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  1. THIS MOD IS F****** AMAZING SO ! Emh, excuse me It was the only thing missing for me because the sound is really important for immertion. We just need new AK74 and M16/M4 Thank you again
  2. I think ACE juggles the class names and stuff so I think unless you grab the sound effects portion of the config files and rewrite it yourself, pointing to the sounds in yasm, you're SOL. Oh yeah i see
  3. pandalefou


    i can't wait damned ! It's the better sound mods
  4. Hello, First i have to say that your mod is really amazing !! Thank you for all your big good work  I enjoyed WGL on OFP It's the best FX i've seen so far in ArmA But it can't get my custom sound working with the ACE mod :$ I just hear the new explosion sound from your mod, otherless, all sound are the vanilla's one  Can you help me please ? Thank you  EDIT: I use YASM sound pack 1.6, it works great with other mods. I think it's the best sound pack for the weapons, the more real one (i practice target shooting)
  5. pandalefou

    a few addon/mod ideas i had...

    Ok for the jaming when you roll in dirt and so... But a weapon is totally capable to fire when wet and in the water too ! If the primer and the powder of a cartridge is dry (military rounds have sealed primers) the weapon can shoot in the water so it won't jam when wet... But the jaming idea could be really cool ! Imagine, you roll in the dirt and an enemy is coming toward you : You try to fire at him and it works but your gun don't rearm cuz there some dirt in the reciever... You have to rearm it manualy if you are still alive
  6. pandalefou

    Which effects do you prefer ?

    What about Slx ? It rocks
  7. pandalefou

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    What changes did you did For mine i just changed the FOV and the AIdispersionX;Y I think i'll make a config myself with others soldiers or something else...
  8. pandalefou

    Tropical settings?

    Let's try L'Etranger's dxdll config http://neobot.free.fr/ofp/dxdllcfg/config.cfg It appear that the performance are increased without too significant loss of quality Never tested tought
  9. pandalefou

    The Forest, BIS and WGL 5.0

    After, going south and being alone, when the winds blowed my fire, i tried to climb the ladder to be "in security" when i heard the "Waaaaaaaaa" and after that in my back "the thing" i pressed escape and leaved OFP Don't think i will be capable to continue
  10. pandalefou

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    I agree, i like pretty the new fov but it should be an option cuz' there's too many people that can't play the mod with the new fov
  11. pandalefou

    French Radio Voices

    I'll try it thx very much
  12. pandalefou

    French Radio Voices

    Ok thanks you
  13. pandalefou

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    The new FOV at the 3rd person is a little too far but at the first person, i prefer it
  14. pandalefou

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    Really really nice improvements since the first editions !!
  15. pandalefou

    French Radio Voices

    Hi there, i found a video on internet with some action in OFP and there was french voices for the radio like "cinq, six allez a..." Is there anyone who's know where to find it ? Thx very much