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  1. So I just played it in MP today - had a few problems. The most annoying bit was that the medical system didn't work. We were to guys playing, and it was always my buddy who got examined, even when he was trying to examine me. That meant he couldn't treat me, so I would bleed out. He also couldn't use the NV auto adjust unless he was close to me. What am I missing?
  2. silent_64

    Aussie re-tex

    I've just been hugging these for no real reason. Dunno why I wanted to make an Aussie retexture, but I figured I might as well put it out there. Picture 1 Picture 2 Also contains a more normal looking Aussie bloke Download here Mirror 1 Mirror 2
  3. silent_64

    RAF Chinook HC.2

    Awesome work, but I couldn't get the cargo scripts to work with the 90 and 110 Landies, worked fine with the WMIKs but I just got unsupported vehicle with the other Landies.
  4. silent_64

    Pulse E-Gaming

    Aye, forum seems fooked up So now you'll have to copy & paste
  5. silent_64

    Pulse E-Gaming

    Here's the problem, you've got some money, not much, but enough to buy 1 game, but what game should you buy? Which is the best? Which would suit you more? Which one has the better graphics? Now you could go out into the cold and buy yourself a PC Gaming magazine. Or you can visit Pulse E-Gaming and download the only online PC Gaming magazine! Pulse E-Gaming is a magazine devoted to bringing you the best in PC gaming information and backs that up with its excellent hardware section so you know how to get the best out of your computer! Each issue Pulse Gaming will feature detailed reviews and previews of some of the games soon to be released. Of course there will be the normal reviews and previews which you would expect from a gaming magazine. Pulse Gaming has the privilege of having some of the best reviewers from around Europe to write up in the magazine. So why not take a look at the website: www.pulse-egaming.co.uk Cure your gaming problems today. The first issue is to be released on Febuary 1st, 2006
  6. silent_64

    random error

    Reinstall, error looks to becaused by the pbo file. O which is a pbo file from the resistance upgrade.
  7. silent_64

    New Iraqi Forces

    Vixer, one of the truly valued members of the comunity, you say that these infantry may not be the best, I have complete confidence in Vixers skill that by the time he's done with these they will be amongst some of the best.
  8. silent_64

    Unscripted War dynamic grass

    The pbo goes into the addon folder in OFP and the unwar_testgrass2.noe goes into your User -> Your name -> Missions folder, or something along those lines, then you will find a mission named unwar testgrass in the editor when you open novgova
  9. silent_64

    Danish translation of OFP Resistance!

    Hahahaahah, sorry, can't help laughing about that whole STGN joke, I was just thinking that as I read the post. Great Nemesis6, can't say I've been looking forward to this but it should be good fun to see some of the OFP terms translated. Just one thing no direct translations, like the once we see on TV.
  10. silent_64

    DRG US SF pack progress.

    What detail? Maybe they are a little dark, nothing I can do about that, I even added brightness in Photoshop. Either turn up the brightness on your monitor or wait untill next time, nothing more I can do.
  11. silent_64

    DRG US SF pack progress.

    I am sorry, did you only load one picture, I have no trouble seeing the soldiers the pictures, there's one siluette picture yes, but only one
  12. silent_64

    DRG US SF pack progress.

    *Feels the pain* I'm so sorry, here's what I promised Enjoy, these units simply rocks
  13. silent_64

    DRG US SF pack progress.

    About the Deltas, I don't hope Pathy minds me posting abit of extra information. The Deltas are the result of many many hours of work, and you can look forward to them. They will feature enough weapons to supply a small army with diffrent loadouts and set-ups. The last I heard from Pathy was that he was prepearing a Special Forces Weapon Pack, but you never know with him, it could have changed by now. It will included, Earls M4's retextured by pathy himself, and C8 and C7's just to add to the varity Currently we're fixing a few bugs, we've also gotten some profesional feedback on them so we're takeing steps to makeing them even more realistic. Further more, I would like to tell you of all the wonderfull revolutionary features the deltas will have, but I can't, not now anyway, it's still a work in progress. I would like to tell you all about the things we have planed but I can't you can just sit back and remember, we have these blokes on your harddrives And if you should wonder, yes I was bored and I need to post. I will do my Nightstalker duty and post some pictures tomorrow.
  14. silent_64

    Fun to do

    It's called Auto-Rotation, as long as you decend there will be air flowing though the blades and they will spin createing lift. Simple realy
  15. silent_64

    Nasty Class 80' Vietnam PTF Boat

    I'm getting an error <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">|_browning setpos [_posx,_posy,_posz]|#|':Error Type Any, expected number