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  1. Thanks a lot for this campaign Bardosy, i had great fun till now I had a problem with narrow pass , found a work around i want to share: Transport Helo would not get to new objective (compound attacked by FIA), i tried many unsuccesfull things, then finally killed the copilot (the one on left side), climbed in his seat and then the helo would proceed to correct waypoint. I am now stuck in next one because I found only one AAA, but i'll keep looking around :p
  2. To this old casual arma serie player, arma 3 has the best campaign in the serie, on par with old operation flashpoint (now called arma cold war iirc). Simple enough, opened enough, long enough, with infantry focus. Play it and enjoy.
  3. Thanks a lot for support ! Repair guy: in the lobby, as far as i remember. I'm far from my gaming laptop for week, will try the new version when back home, thanks again
  4. Thanks a lot for this neat mission L'etranger :) I and a buddy had great fun playing it for a few hours. We had 2 oddities, hope sharing helps: 1/when respawning we reappear in shop, but in need of revive 2/even changing to repair soldier, we're unable to fix a damaged helo Thanks again for the fun !
  5. rollnloop

    [CAMP/OA] Operation Mighty Justice

    Thank you VERY much for this campaign, i'm enjoying ARMA2 like never before with this one (yes i have played Chesty Puller wich was great, but this one's even better). Let me just report a small annoyance on "step left": Looking forward to finish this one, then move on to play another of yours
  6. rollnloop

    Joystick and Rudder Pedals question:

    Priceless, works great, thanks a lot !
  7. rollnloop


    It's not only "movie like", it's essentially "Ghost recon like", wich was the purpose of the mission
  8. rollnloop


    I have a missing config.bin message when launching the mission, but it doesn't seem to affect gameplay for the moment. I just love the atmosphere of this mission, and saw no bug so far, but i'm still just after joining Yankee, got some work left ! Thanks a lot for this mission, it's very refreshing !
  9. rollnloop

    Battlefields Everon SP

    A bit late, but thank you for the conversion, i try and try and try to survive "battlefields", without success so far (get sniped usually). Great fun nevertheless, thanks again !
  10. rollnloop

    "Motion" Makes Some People Sick?

    I have had this problem with Arma, first game with this problem. Solution for me was to set postprocessing to low, no more dizzyness now.
  11. rollnloop

    FFUR 2007

    Sorry if it has been reported already: In the T90, when running into unbreakable pinetrees (using replacement islands), i hear an explosion sound, instead of the expected "bump" sound. Many times i thought i was being shot at !
  12. rollnloop

    FFUR 2007

    I have a strange problem (sorry if it has been posted before, didn't read the whole thread), with the compass and clock: Several time during the mission, i can't access compass or watch. Now if i shoot once, i can access the watch and compass... for a while. Then i shoot again once, i can access watch and compass again.... for a while (start again). Red hammer campaign
  13. rollnloop

    FFUR 2007

    Thank you very much
  14. rollnloop

    FFUR 2007

    Thx for the tip sanctuary, i'll give it a go !
  15. rollnloop

    FFUR 2007

    M60s yup