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  1. Hi, I just tried it out in the vanilla game (ie Iron Front Liberation 1944 plus the D-Day DLC), placed a player unit, then an AI manned landing craft, named it boat and copied and pasted the exact line into the on act. field of the waypoint, then pressed preview and it worked. Are you using Vanilla IFL or the A2 or A3 port? The method above works in the Vanilla version, but since I do not use the ported versions I cannot vouch for those. Regards, Sander
  2. Hi, It takes these steps to get an AI controlled boat to drop the ramp: (1) Place a LCVP and name it boat (2) Provide the LCVP with a waypoint and put into the On activation field: Regards, Sander
  3. In version 2.6 four missions have been added to the pack so one can now play 19 missions for each of the three factions in the game and its DLC. New files: co06_bold_action.Staszow.ifa co06_panzerschreckschuss.Staszow.ifa co10_gegenangriffsspiel.Staszow.ifa co10_six_pak.Staszow.ifa Bold Action has a Soviet patrol ambush enemy vehicles before taking out a pair of German positions. Panzerschreckschuss features the defence against an attack by Soviet armour and infantry. Gegenangriffsspiel has German tanks destroy Soviet AT before securing a village and holding it against a counter-attack. Six PAK features an attack by Soviet troops keen on acquiring fuel and needing to knock out AT guns and securing the town in the process. Download the current version * edit * V2.62 contains updates to fix a less than reliable trigger and a stuck vehicle. Regards, Sander
  4. Version 2.5 contains a couple of updates as well as five new missions to bring the total of coops in the pack to 53. New files: co05_kingslayer.Staszow.ifa co06_stalinorgelpart.Staszow.ifa co08_staff_ride.Staszow.ifa co08_white_russian.Staszow.ifa co10_verspaeteter_zug.Staszow.ifa Kingslayer has a Soviet tank crew defeat German armour before clearing a village of enemy troops Stalinorgelpart features a raid by German grenadiers to knock out a rocket battery and AA guns Staff Ride has a Soviet assault gun deal with tanks and PAK guns before capturing an enemy commander White Russian features a motorised raid by Soviet scouts against various targets in the German rear Verspaeteter Zug has a German StuG and grenadiers destroy enemy armour and capture a village Download current version Regards, Sander
  5. Version 2.4 of the pack has three new coops as well as an updated existing file. New files: co08_nahkampfmittelfeld.Staszow.ifa co10_game_of_throwns.Staszow.ifa co10_sturm_zentrum.Staszow.ifa Nahkampfmittelfeld features the defence of a hill top by a small group of German troops Game of Throwns has Soviet infantry clear two enemy strongpoints and destroy their ammunition supplies Sturm Zentrum features an assault by a StuG detachment on a Soviet held town Download current version Regards, Sander
  6. Version 2.3 adds three new coops to bring the total of missions included in the pack to 45. New files: co06_panzerkampfwagenladung.Staszow.ifa co08_met_a_force.Staszow.ifa co08_position_papers.Staszow.ifa Panzerkampfwagenladung features a raid by German combat engineers to knock out Soviet tanks and artillery Met A Force has Soviet tankers seize and hold an enemy position with the aid of friendly forces Position Papers features an attack by Soviet armoured reconnaissance to clear enemy troops and obtain intelligence Download current version Regards, Sander
  7. Version 2.2 has a few updates and adds two new coops to bring the total number of missions in the pack to 42. New files: co06_crash_pad.Baranow.ifa co08_sprengkoerperbehindert.Staszow.ifa Crash Pad has Soviet scouts destroy plane wreckage before liberating a captured pilot. Sprengkoerperbehindert features a hasy defence by German grenadiers against Soviet attacks. Download current version Regards, Sander
  8. Version 2.1 has updates to a few existing files and two new coops to bring the total number of missions to a solid 40. New files: co06_stalk_fields.Colleville.ifa co08_pionierleistung, Baranow.ifa Stalk Fields has an Allied bazooka team locate and destroy enemy armour and mortars. Pionierleistung features an assault on a Soviet held town to clear obstacles and destroy ammo supplies. Download here Regards, Sander
  9. Version 2.0 contains a couple of updates to existing files as well as three new missions to bring the total of coops included in the pack to a total of 38. New files: co05_double_crossroad.Colleville.ifa co10_feldgraue_ferne.Baranow.ifa co10_town_order.Baranow.ifa Double Crossroad has a Sherman crew defeat approaching German armour and infantry before clearing two enemy held crossroads. Feldgraue Ferne has German grenadiers stop a Soviet attack before recapturing an abandoned medium tank and getting it across the river. Town Order has Soviet infantry attack the town of Baranow in order to clear machinegun positions, a PAK and command post. Download here Regards, Sander
  10. Version 1.9 contains minor corrections to a couple of existing files as well as five new missions to bring the total number of coops included in the pack to 35. New files: co05_medium_rare.Colleville.ifa co06_frequency_redistribution.Staszow.ifa co08_flugbehinderung.Staszow.ifa co08_ueberfallgesetz.Staszow.ifa co10_impermissible_fours.Staszow.ifa Medium Rare has a Sherman crew engage and destroy German armour and motorised transport. Frequency Redistribution features a Soviet raid to capture a new German radio. Flugbehinderung has German grenadiers raid a Soviet airfield. Ueberfallgesetz features a raid by German infantry on a Soviet artillery unit. Impermissible Fours has Soviet riflemen ambush enemy reinforcements before capturing a village and defeating a counter-attack. Download current version Regards, Sander
