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  1. rouge1

    Any word on the havoc?

    Execellent textures well done! And are you aiming for as many Features as the Comanche?
  2. rouge1

    Textured explosion

    Does anyone know how to get good lookin explsions like the ones shown on the Back of Resistance Case Thanks for your time
  3. rouge1

    Textured explosion

    Ok then *Closed*
  4. rouge1

    Textured explosion

    No you don't understand i have cloudlets on and i get the usal yellow puffs but on the back of the case it has more detailed explosions with thick black smoke and good lookin fire instead of yellow puffs
  5. rouge1

    Regime strikes back!

    I am scared and well it looks cool
  6. rouge1

    Good news on flashpoint 2

    we will be able to have multiple gunners in ofp2 don't believe me look over at ofp.info and bigger enviroments,more realsitic foliage as well
  7. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Sounds like a good idea but please release the Engagement Pack First
  8. rouge1


    What about G8's Rioters they where pretty good and if any one has it on there HD could they email it to me plez?d_kacz@yahoo.co.uk
  9. rouge1

    Ai helicopter gunners(machine gun)

    Yeah BAS MH47 is a effective gun platform here i will give you an example i used to here the engines of the MH47 in the distance and thought well it never shoots perfect pray now i think quick run to the nearst bunker
  10. rouge1

    Ai helicopter gunners(machine gun)

    Now i hate the black hawks because they are so danm effective well thanks for sharing this info Sanctuary
  11. The model is nothing but exellecent nice little option to check the radar
  12. rouge1

    Ai helicopter gunners(machine gun)

    Well CanVagabond what Sanctuary said worked for me i had a black hawk providing fire support as i advanced into a town quite effective actually but the heli is slow takes forever to go any where.
  13. Well if any one wanted i could send them a demo mission that shows how to make pepole start in specific points in a building just ask and i shall Email it to you
  14. rouge1

    Star trek: delta flyer

    ?? but good model etc
  15. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Hay cheeky monkey any luck over ofp.info yet
  16. rouge1

    Star trek: delta flyer

    Any weapon fireing screens
  17. Well haveing rocketlaunchers on cars is not possible in ofp but i suppose to work around it you could code it as a bullet like in that hummer pack with the tow
  18. rouge1

    French pack air

    Coool a shell casing bigger then DKMs comanche (but they both look good)
  19. </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">A-10 Warthog DELUXE!!! Improved/reworked 3d-model, custom animations, opening cockpits Å• la Hudson, custom gear animations, HUD, stall/incoming missile warning sounds. GAU-8 made significally realistic: fires 2sec 100-round bursts (the real thing has a burst limiter as not to stall the aircraft while strafing), smoking cannon, ear-RRRRrrripping cannon sounds. Powerful enough to take out an abrams with a single burst, dispersion 10/2000. Aircraft survivability equipment similar to that of BAS MH-47 (flares, ECM) Seriously up-armouder! requires several hits from a stinger. Pilot can't be shot from outside. Stores configurations: All versions will have 2 AIM-9M sidewinders on the outmost port station for self-defence(not detachable, will be visible even after firing(l/r_strela)) ECM pod on the outmost starbord station, and 1200 rounds of 30mm ammo (12 shots) Anti-tank: 10 AGM-56 Mavericks (reworked model), CAS: 10 MK-20 Rockeye cluster bombs, 38FFARs LGB X GBU-12 Paveway laser-guided bombs <span id='postcolor'> Well all of this will be good but anyone willing to make it
  20. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Well thanks for clearing that up
  21. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Well whats the recoil like strong or what because the origanl BIS (if there was one) grenade laucher recoil was rubbish extremmmmmly weak i doubt it is even coded in Â
  22. rouge1

    New forum

    I like it