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  1. I've read the threads about getting AI to fire on civilian AI. that works. but I have a mission where you start out as a civilian by yourself, and I need OPFOR to fire on him. heres what ive tried: -RACS is friendly to no one -grouped him with a blufor commander -tried that setrating to -5000, didn't do anything -setcaptive false they look at me, and once in a while they'll fire at me if I run circles around them. but they don't react to me the way they react to indepedents or blufor. any ideas?
  2. Hey, I was browsing through the forum and found this thread: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....8;st=15 which adds civilians, and you can equip them with guns. But is there a way to just play with a civilian skin like in multiplayer cooperative? I plan on just playing with a friend, so we'd install what we had to, to make it look the same on both machines.
  3. Hey, I was browsing through the forum and found this thread: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....8;st=15 which adds civilians, and you can equip them with guns. But is there a way to just play with a civilian skin like in multiplayer cooperative? I plan on just playing with a friend, so we'd install what we had to, to make it look the same on both machines.
  4. I can bring up my map when I'm engaging the enemy and see the enemy on my map. is there some switch to disable being able to see them? I don't see anything in the BAS framework nor in search
  5. revenicus

    real fog?

    Here's the thing I wanted to make a mission in the morning, where there is fog. the problem is the skybox shows through up top no matter how much fog you have. I remember making a map for vietcong and this problem was also there, but there was a setting to adjust fog for the skybox. I need it so when you look up you don't see blue sky or moving clouds, because with proper fog, you shouldn't be able to see through it to the sky.
  6. This is my first serious attempt at a mission. It's a cooperative mission for support of up to 4 players. Takes place at night, but, its bright enough with the moon to see. These Independent forces are to blow up 2 objectives and then escape. The AI should be alarmed when objectives start blowing up, and some will start running to investigate. This was made using 1.08 US version and you must have sahrani no-grass map for this to work. Click on the below link to get the zip. it says JPG, but its really a zip. http://server3.uploadit.org/files/TroyDoik-JP_cripple.jpg
  7. for some reason a chopper will not go to the exact position(in the air) I specify, whether it be a radio move command or a script in the editor. it always stops about 80m short of the point i want them to hover. is there a workaround?
  8. revenicus

    AI not shooting me in jeep

    Anyone else experience this?
  9. I thought my mission was done except I got into an enemy jeep and started running over the enemy and they had no qualms about it. I have the AI acting exactly the way I want them in terms of facing players, but now this just changes things. I remember playing the demo and the AI were quick to shoot me in the driver seat before I could do much damage. Any ideas?
  10. Oh i was thinking there was some setting in my mission sqf I can change to disable just that one thing
  11. I downloaded the BAS framework for making mission briefings, as I was told its all I need. The only thing I can't figure out how to do is make it so when the mission ends the person can see what objectives were completed, and which ones werent.
  12. thanks much. i think my first mission is almost done
  13. I'm making a simple custom mission, where I want the flexibility of commanding my own pickup chopper instead of making waypoints and triggers in the editor. Now i have an AI chopper under my control. I give him a move order and hes where I want him to be, but there is no command I can find to tell him to land his chopper and wait. The closest thing is disembark, but I dont want the pilot to get out and walk around. Anyone know how to tell him to just land his chopper?
  14. Dofire just makes people automatically look at me, and shoot at me. I need opfor to react to the civ as they react to blufor. addrating doesn't work either.
  15. Doesn't work. this is a MP mission btw, maybe thats why it doesn't work.
  16. tried both. doesn't work. grouping the civilian to a blufor only works when its AI civilians. the opfor AI will definately kill the AI civilians, but not me. not the civilian players. when grouped to a blufor, they do look at me more then if i was just a civilian, but they still consider me an enemy.
  17. setWPPos isn't working. I make a trigger that changes the 2nd waypoint in a 2 waypoint cycle. and nothing happens :/ well the problem is that it doesn't change the waypoint dynamically. if the troops are already on their way, they have to go to the point till they see any change, that kinda sucks. So i can't have troops spontaneously go places if they are in patrols EDIT: its cool, what im going to do is use 'move'. and just make triggers based on these
  18. I have soldiers on a patrol cycle. When a certain event happens they need to go investigate. I can't use waypoints because they are 2 different places and I can't make branched waypoints based on triggers(that i know of) So I have invisible markers and have my guys doMove to their location after deleting the waypoints. the problem is, once the waypoints are deleted and they arrive at their destination, they return to the waypoint that they were headed to when the event was triggered. once they arrive, they stop, because the waypoints were deleted, but they insist on going back to where they were going.. I tried a doStop after the waypoints were deleted, but that didn't help. any ideas?
  19. this is for a MP mission. the reason I can't use waypoints is because their behaviour can't be linear. they have to move to a location based on events. I would just use doMove with triggers on doMove markers. but the problem is soldiers always run when its doMove no matter what speed mode they are set to. cant get them to slow down
  20. I want to assign several leaders to one group. so that when a certain thing happens, both of these leaders lead their troops to a certain point. so i don't have to make several triggers for each leader. is this even possible? ideally id like to be able to do: condition: group_of_leaders moveto (getpos place) EDIT; nevermind, i just discovered arrays
  21. when soldiers are driving cars they are too nice, how can you make them be reckless, to basically ignore all AI and just drive. For instance an arms dealer hears gunshots and needs to escape in his car as fast as he can. Hmm, although I wouldn't know how to make someone do anything based on a gunshot going off in a certain radius.
  22. Well heres the issue, I have a game logic get in a car, and the lights are on. the problem is the lights will shut off, when there is a firefight in the area. its not because the lights are shot, because another vehicle nearby does it at the exact time. is it because the logic driver panics and gets out of the vehicle? I haven't been able to get the lights on without something in the vehicle, but even if there was a way to force a real person to stay in the car and not get out, that would work. but I can't get AI to stay in the car. I'd like to eventually make the AI try to escape in the car when things start getting dangerous around him.
  23. still having trouble getting this to work. I can't get the AI to leave the lights on when he gets out. I've tried to set his behaviour to careless, safe. I've tried action eject, get out, and dogetout. but the lights always turn off. it might be a bug, but after I do set damage 1 to the AI or a gamelogic, AI are unable to get in the car after this. using the latest 1.08 patch now
  24. maybe there already is a script to do this, but I wanted it so in certain parts of a mission where I want the enemy to 'scare' the player more than try to kill him from far away, or to simulate someone with bad aim. heres my rough idea. ok so enemysoldier1 sees player1. when this happens, a loop starts where there is a getpos of player1 every second or 2. then some kind of logic entity is created at a random point within a specified radius encompassing the pos of the player. enemysoldier1 then dofire's at this random point in the radius, simulating a bad shot. does that make sense? maybe theres an easier way to do this, im still a noob with scripting and editing. On and unrelated note, I'm having trouble with AI. When an explosion goes off at an objective, I want the enemy AI to run to it and seek and destroy. the problem is they get spooked when the explosion goes off, and they prone. they'll eventually get up and run, but they crawl for a while. is there a way to force them to grab their balls and run?