  11. Thank you for the mirror. --- Version 1.8 contains updates to several existing missions as well as five new coops which brings the total included in the pack to 30. New files: co05_katzenfrendlichkeit.Staszow.ifa co06_batter_posts.Staszow.ifa co08_first_class_struggle.ivachev,ifa co08_sprengkraftausdruck.ivachev.ifa co08_walther_white_car.Colleville,ifa Katzenfreundlichkeit has a Tiger crew knock out AT guns and armour before assisting Wehrmacht reinforcements in clearing Soviets from a town, Batter Posts features an ambush and raiding actions by Soviet reconnaissance troops behind enemy lines. First Class Struggle has Soviet troops defeat a German attack before clearing an enemy position and capturing a fuel truck. Sprengkraftausdruck has a German rifle squad destroy Soviet ammunition supplies and fuel trucks before seizing a Soviet scout car. Walther White Car has an American squad indulge in some souvenir hunting in addition to knocking out a StuG and mobile Flak. Download current version Regards, Sander
  12. Version 1.7 of the pack adds another five missions to bring the total of coops in the pack to 25. Two of the new missions require the basic game, the other three additions require the DLC as well. New files: co06_anmarschweg_blicken.Staszow.ifa co08_pak_road.Staszow.ifa co06_take_out_double.Colleville.ifa co08_garand_tease.Colleville.ifa co10_norman_red_alert.Colleville.ifa Anmarschweg Blicken has German grenadiers halt a Soviet advance before stealing the fuel needed to get their assault gun back to friendly lines. PAK Road features an attack by Soviet riflemen to take out AT guns and clear German troops from a village. Take Out Double has Rangers venture into German controlled territory to take out a FLAK position and eliminate an enemy commander. Garand Tease featrues a fighting patrol by a rifle squad to clear a German position and destroy ammo supplies as well as a tank. Norman Red Alert has a rifle squad defeat a German counter-attack before launching an assault on a German PAK. Download here Regards, Sander
  13. Version 1.6 adds four new missions to the pack. New files: co06_plane_charred.Staszow.ifa co08_hinterhaltbarkeitsdauer.Staszow.ifa co08_quick_draw.Colleville.ifa co08_stug_up.Colleville.ifa Plane Charred has Soviet scouts conduct a raid on a German airfield and assassinate an enemy commander. Hinterhaltbarkeitsdauer has German grenadiers ambush a Soviet column before defending a blocking position. Quick Draw has combat engineers land on Omaha beach to destroy obstacles and seize a strongpoint. StuG Up features the defence against a combined arms attack before a patrol to clear two German positions. Regards, Sander
  14. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    That will not happen. CWR2 is not to be ported over to A3 nor am I going to sign up to a botnet like Steam while I still have my wits. Regards, Sander
  15. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    For OFP I made only a handful of missions, some of which were in the Lowlands Warrior pack. Mission making only started off proper in Armed Assault, in part because the default content was quite poor, with the coop pack. Although some coops are intended to be played together as part of an overarching setting (most of the Sahrani ones are supposed to be part of one and the same conflict, as were those on Schmalfelden, most of the Takistani missions, including the BAF ones, are indeed intended as related content) many are just stand alone scenario's, the result of looking at terrain and imaging how missions could make use of it. For OFP, Armed Assault or A2/CO I never made any dedicated SP content such as campaigns. Regards, Sander
  16. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    You are welcome. --- Version 5.1 adds ten new coops to the pack to make the total a nice round 200. New files: co04_cwr2_blast_cell.abel.pbo co04_cwr2_loan_ranger.cwr2_david.pbo co06_cwr2_cvrt_party.cwr2_eilte.pbo co06_cwr2_garrison_capped.noe.pbo co08_cwr2_mined_fully.noe.pbo co08_cwr2_sand_clog.intor.pbo co09_cwr2_broken_field.abel.pbo co10_cwr2_double_take.cwr2_david.pbo co10_cwr2_mined_game.cwr2_eilte.pbo co10_cwr2_rough_shot.noe.pbo Blast Cell has resistance fighters ambush a column before raiding a base. Loan Ranger features a raid by Army Rangers to take out caches of Stinger missiles. CVRT Party has British light armoured reconnaissance achieve multiple different objectives. Garrison Capped feaures attacks by the local resistance on three enemy outposts. Mined Fully has British engineers defend against attack by Soviet armour and infantry. Sand Clog features a raid by Dutch Marines against a terrorist training camp. Broken Field has Naval Infantry strike at a NATO airbase. Double Take features an attack on two villages by a mechanised infantry section. Minded Game has combat engineers defend Eilte against American and British forces. Rough Shot features a mechanised attack on two locations held by collaborator militia. Download current version Regards, Sander
  17. Hi, There are two ways to accomplish that. (1) Create individually named tasks for each named playable unit rather than a generic task created for player (2) On the check for the event happening, set a variable to a value and broadcast that value to all participants using a publicVariable statement and update each individually named task Or (1) Check for the event, then set a variable to a value and broadcast that value to all participants using a publicVariable statement (2) Check for the variable being set to that particular value and have the tasks completed The topmost method has my preference due to its reliability. Regards, Sander
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    Game spy end - what will we do?

