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  1. redface

    Seize zones URBAN (SP)

    very innovative mission concept. I really like this! in order to clarify the discussion above: this mission does not require any addons, except for the islands you want to use! the other addon packs mentioned can be used as "replacement mods" according to your taste @stiff: some suggestion for improvement: when I take the enemies bunker, they recapture it as soon as they get near it, without killing me. there should be a side trigger which prevents that a bunker is won over before the occupants are dead. now my cover suddenly magically disappears and I don't stand a fair chance.
  2. redface

    Seize zones URBAN (SP)

    I highly appreciate any mission on Syr Darain and other new islands! will test soon
  3. redface

    La Samula & Syr Darain

    icebreakr, could you please upload your team's "Operation Crowbar" somewhere? I'd like to give it a try in SP, it looks fantastic
  4. redface

    Queens Gambit help !

    the Queen's specialist is very angry that I let some enemies escape with biological weapons. A cutscene just showed me the enemies escaped by car, but left me without a clue as to the direction they're heading. Is it possible to intercept them? After some time I get the message "Damn! fugitives left the island" and mission failed Should I retry the whole mission?
  5. redface

    La Samula & Syr Darain

    brilliant & grossartig the industrial setting brings back the "advanced OFP/MAPFACT/AEF Kampagne feeling" to ARMA (Agent Smith objects, oil rigs, etc.) thanks alot, I will be looking around for missions on this island
  6. redface

    Evolution - Single Player

    I may have missed an update, but I am still struggling to get this mission started at the beginning, I accept a side mission (which is usually far away) and I order a shuttle to bring me there. the helicopter picks me up at the airport but then it immediately returns to its point of departure in the immediate vicinity, instead of bringing me to my destination. I cannot order the pilot the the waypoint myself since I hear all the positive feedback, I am very eager to play this
  7. redface

    OFP - Birthday - 6 Years

  8. redface

    just wondering?

    yes, although it is no longer called communist side like in OFP it's just BLUFOR vs. OPFOR see: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side
  9. redface

    Making Videos?

    Adobe Premiere is for absolute precision, it gives you a lot of control when handling the footage and when applying a broad range of standard effects (such as alpha channels) Vegas is more intuitive and has more in-built video & text effects. You need plugins or Adobe After Effects if you want to do some of those effects in Adobe (like incremental slowing of footage). AE is even more harder to learn than PPro, because it is 3d as well
  10. redface

    Armed Assault videos

    I just wanted to say congrats to all arma video makers every day I check youtube for new arma videos, and it is as good as playing the game oneself (or even better ...) keep those vids coming
  11. if it's a campaign mission you put in your mission file, the mission has probably inherited dependencies to the original campaign pbo's file structure. so your new description.ext is probably overruled by the campaign's description.ext what does your mission say in the init.sqs?
  12. add this to the file description.ext (with notepad) for a more exhaustive overview, see this topic
  13. this belongs in the mission editing forum, not the addon/mods discussion you need to de-pbo the mission (extract it from the .pbo format), e.g. by means of Kegetys' tool cpbo (PBO extractor/repacker) http://www.kegetys.net/arma/ then you need to put the resulting "mission directory" into your username/documents/Arma/user missions/ directory then you open the editor the mission file can now be selected and edited under the appropriate island (which will be Sahrani atm) adding choice of weapons is a bit complicated, you better check another mission to see how it is done weapons are listed here here:http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Weapons check out this site: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Missions