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    Lack of design consistency when it comes to mods

    I wish to bring it to YOUR attention, that your post does not conform to, follow, or correctly adhere to the specific style of post the BIS forums are used to. Thereby you have failed to follow your own non-conformist conforming actions, in so which, as to follows you have broken the guidelines of post style, thereby forthwith I request you withdraw your statement hence after deliberation, but not yet uncertainly conformed. Your failure to conform to the non conformist mannerisms and stylish guidelines of postal ability, have caused a rift in the community, and as such no one can go on anymore.
  2. somebloke

    Lights/Sirens a puzzler

    I'm not sure you've understood the request for help. It's a request to get a lightbar and siren working globally on an addon via scripts and the config, rather than a pbo file not being given to others. Not to be a complete arse, but I'd think 9 years on this forum would've at least taught me that a pbo file is an addon, and that to play with others I need to send them the same addon. Edit: That's not to say I don't appreciate your suggestion and offer of assistance, it's just a bit..."off" for the request's purpose.
  3. So, I'm trying to get a script and config working which will light up a police lightbar. But also gives me an option to turn a siren on. Right now, the lightbar works fine, other than it is clientside not global, so other people cannot see it on a server. Although weirdly, the user-actions are global, as you can turn the lights on, get out, and someone else can get in and turn them off. I know very little about scripting or configs, which is why I've come here to get help. Config.cpp In game I have the options for Strobes on/off and Siren on/off. Lightbar script Siren script Any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  4. somebloke

    Steam Invite issue

    So, I bought the Alpha on steam on release day, But I haven't received any of the Alpha lite invites on my Steam account/inventory. I'm assuming this is just someone forgetting or something, but I have several friends who I said I'd give invites to. Is there anything you guys can do from your side, or should I contact steam?
  5. somebloke

    Steam Invite issue

    Issue resolved, Steam has kindly sent the invites to my account. Moderators can close topic if needed
  6. Looking very nice Vilas. Slatts aka The_Blink should have given you our lightbar script and rvmat so that you can have lovely flashing police lights, that also "glow" slightly in the day. If you can't get them to work, we'll happily send you a working lightbar model that you can put on your vehicles. Been loving your work since OFP.
  7. somebloke

    Very Unprofessional Assassins

    This just in...the sky is Red.
  8. somebloke

    Looking for a good clan.

    You'd be better off posting in the Player looking for a Squad thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=86052
  9. This isn't about imposing Volcbat policies and "realism" ideaologies onto people, it's about the request of berets. The VCB members felt they needed to make a point about Berets not being that "realistic" owing to the lack of use in combat/for anything that could be dangerous. - Based on some of their own personal experiences within the Armed forces At no point did they say, YOU MUST NOT HAVE BERETS, on the contrary some of us support/took an interest in the idea. At the end of the day StalkerGB is to decide what HE wants.
  10. somebloke

    How does one disable the music?

    What you do is, go to Start - Programmes - Bohemia Interactive - ArmA2 - Uninstall....
  11. Instead of spamming this thread, why not go and do something else more productive? The addons will be ready when Stalker is happy, not before.
  12. To solve the problem you have to take the game back to the store and get it replaced. Unfortunately most of these replacements cost money, so be sure to pay them before you give the game back. Hope this helps.
  13. somebloke

    Favourite Infantry class

    Sniping is gay. Real men use Belt Fed Weapons!
  14. Change the colours of the DPM to Pink and Purple! That'll stop you being bored, then you can switch them back to normal DPM for release!
  15. I'd stick with Malden Islands as it has a certain ring to it. Malden Islands Defense Force, MIDF for short, (nickname Midiffs) I think plain green/khaki for the webbing/equipment would go well.
  16. If you had looked at the link, you would have Actually seen what Pathy sighed at.
  17. He answered your question. I didn't see any malice or "shouting" in the post.
  18. Simply respect Pathy/Chris' wishes and be done with it. He accepts that leaks will happen/have happened, this incident has merely tipped the scales to him not wanting to bother with the hassle anymore.
  19. somebloke

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    I can now sleep at night, safe in the knowledge of this fact!
  20. somebloke

    UKF Weapons [Port]

    If there were any news, I'm sure it would have been posted.
  21. somebloke

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Full stop.
  22. somebloke

    ARMA2 put you off the Army ?

    How the hell, have we gone from ArmA putting people off joining the army, to the US Presidency?
  23. somebloke


    Sit down, find a co-op clan, play some missions, Then decide whether or not to return the game.
  24. somebloke

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    Some say, he speaks chinese like a pigeon, and that he can boil an egg with his feet. All we know is, he's not the Stig, but he is the Stig's Chernorussian Cousin!