    Introducing a privilege escalation vulnerability by adding a 3rd party dependency provides a good argument for not making it mandatory. Direct IP connection would work fine for those who made a conscious choice to avoid Steam. Regards, Sander
  19. sander

    USA vs rest of the world

    Actually the Romans did do so continuously, though at varying pace and with to varying degrees (in various cases a subset rather than full rights) till the Constitutio Antoniniana granted these rights to the freeborn provincial populations. A province as a whole was an administrative division and not a community as such, generally subdivided into various communities which could be dealt with separatively with regard to extension of civic rights. Some entities received block grants before others and local elites tended to be coopted with preferential grants of such rights. Regards, Sander
  20. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    You're welcome. --- Abel = Malden (default CWR2) Cain = Kolgujev (default CWR2) Adam = Saint Adam (default CWR2) Noe = Nogova (default CWR2) David = Saint David (separate CWR2 island) See the top post on the CWR2 Armaholic forum thread for all list of all required downloads required to play the various missions in the pack. Regards, Sander
  21. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Version 5.0 adds ten new missions to bring the total number of coops included in the pack to 190. New files: co04_cwr2_grail_quest.abel.pbo co05_cwr2_rotational_loss.cain.pbo co05_cwr2_scud_shunt.cwr2_david.pbo co04_cwr2_worth_adam.adam.pbo co08_cwr2_flashpoint_mutation.noe.pbo co08_cwr2_repulsive_effect.cwr2_david.pbo co08_cwr2_weather_struck.noe.pbo co09_cwr2_hill_holder.noe.pbo co10_cwr2_mech_cool.adam.pbo co10_cwr2_punitive_damages.cwr2_david.pbo Grail Quest has Special Forces eliminating caches of surface to air missiles. Rotational Loss features an ambush and raid by a resistance group. Scud Shunt has resistance fighters ambush a column and destroy a comms post. Worth Adam features a combat search and rescue operation by Special Forces. Flashpoint Mutation has a guerilla band take back its camp to reacquire AT. Repulsive Act features a defence against armour and infantry before a counter-attack. Weather Struck has Naval Infantry destroy armour and ammo supplies before extraction. Hill Holder features the defence of a hilltop position against Soviet attacks. Mech Cool has a mechanised squad clear enemies from the village of Saint Adam. Punitive Damages features a clearing operation by motor rifle troops. Download current version Regards, Sander
  22. An order to disembark to AI under your command in an aircraft or helicopter requires that aircraft or vehicle to be on the ground before the AI will comply. In case you wish them to jump out while flying you will need to issue them a command to eject. One needs to have sufficient altitude when ordering the AI to do so because if that order is issued when flying too low the parachute jump can result in injury or death of the AI. Regards, Sander
  23. This is a known bug for Arma2 with custom campaign pbo files placed directly into a ...\ArmA 2\Campaigns folder. To ensure no duplicates are shown the campaigns overview one has to place custom campaign pbo files in a ...\ArmA 2\Expansion\Campaigns folder. This affects all SP campaigns and is an undocumented feature of the default game. Regards, Sander
  24. Another trick is to use markers on an identical position and use the setMarkerSize statement in the trigger to alter the size of the markers. For example one might wish to alternate between the flags of two warring parties: (1) Place a marker named flag1 on the map. (2) Place a second marker named flag2 on the map and move it so it covers the first one, then set the size of the marker to 0 and 0. (3) Place a trigger including in the on activation field: This will ensure that the flag displayed on the map will change from the one to the other. BIS Wiki entry on setMarkerSize Regards, Sander
  25. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Version 4.9 contains updates to a couple of existing files and five new coops to bring the total number of missions up to 180. New files: co06_cwr2_ambulance_chasers.cain.pbo co06_cwr2_arch_order.cwr2_eilte.pbo co09_cwr2_forest_rangers.noe.pbo co09_cwr2_squat_command.cwr2_eilte.pbo co10_cwr2_southern_discomfort.cain.pbo Ambulance Chasers has a group of resistance fighters steal a medical vehicle while accomplishing other objectives along the way Arch Order features a raid by British paratroopers to destroy a bridge and take out Scud launchers before extraction Forest Rangers has a squad of Rangers scour an area of the Soviet hinterland for artillery, ammo dumps and command posts Squat Command features an attack by mechanised infantry with the aim of disrupting Soviet command and control Southern Discomfort has Naval Infantry defend against attack by rebel armour and dismounts before retrieving a captured TEL Download current version Regards, Sander