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    Seize zones URBAN (SP)

    very innovative mission concept. I really like this! in order to clarify the discussion above: this mission does not require any addons, except for the islands you want to use! the other addon packs mentioned can be used as "replacement mods" according to your taste @stiff: some suggestion for improvement: when I take the enemies bunker, they recapture it as soon as they get near it, without killing me. there should be a side trigger which prevents that a bunker is won over before the occupants are dead. now my cover suddenly magically disappears and I don't stand a fair chance.
  2. redface

    Seize zones URBAN (SP)

    I highly appreciate any mission on Syr Darain and other new islands! will test soon
  3. redface

    La Samula & Syr Darain

    icebreakr, could you please upload your team's "Operation Crowbar" somewhere? I'd like to give it a try in SP, it looks fantastic
  4. redface

    Queens Gambit help !

    the Queen's specialist is very angry that I let some enemies escape with biological weapons. A cutscene just showed me the enemies escaped by car, but left me without a clue as to the direction they're heading. Is it possible to intercept them? After some time I get the message "Damn! fugitives left the island" and mission failed Should I retry the whole mission?
  5. redface

    La Samula & Syr Darain

    brilliant & grossartig the industrial setting brings back the "advanced OFP/MAPFACT/AEF Kampagne feeling" to ARMA (Agent Smith objects, oil rigs, etc.) thanks alot, I will be looking around for missions on this island
  6. redface

    Evolution - Single Player

    I may have missed an update, but I am still struggling to get this mission started at the beginning, I accept a side mission (which is usually far away) and I order a shuttle to bring me there. the helicopter picks me up at the airport but then it immediately returns to its point of departure in the immediate vicinity, instead of bringing me to my destination. I cannot order the pilot the the waypoint myself since I hear all the positive feedback, I am very eager to play this
  7. redface

    OFP - Birthday - 6 Years

  8. redface

    just wondering?

    yes, although it is no longer called communist side like in OFP it's just BLUFOR vs. OPFOR see: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side
  9. redface

    Making Videos?

    Adobe Premiere is for absolute precision, it gives you a lot of control when handling the footage and when applying a broad range of standard effects (such as alpha channels) Vegas is more intuitive and has more in-built video & text effects. You need plugins or Adobe After Effects if you want to do some of those effects in Adobe (like incremental slowing of footage). AE is even more harder to learn than PPro, because it is 3d as well
  10. redface

    Armed Assault videos

    I just wanted to say congrats to all arma video makers every day I check youtube for new arma videos, and it is as good as playing the game oneself (or even better ...) keep those vids coming
  11. if it's a campaign mission you put in your mission file, the mission has probably inherited dependencies to the original campaign pbo's file structure. so your new description.ext is probably overruled by the campaign's description.ext what does your mission say in the init.sqs?
  12. add this to the file description.ext (with notepad) for a more exhaustive overview, see this topic
  13. this belongs in the mission editing forum, not the addon/mods discussion you need to de-pbo the mission (extract it from the .pbo format), e.g. by means of Kegetys' tool cpbo (PBO extractor/repacker) http://www.kegetys.net/arma/ then you need to put the resulting "mission directory" into your username/documents/Arma/user missions/ directory then you open the editor the mission file can now be selected and edited under the appropriate island (which will be Sahrani atm) adding choice of weapons is a bit complicated, you better check another mission to see how it is done weapons are listed here here:http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Weapons check out this site: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Missions
  14. redface

    New incredible shots!!

    literal translation or my translation of this outrageous "spin doctor's" statement: off course, Codemasters is totally free to make a better graphics engine ... but I really wonder about AI management in this environment
  15. redface

    Armed Assault videos

    keep them coming, really licking my fingers here, another professionally edited video in two days. In terms of montage and timing, it's almost even better than the "Arma as I imagined it" video by the dyslexic guy, although the latter one knows how to handle the camera and the "dept of field" effect in an unseen-before way .... . And of course, it's a different genre. Congratulations on both outstanding achievements. where does the music used in the Mapfact vid stem from?
  16. redface

    Armed Assault on the right path

    BIS is indeed steadily working on improving ArmA just the other day I got notified that one of the bugs (objects locking AI pathfinding) which I filed in the bug tracker got resolved. I can only encourage you to bring specific bugs to BIS' attention via the bug tracker, as it is really useful
  17. redface

    "Motion" Makes Some People Sick?

    no need to scare people: it is not a medical condition ArmA is indeed slightly less steady in terms of FOV than Operation Flashpoint. especially FOV in cars has a lot of added sway, which makes me less comfortable than in OFP when driving for the sake of reference: motion sickness issues have already been discussed upon release of ArmA
  18. redface

    "Sanitize" - just plain wrong

    please vote for this bug to be fixed in the community bug tracker so that this can be fixed in the US release & related patches
  19. well further down in the mission I witnessed this 9 soldiers were ordered to disembark and run up to the exact same spot "close formation", anyone? EDIT: let's also give BIS merit where merit is due: I can now confirm that the units without weapons-bug is no longer present in the 1.05 patch
  20. this is the only topic I could find on "Dawn of Hope" it should be drawn to BIS' attention that the text in the selection map does not follow up with the preceding cutscene at all. in this cutscene Marian Quandt finds herself in a dramatically escalating situation. The next thing you get to see is the menu with "oh well things are all improving and positive now". The missions themselves want to give another "unexpected dramatic twist". In sum, it's all too contrived and fails to add up convincingly. now to Dawn of Hope itself: at one point, you get the message to protect a sector further down the runway. If you drive past some hidden trigger, it makes the helicopter parked near the hangar explode. There's about 4 BRDM's waiting for you to be killed. After having finished off three of them, a cutscene kicked in. It said that all enemy units were fleeing en showed us loading into 2 Strykers. During that cutscene I was of course killed by the remaining BRDM, which is not funny. Anyone had a similar problem in this mission?
  21. redface

    "Sanitize" - just plain wrong

    too bad, I just experienced my first major letdown in playing the ArmA campaign I just want to document this, since it is hard to cull something like an objective walkthrough from the polemical threads concerning the campaign: in 1.05, in the campaign mission "Sanitize" the enemy can still spawn right in front of you ... as soon as the second team attacks, you get a "join waypoint" towards the other team which gets slaughtered. as soon as you reach it, you get a waypoint to "seize the city" again which you already had seized ... with enemies visibly spawning in the middle of the village, 1 right in front of me ... probably the mission designers did not think it very likely that the whole of your team would die so quickly in the campaign, you are not assigned as leader, so there is no way to better position your teammates
  22. redface

    ArmA running on a laptop?

    ArmA even runs fairly well on Dell Inspiron 9300 Intel Pentium M 740 1.73 GHz Geforce 6800Go 1024 Gb Ram one major drawback for ArmA is that I can't use the 17' screen to its full potential
  23. fantastic stuff but why was the preview video on Youtube removed? it was simply breathtaking this thing deserves a lot more attention from the community