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    Served many years int he US Army, retired in 2008 now work for the US Army in Simulations
  1. Yes that fixed it. I updated after the post and tested last night late, hence why I did not reply immediately to say that was not the problem. Again thanks!
  2. Hello, I am a n00b with ARMA 2, but use ARMA and the other game that will not be named. Any way I had an issue with opening the map, as the was an error and my game shut down with this error displayed; I have the pbo in the mod folder as described in the forums. My version is 1.50.70996
  3. Gentlemen, I was wondering if someone here could answer a questions. I used to think that subordinate rank icon ranks displayed for the leader, could not be changed. Then I opened the old i44 add-on and noticed that they changed the subordinate rank icons for the German forces. I have since come to the conclusion that these icons can be changed, but I do not now how to go about it. Could someone clue me in on where to look? Thank you in advance. Muns
  4. robert.munsey

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Roger; Thanks. This is what I am expecting since ARMA 2 is rolling out. I was looking for a mod to enter into a project to have the Air Warrior pilot and crew constructed for Air craft for various mission (such as DART, Afghan stuff). Again thanks
  5. robert.munsey

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Has anyone thought about the Air Warrior for the US Army Aircrews (rotary wing)?
  6. robert.munsey


    No Problem, glad to help! On the ANA Body armor, I am posting this picture to help; ANA Body Armor picture The picture was 101 kb, and that is the smallest I could make it and still keep it read-able. The SF body armor would be a no-no unless you are making the ANA Commando set/pbo. There are many pictures online on the ANA commandos, but they do use a version of the CIRAs body armor that is black. IF SOMEONE wants pictures (for the commandos) I will post the links. Note the commandos have different weapons and set up, and so they would be a totally different pbo. On the B-10 or SPG-9, the SPG-9 is in the TOE and inventory, but there again, some units do not have them. The 4th Kandak in our BDE did not have them, so they just used the Anti-tank Company (the ones by TOE that would have them) as another infantry company. However the B-10s you see are just captured B-10s that the unit has kept, that they have ammo for. I would just have RPG-7s. The ANA have loads of those. Crap! I saw every truck had one, with usually 6 rockets! On the crew serve weapons, stick to the Dshk and the 82mm mortars. No MK-19 and M2 machine guns. The AGS-17 has bad rep in the ANA and they will not use it, even if it is a battlefield capture item. Stick to DshK as most units that have them, have more than they should, while others lack the proper number they should have. Robert the n00b
  7. robert.munsey


