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  1. This server aims to bring to the table what DayZ's team could not. There have been many attempts in the past by others to recreate the traditional DayZ Mod experience in ArmA III... all of which have fallen short in one way or another. "THE SANCTUARY" is a First Person Hardcore Desolation: Redux server running on the frequently updated "Chernarus Redux" map. The map finally fits the game! Yes, that's right. The Chernarus Redux map is fucking sweet. FINALLY a proper setting! The explorers out there will love this one, there are plenty of new sights to see! From an underground tunnel system that goes deep DEEP down, completely re-done airfields, & apocalyptified towns! Literally too much to list. It's rad. I promise. Loot has also been balanced to give the player a very realistic but enjoyable play experience. Stock up on those magazines! You'll need 'em! Finally, last but most DEFINITELY not least, ZOMBIES. They fucking WALK! How crazy is that? For all of you zombie enthusiasts out there that want to bash your heads against your keyboards trying to combat the zig-zagging super-speed zeds... we got you covered. Simple and fun to kill. Did I mention we upped the count? Airfields/Military zones will NOT be super easy to loot. You better have a plan. "They may not seem like much one at a time, but in a group all riled up and hungry. Man, you watch your ass." We hope you dig our server. Server IP: How to join: Click "Subscribe to all" in the link below. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1229408664 Download A3 launcher https://a3launcher.com/ Filter for "The Sanctuary"
  2. @ Rehtus777 - Good info, and something to think about for any gamers with old rigs. Thanks for sharing bud. Ignore these idiots, they've been a part of the community for 5 minutes and they're acting as if the forums are there own, and you're littering them. This forums has VERY strict rules on what can be posted, where, and why - these are enforced by the BI Forum MODERATORS, at the end of the day THEY decide what's good and what's not and if something is not to taste they will (without a doubt) let you know. We don't need little wanna-be moderators running around making completely destructive comments and trying to put people down.
  3. Nice to see someone's actually asked the question and gone out and done something about it ! Thanks Smiley
  4. Excellent ! Ill give this a go today
  5. I've finally finished converting all my modifications over from .52, I had a quick play-through and within an hour the base was overrun by 4 enemy cars. Any chance of a zone restriction or something along them lines ? I had a few guys join the server who were very impressed by your mission ! Loving all the new features (especially AI using smokes + flares properly), everything seems to be working well :) Thanks again. ---------- Post added at 02:18 ---------- Previous post was at 02:08 ---------- Its not a mod, its a mission ! I had this problem a few times with various bases, you have to move around 300m outwards from whichever base and return - it should respawn the enemy for you to try again.
  6. Sick, that sounds excellent. We actually did go around every Weapons Cache and blew them up with Explosive Charges, since we had everything we needed at base. We just pretended it was the enemy's stashes :P Thanks for letting me edit your mission SaOk, not that it really needed it ! Just to let you know, the fog did exactly as you said, it comes and goes with time so if anyone's has a problem with it, just wait 10/15 mins and it'll go. I started the mission at 50 FPS, and finished at 48 FPS (in a 5 hour time frame) so your clean-up scripts are working fine. DAMN it felt good to have the whole island to ourselves ! Haha. I'm loving the idea of updated zones, with boundaries for enemy/player. It will fix the only problem i've had with this mission - the zones won't capture sometimes (all it takes is to get ~250M away from the zone, and then return with the enemy respawned.) so I very much look forward to the next one. Night ops next :cool: One last note about the vehicles - they seemed buggy for me too on V.47 (the version i'm currently using) so I literally removed all AI vehicles (Op+Blu) from the mission and increased infantry spawns to counterract this. The pro's that came out of this were unbelievable - +15-20fps, no freeze-stutter at all and extremely reduced CTD (I was crashing ~ once every 2 hours, and after removal like I said 5+ hours in and it was still running smooth!) but this may not be to everyone's taste - I play solely infantry, vehicles dont particularly interest me unless a team-mate is driving and ready to back my squad up !
  7. I finally completed this mission today with a few mates, took the best part of 5 hours but we did it ! Even took a picture to prove it :P
  8. cj

    Internet going down when Playing ARMA 2

    I had exactly this in Armed Assault, ArmA2 and BF2/3. I had it for years too, took me forever to find a solution - turns out it was one of my microfilters, for the main phone of our house. Changed it out, never had problems again since then. Just an idea, maybe worth a try.
  9. cj

    Arma 3 Lag Fix (Maybe?)

