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    User Mission Request Thread

    I'd love to take part in ongoing battle of Kobani. Is any of our talented missionmakers working on something like this? :)
  2. It seems to me everywhere on that island is too close to the enemy. I love the campaign but I'm a little bit annoyed with this mission. I understand I'm supposed to launch a drone and track the black SUV, then setup an ambush somewhere on it's path?
  3. I must be doing it wrong because the drone is usually dead after 3 minutes in air.
  4. I'm trying to set up DAC with AiA - simple two overlapping zones with infantry only but the infantry never spawns. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out.
  5. I use plain A2CO+CWR2. After installing COSLX I can't use sights or optics anymore, after clicking RMB it immediately jumps out of the sights/optics view. Any ideas?
  6. Well, I found a "curator" errors in my rpt file. I play SP only so never bothered to download the DLC. But after installing it my problems are gone.
  7. I'm trying to create my own Insurgency mission and did everything exactly as in the video but nothing ever spawns. I see markers on the map but there is no unit when when I teleport there. Any ideas? EDIT: I've just tried the same with Altis and vanilla units. Nothing spawns on my map. What am I doing wrong?
  8. How can I make it use US/Takistani units with AiA Takistan map?
  9. Sorry, my typo. WLS runs excellent, WLA starts lagging after some time :)
  10. WLS Performace is always slowly degrading for me to the point I'm unable to use Shift+1. But starting new game and the choose resume option makes the WLS running fast again. So it's a good option to play the mission much longer. But I'd like to have my bribed friends again :)
  11. "Resume" option should have also saved what villages was bribed to be friendly. I had to bribe them again after resuming :)
  12. I've just finished WLS and it's great. The bases ale somehow better defended and even if it's lost the AI is able to regain them! If I'd like to modify WLA mission for myself and give myself a little handicap in the AI battle calculations where should I start?