    And I failed to mention that the Taliban pbo is a great piece of work! I like it due to the fact the Taliban look better than what is in VBS2. my only complaint is they need to lose the boots. The Talibs use running shoes/sneakers instead of boots. And no sandals either. Overall I like this mod very much and look forward to the further editions. Cheers Robert the n00b
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    As far as me and Miles know after doing some research is that the ANA has lots of different equipment. VXR, Miles and uk-Recce; I don't want to offend anyone, but the ANA do have a standard MTOE and it is not based on the mentoring unit provides. The mentoring unit will provide a certain set of standards for the ANA to follow. In the south, the Brits and the Dutch and the Canadians with some US set the standards. In the East it is the US (both Army and Marines). TF Phoenix is the HQ of the mentoring unit and is a American unit. The NATO members provide OMLT (pronounced Omlette) to conduct the mentoring. These OMLT do the same job. I can talk for a while on this, but it is not for this board. The by-the-book ANA squad is eleven Soldiers and the typical weapon is the AKM. As of yet, only the 205th Corps in the south have M16s as shown in the picture. The rest of the Army have AKMs. The MTOE of a rifle squad is as follows Squad leader - AKM Team leader (A)- AKM Sniper - SVD Rifleman - AKM Autorifleman - RPK Grenadier - AKM w/ GP-25 Team leader (B)- AKM Rocketeer - RPG Rifleman - AKM Autorifleman - RPK Grenadier - AKM w/ GP-25 That is the book answer. The reality with AWOLs, sickness, leaves (brother what a story there), wounds, etc is another matter. So you might really see seven Soldiers in the field. The squad SVD is the one thing that you can count on NOT to be present. Several reasons why, the chief among them is corruption. The RPK, may be a PKM or even a RPD. It again is a victim of the corruption of the country/ANA/leadership. So an actual squad in the field usually looks as follows; Squad leader- AKM Rifleman -AKM Rocketeer - RPG-7, 3x PG-7 and 1-2 OG-7 rockets Rifleman- Akm Team Leader - AKM Auto rifleman - PKM/RPK Rifleman - AKM Grenadier -AKM GP-25. The Ranger truck is shown, but it is being replaced by the HMWWV (M1114 series). The mount is changed to allow the mounting of the PK machine gun. Some units have changed this out with a DShK. I would say about now there are 25-40% HMWWVs to Ranger trucks. Note on the head gear helmets and body armor. The longer the unit and the style of the mentors makes an impact on whether the ANA looks and acts. If the mentors are weak, the ANA will slip into ragbag mode. If the mentors are sharp and demand the adherence to standards, then ANA will (for the most part) wear helmets while in the field. The ANA like to look like their counter part mentors. So if the mentors 'think' they are 'special', the ANA will act accordingly. If the mentors are disciplined and professional, the ANA will also be professional in an Afghan way. Nuff of the the mentor rant. The US Army pbo for the ANA has the boys in berets or helmets. In the read-me file it will mention to the trainer to have the ANA start at 30/70 Helmets to berets at the start of training to see if the unit makes corrections or let is slide. Now, for other comments; The ANA have about 25% of the fellahs with a clean shaved face, 50% with light beards (small amounts) and about 25% with full beards. The more Pashtus in your ANA unit, the larger the beards and the opposite if there are more Tajiks or Hazarah or Uzbecks. The body armor is a sort of woodland pattern and has two pouches for six AK magazines in the front of the body armor (3 mags per). The ANA will wear the groin piece folded up; one because they hate it banging into their legs and two it helps hold the magazines in place. If anyone wants pictures I will post. The neck piece of the body armor is folded down and lays flat on in the front and the back. The plate in the body armor is flat which makes a distinct look to the body armor. I see in the photos helmets with NOD brackets. That would be a no-go as the ANA (save the commandos) have no night vision.
  9. robert.munsey

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Wrong. Actually with a Tactical Tailor MOLLE 45 degree panel you can. However most guys are using a chest rig or harness instead of mounting it to the IOTV. Â I know guys in my Afghanistan tour (07-08) that had those panels added to their chest harnesses but usually for mounting pistols. http://www.tacticaltailor.com/45degreepanel.aspx Hey Monty67t, since you were deployed as a fly boy, maybe you could suggest for a work in progress the air warrior kit for ARMA. Say pictures etc for the air crews, etc. Now that is a missing kit, that an air jockey can talk about! You can help one of the modelers gt the kit right!
  10. robert.munsey

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    Gentlemen, Being one that has spent time on the other side of the border...(Afghan side)...the qalats are brown. The mud walls will look more like Opteryx's buildings. However with that said, as soon as I get u-tube working (they seem t be down for maint?) I will post a video from Ghazni. I know that is far away, but it shows a good view of qalats. NB, I am looking over the map and will comment later. Still IMMENSELY impressed! Robert-the N00b
  11. robert.munsey

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    The word on the street from Bosniarat is; "North Waziristan is pretty far from Kabul and Bagram Airbase " Actually one of the larger airbases in the FATA IS in waziristan, it is the airbase of Miram shah; http://maps.google.com/maps?cl....=h&z=16 It was also a base used by the Mujh during the Soviet- Afghan war. With that said, I think Nicholas Bell has the right idea, no caves, FOBs or Air Fields, and I do agree with Bosniarat , that they can be spawned 'in flying' off map. Although they could come in form the north or the west. The 'Kot' or Qalat (pronouced Kah-lat) are pretty large and Opteryx has also done a very good job of making the structures for the game. Nick is right when he says the people with money have large walls, the guy who contracted most of the contracts for our FOB had a HUGE Qalat! Also those that look around Google earth can get a good idea of what a FOB can look like. I wont say where, but FOBS are visible in Google maps, in the region. Example are around. I to am impressed and look forward to seeing this map. Robert- the n00b