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  1. I've got an issue where the pilot isn't able to access Air-to-air missiles if a co-pilot is on board. If the pilot is on the in the jet he has the option for "Manual fire" which gives him access to AIM's and amraam's, but with a co-pilot this is no longer an option and pilot only has access to the cannon. Is there a way to hand fire controls from co-pilot to pilot?
  2. retrofly

    The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha]

    Marve_XT you ahve nothing to aplogise for, you have done nothing wrong. All we want to do is play games and have fun, and the media are giving more power to the terrorists when people who are completely innocent are harrased for no reason.
  3. retrofly

    Was the campain even bug tested?

    They probably did bug test it, but the list was too long so decided not to implement any changes :D
  4. retrofly

    Some genuine patch 1.03 information

    IMO they should only be working on: 1. Crash's/Failures/BSOD's 2. Performance optimization I bet you half the dev team are working on an exspansion, that way they will have everything fixed just in time to grab more of our money :mad:
  5. retrofly

    Cool Moments in Arma 2

  6. Quite surprised in this day and age no one has figured out how to conceal players when drawing grass/bushes at a great distance cant be done. It's quite a big floor in a simulator, in theory the person concealed cannot see a person in the open, yet the person in the open could see someone "concealed" at a great distance because the grass hasn't been rendered on his screen. So thats what? Err the opposite of reality, I know you can't get exactly like real life, but you can at least try and get close, instead of reversing the idea :bounce3: Whats the point in modeling ballistics if you can't get a field right
  7. retrofly

    Running at 10-25 FPS with good computer?

    Your right, I was talking in my case of going from 4GB to higher, should have explained better :). Vista uses about 2GB afaik? So 4GB is about right if your running that OS. Anyway if you have 4GB of RAM is better to get faster RAM
  8. retrofly

    Running at 10-25 FPS with good computer?

    Dont get MORE memory get faster memory. I've currently got 6GB or 800mhz RAM, I changed to 4GB and overclocked the RAM to 1000mhz and got a significant performance increase. Arma 2 only utilizes 2GB of RAM at the moment so there no point in getting any more GB's :) Luke
  9. retrofly


    Hmm, I figured out that when I was overclocking the FSB is was overclocking the RAM too, 800mhz to 1050mhz :eek: Now that I've tweaked the Dram ratio back so the ram is running at the specified 800mhz my score has been reduced down to 1700. I'm running 64bit vista and by the looks of it 4GB is being wasted. Conclusions +0.4Ghz CPU speed adds 30% performance (Dual core) +200Mhz RAM speed adds 11% performance This is based on my low results, I'm sure if your getting 3000+ scores you wont get anything near the %'s I am. Arma 2 Settings: All normal, no PP, Res = 1620x1080, Render = 1620x1080 Stock spec Intel dual core 2.0ghz 6 GB DDR2 800mhz RAM Nvidia GTX 260 Vista 64bit OS Average Arma 2 score: 1300 CPU OC'ed spec Intel dual core 2.4ghz 6 GB DDR2 800mhz RAM Nvidia GTX 260 Vista 64bit OS Average Arma 2 score: 1700 CPU & RAM OC'ed spec Intel dual core 2.4ghz 6 GB DDR2 1050mhz RAM Nvidia GTX 260 Vista 64bit OS Average Arma 2 score: 1900 Still crap scores for my setup :(. Will probably go and buy a Quad core 3.0Ghz and 4 GB of DDR2 PC-8200 RAM soon. Cheers Luke
  10. retrofly

    Helicopter addict in trouble :(

    Stange I found the choppers in Arma 2 the easiest by far, even easier than BF2. Luke
  11. retrofly


    Hi Overclocked my Dual processor from 2.0Ghz to 2.4Ghz (Stock cooling/Voltage) My score has now jumped to 1900 Still terrible compared to most people (3000-3500 by the looks of it). But it defiantly seems CPU is one of the main factors for this game. I'll be buying a quad core soon, but until then I may overclock my bad boy a bit more :). Luke
  12. retrofly


    Hi Windows vista Home premium Intel Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00Ghz 6GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM Geforce GTX260 Recently defrag Running games booter Most of Vista "extras" turned off Settings: Combination of Normal/high AA: disabled PP: disabled Res: 1920x1080 Render: 1920x1080 Max: 1600 Min: 1200 :butbut::butbut::butbut::butbut: WTF? I think its my cpu, dosn't seem to make a difference what rez/settings I use i get the same results @ 1600x900. I checked in task manager and both CPU's are @ 100%. Is this my bottle neck? Sucks balls if it is :( Luke
  13. retrofly

    My Missions -> Combat

    When HQ tells you about a mission: Press "space" Select "communication" Then "SecOps" Then "Mission name" (This will be the name of the mission like "attack" or "defend" etc. Then "accept" or "decline" [Edit] Should read entire OP :D
  14. Hi An app that stops none essential applications and processes running on your machine. Everything is configurable if required. To be honest I have it running constantly, not just when running games :) http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html I'm not saying it makes a massive difference, but with this game every little helps. Luke
  15. retrofly

    Warfare in SP

    Hmmm I dont have this in my options? :(