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  1. the numbers are consistently 50 + winter time usually brings more numbers to tournament PVP games
  2. very nice they look great :)
  3. been here for almost a decade now i am not going anywhere :)
  4. russin

    Thirsk Island

    looks great good job
  5. russin

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    really there should be female soldiers they have female Civs should be rather simple to make a female soldier id figure
  6. russin

    Looking for a new CTI

    a CTI more like MFCTI would be the best
  7. thanks will check this out downloading.....
  8. what is the Bat file for and where should it go if running MOD folder system ?
  9. russin

    Custom Face

    http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Bohemia_Interactive_Community:Community_Portal face is only a jpg you place in your user folder here is my face i just took my ofp face into arma or there is a face pack somehwhere as well check around
  10. russin

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    bundling all the addons would be a little better for folks ... mabe when i get a little free time ill toss up a link with all in 1 DL
  11. great work feel free to mirror anything with FTP i gave Q & F any problems let me know
  12. when i start ArmA it reboots my system but go's to a blue screen with major error witch i have zero time read at all before it reboots RPT log
  13. russin

    System Reboots Auto

    well i disabled the sound card and arma runs go figure im using the Soundblaster audigy 2 *Edit* back to blue screen of death
  14. russin

    System Reboots Auto

    brand new system so everything is new i play other games no problem at all....
  15. russin

    System Reboots Auto

    updated vid driver
  16. russin

    Wafare Tournament

    knock knock would have to be on Sundays for my squad you know the Drill
  17. russin

    3rdInf CTI

    im excited to see this in action
  18. russin

    WarFare MfCTI style

    nice one are you doing a full conversion from BBQ BoB ver ? or are you gonna revamp and convert to SQF and redo it all keeps us up to date
  19. russin

    Avgani Iraq

    very well done looking forward to seeing more island made from you very very good
  20. russin

    Warfare 1.1.x [DANIEL N&S]

    HMM i over looked that where yas all playing this mission what server id like to come and try it with yas all PM me server details and a good time when yas play regards russin
  21. russin

    Warfare 1.1.x [DANIEL N&S]

    i think with the size of islands that 2-3 bases would have been awesome to get away from this fast travleing and spawning in towns thats just turned me off the whole warfare game... if you get smart players warfare games can end pretty quickly just listen for the AI trucks driving to your base lol far to easy to find bases in these warfare games that was one of the great things in older MFCTI games MHQ hunters cat and mouse with the MHQ you allways wondered where there MHQ was its even worse now no MHQ game is over here.... i would still like to try this version out when ya got it all woopeed up good work
  22. russin

    Warfare 1.1.x [DANIEL N&S]

    could you make a version with these changes at all
  23. russin

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    No m8, that was Pimmelorus's baby, he's become a dad now and has little time for projects like that i see tell Pim i said congrats and hello from a old friend surly one of you zeus guys could complete his hard work thanks for the insight i understand that its a great deal of work creating a CTI mission
  24. russin

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    has Zeus been working on Zeus CTI at all i remember in OFP it was looking amazing would be very cool to have in ArmA