    Nice thread, some good (and bad..) suggestions have been raised. We need a good brainstorming/comparison thread regarding overall perfomance of the alpha. I've been having issues with FPS too, ill give some of these params a go tomorrow and report back. Thanks to all who've contributed so far :)
  10. @BigShot - Neither version is PvP, its all PvE. I haven't play tested anything after .47 yet, but by the looks of things there was a few errors with .49 as there's been a couple updates since. Re-download the mission (latest version .51) and try again.
  11. cj

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    TBH I don't think many people from this community would bother changing it at all, this isn't The Sims. Most of us stopped playing with Action Man a good few years back...
  12. Thanks mate, simple yet very effective ! Its the little things that count ;)
  13. Had this mission up on my server since you released it, albeit a slightly modified version (all credit is given to you SaOk, you're welcome to come and have a look). I honestly can say this mission is the best thing to happen to A3A since its release, it really showcases all of the great things that A3 as brought to the series. My server has been running WLS since its release and I now have a massive set of regulars who simply refuse to play any other mission except this now. Thanks from all of us SaOk :) If anyone would like to join us (open day/night UK time) the name is ArmA 3 Alpha CoOp CTI - WholeLottaStratis, we're quite the friendly bunch too ! SaOk - I've noticed a few people mentioning about the low view distance/fog in multiplayer - I had the same thing a few versions back but I've managed to get rid of the majority of it now, but I do occasionally see it after about 4/5 hours of the mission running, but it disappears after a while. If you need any help controlling it give me a PM :)
  14. cj

    British Forces WIP

    These look amazing, can't wait for release !
  15. Had .46 running on my server today for about 5/6 hours, absolutely excellent gameplay and met a few good peeps, all of them loved the mission. It's getting smoother and better in every update, thank you yet again SaOk - I literally haven't pulled myself away from this mission haha !
  16. The AI doesn't respawn in a city once it is captured, the marker turns from red to blue and you move onto the next one.
  17. I gave the first upload of .43 an hours test on my server, worked flawless, 40fps throughout. Forgot to check the vehicle respawns though. For anyone who's interested, ill be running this mission daily on ArmA 3 Alpha PvE CoOp Server (UK).
  18. Yep you're right, must have been from my sloppy copypasta job. Sounds good !
  19. Excellent few hours of playing this with a few guys, thanks a lot buddy :) The mission didn't seem to drop in FPS the whole time, however like you said we did experience the typical 'joining in' lag. Can see this progressing far, certainly made ArmA3 for me so far. Edit: I did find a minor bug in the marker for Agia Marina. There's actually 2 markers there, one constantly stays Red, and the other (if you capture the town) turns blue. Easily fixed though :)
  20. Sweet ! Giving it a go now. I've spent hours so far playing the first one, excellent job SaOk :)
  21. cj

    arma 3 warfare

    if you check the map of Lemnos (google maps) you will see a city partitioning the island by East and West named Varos (east of the airstrip) which will undoubtedly be used as a reference as to who is where on the map and maybe a chokepoint. Although there is a good couple Kilometers of space north and south of the town for people to easily sneak past undetected, all in all the island seems perfect for warfare.
  22. all very good points, but it seems a little unphesable. this would boost the system reqs up like mad, making the game only available to the limited amount of people who have extreme rigs. i do agree with every point made though, just in reality it wouldnt work.
  23. cj

    I got baned for hacking

    google is your friend ts3.arma2life.com:9987 get on there and ask for an admin (usually tagged [A2L], not the case for all of them though). same thing happened to a squaddie of mine and they were happy to hear him out and unban him. sometimes the admin controls glitch out at the begining of a new game and shows some players to have $400,000+ when they have only just started.
  24. cj

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Jarhead. firstly congrats on the mod release, had this a while now and seeing as i only use a small array of weapons in game i have never really noticed too many problems, but i do have a simple request for you please mate could you update your "J.S.R.S Downloads" post with the most recent patches, as i currently have no idea what version i am on and i have no clue what patches are available ! cheers mate