC

    Hello! I´ve got this bug, anyone know why? I don´t put the Zone in the water or anythin like that.