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  1. Yes the fourm was down and PR means (Post Restriction) Anyway back on topic Looks interesting guys keep up the good work
  2. rouge1

    New Anim pack for replacing Anim.pbo

    .rtm's in the mission directory? i thought Animation addons needed to have an config.cpp and be in pbo format inside the addons folder in order to beable to use switchmove. that could be the cause of the problems
  3. yeeeey! you are the man Keg! nice work
  4. rouge1

    Vietnam Pack

    perhaps this link? Nam Stuff
  5. rouge1

    New Animations

    Anybody interested
  6. rouge1

    New Animations

    British Grenadiers
  7. rouge1

    New Animations

    Hi. Â Â I have for some time been working on an pack for various useages containting an broad range of animations. some more usefel then others. so i am posting for any Critiscims,comments etc. if feeback is generally good an Teaser pack containg several (5 - 6) animations will be released for use ingame. Napolionic Era Animation (video) (3.8mb) Same Era Animations - Firing (video) (3.6mb) Relaxin Relaxing 2 Relaxing 3 Sitting Relaxing Relaxing 4 Combat Safe
  8. rouge1

    Flashpoint celebrities

    to all hard working animaters,addon makers,Mission makers, and Scripters you guys keep OFP alive!
  9. rouge1

    Btr-t released

    Try Right Click -> Save as. that's i done, also great work!!
  10. rouge1

    Configging until my brain explodes

    Usally an EndofFile Error occurs when you have 3 }; in an row under each other to signify that u have ended the file, but infact you haven't beacuse there is still information. so i think this is your problem, not 100% sure tho class TFW_M1911Ammo: BulletSingle { access=2; hit=7.9; indirectHit=1; indirectHitRange=0.050000; visibleFire=14; audibleFire=14; visibleFireTime=2; minRange=0; minRangeProbab=0.100000; midRange=10; midRangeProbab=0.700000; maxRange=100; maxRangeProbab=0.040000; cartridge="FxCartridgeSmall"; tracerColor[]={0.800000,0.500000,0.100000,0.040000}; tracerColorR[]={0,0,0,0.005000}; }; }; }; ^ Remove the extra }; ^
  11. rouge1

    *real* flak script

    you copy the text there into somthing like Notepad then Save as this Fired.sqs and then put that in ur Users/Missions/xxxx Mission Name Directory then in the editor (in the Unit init Field) write in the unit you want to have Flak put this. this addEventHandler ["fired",{_this exec "fired.sqs"}]
  12. rouge1

    *real* flak script

    hey good work for an quick script! Looks good and give's the effect of flak
  13. rouge1

    Tornado addon by alexeyz - beta

    Does that mean we could have effective cover scripts ? Where the AI moves to the location of the nearest object and ducks/prones ??. and also great work AlexeyZ!
  14. rouge1

    Roc mod 3.0 now available!

    Sure would... any such chance of this download link? (Bit torrent) and any other Mirrors?
  15. rouge1

    Ofp keeps reastarting

    Ah was an piece of Busted Ram..afterall ... oh well Problem Sorted! Thanks for the input all!