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  1. philcommando

    Mod for Arma of OFP1? (1 yr transition period)

    In all fairness to BIS, not many had tried Arma therefore it would be difficult to evalute and what criterias be used to evalute Arma. As mentioned, history repeats itself. When ofp1 came out, many were turned off by the lag. Same with Arma now. But in time it will surely change, for Arma is a promise of a new dawn in virtual largescale domain, unlike other games where it is confined within small area or little environment. With Arma, air, land and sea battles can be fought on the same map. I speak not on feelings, but on facts. Fact that BIS can produce ofp1 and will do a good job with Arma in time.I am no apologist for BIS, only an ordinary community member. Large scale battles can still be fought now for those who might not be able to or want to upgrade. The MIGHTY OFP1 ! Soon, when prices of peripherals come down as it will, the migration to full Arma will occur. Victory to the masses who love large scale battles on the same map!
  2. philcommando

    Mod for Arma of OFP1? (1 yr transition period)

    BIS is often ahead of its time. History often repeats itself. Back when ofp1 was published, the common comp power was 400MMX processors. Playing was a drag. But as time and processors gain speed, ofp1 was a playing breeze with improved graphics, addons and items ingame. Eye candy was never an issue with most as most were more concern with playerability. So it will be the same for Arma. Probably with 6 gig processors and 3 gig ram. My purpose for the poll therefore is:- A. Help the community to be aware of modding preferences and also help take the heat off BIS so that they may have the time they need to iron out and roll out the modding tools. B. Community addonmakers to keep the dream, hopes and playerability of ofp alive by continuing on with ofp1 during this transition period. Thank you for your participation and may more vote their preferences.
  3. Now that more or less most know what Arma has to offer and its modding reality, would you prefer modding still for ofp 1 or go for Arma? Thousands of playerable addons had been made for ofp1 and not much lag. Unfortunately, Arma is still in the beginning stages, so would you as an addonmaker help out in the transition period of 1 year to produce addons for the well - loved ofp1? My view is that there are still many limitations in ofp1 that can be broken if addonmakers make the effort and experimentation.;) Please vote. Thanks.
  4. philcommando

    Stargate Mod Released

    Facts are facts and remained the truth no matter how it is said and cannot be twisted unless one is a liar...oops, spelling error, lawyer. If one insists that a. Lawyers are God, Judge and Jury rolled into one, b. Layman are too stupid to understand common law, c. being bullied is enjoyable and wants others to enjoy being bullied, there's nothing i can do, just wish that one good luck. America's progress thru centuries was built upon creative entreprenuership. If IBM had its way, we wouldnt have home computers and bill gates would be languishing in a state pennitiary instead of living in a palace. MGM is now a laffing stock with their legal bullying actions - cos to take action against mods is tantamount to admitting that their million dollars spent created game is so lousy that others are gravitating to creative mods to have a good time instead of MGM's created addons, engine, and missions, for a timeless sci-fi 'portal' experience. Peace
  5. philcommando

    Stargate Mod Released

    Lets get the facts correct:- 1. Stargate name:- it means a gateway to the stars/otherworlds in literature. Anyone dares own that word? For that matter, anyone owns ANY word? 2. A circular portal to a different universe:- Is such a concept owned by MGM? Were there any other circular portals design to an alternate universe before MGM's? The answer is plenty, way back to the first silent movies... 3. Military secret experiments into this 'stargate portal:- Is such concepts owned by MGM? First off, who owns the US army uniforms? Who owns the concept of laser guns? Who owns the concepts of batwing type planes? Who owns concepts of 'aliens' and their uniforms? Were there any other 'US sci-fi military experiments into other worlds concept before? 4. Are we using any part of MGM's game engine, modding tools or textures? Are the models similiar in size 100%? So what pirating are we really talking about? If i was a judge, i would throw any such case outta the window and chastisize the lawyers for wasting my time!
  6. philcommando

    Stargate mod, important!

    Are emails legal documents? First off, let me emphasise i repect an artist or game studio's creative works and support his/her/their rights to payment for usage of own creative works. Originality is still the best. However, there is something call 'FREE USE'. One cannot own copyrights to EVERY single atom of a creative work, for the simple reason that NO HUMAN owns exclusivity to atoms!!! Misconceptions:- 1. Be afraid of legal documents lol!...legal docs are just a bunch of legal speak written to frighten ignorant schools boys with small lunch money into stopping what they are doing, simply out of fear of running afoul of the law or spending sums of money to slug it out in court. BUT, legal speak writing hands or mind ( liars..ooops, spelling error, lawyers) ARE NOT judges or juries, and they carry no authority of judgement nor can compel anyone to do anything. 2. Judgement is swift The entire legal process, from a mail to court appearances takes months if not years to be heard, and judged ( if it doesnt get thrown out by the judge for wasting the court's time over school kids modding efforts) 3. Studios have more money A simple email to frighten a school kid cost only $50 or free if faked by a clerk. But to go all the way to court would be in the region of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours spent. They would have to seriously consider the worthiness of the effort and do they have a winnable case to fight the school kid. Contary to pop belief, U DONT NEED to be represented by a lawyer in court for u can defend yourself or plead the 5th admendment, legal aid if u need, etc. There is NO large sums required of u to slug it out, cos judge or juries or or both are not fools to judge a case of a school kid against money grabbing studios! 4. Emails are legal. Emails are only as legal as the correct addressee is applied to. Sender would have to apply for a court order to compel the ISP to release the name and address of the addressee, which is not easy in most democratic countries. Certainly Terrorism Act does not apply here to release names unless modding is considered a form of terrorism where death to thousands ( human and not AI ) can occur! So when u received an email that says 'Lukemax, u will be sued', laff at the idiocy of it. Cos, who the hell is Lukemax? What is his social security number? where does he live? Has he been appropriately inform of his offence? Information is power. Deny ignorance. Do not be bullied. POWER TO OFP FANS
  7. philcommando

    Stargate mod, important!

    err....I was wondering...WHAT THE HELL!!!....OFP has a bigger and larger fan base to any game adapted from movies, and furthermore MUCH MORE addons and flexibility than them, so why the hell do we need to copy or even use their models, tex, etc???!!!!! Is ofp that rigid and its addonmakers so lousy in the creative department that we cannot create an alternate Sci-Fi world of our own based on our own understanding and concepts of science to look into the crystal ball of future tech, and come out with a concept, a storyline, addons and missions? Heck!, with ofp fan base, legal touting and bullying game studios will drown in our piss should we decide to piss on them. POWER TO OFP FANS!!!
  8. philcommando

    armed civilians

    I did some civilians with weapons and can be found over at ofp.gamepark.cz. A)Vietnam theme:- civilian vietcong terrorist. -female vietcong gals/terrorists in ai doa(trad.dress) Found: Vietnam town pack (miscellanous addons pg4) B) Civilian Action Pack:- Bond Mod type civilians male and female with lamboghanni, etc. Found: Civilian Action pack (miscellanous addons pg5) C) A beta test full buildings island pack c/w armed bodyguards and errr...shhhh...proper bikini gals. The addon pack was requested by me not to host as it was only meant for experimental testing for lag in a full buildings island environment. Not sure if it still exist anywhere else though.
  9. philcommando


    The very 1st concept horse to appear in ofp1 history was Mig2001's creative effort. His farmland mod created several farm type animals, perhaps you may want to have a look there. However, just hope you'll understand that from that horse, it's eventual evolution came into being what ofp horse is today, and older concept horses may not be to your expectations, cos at that time, most of us had no documentation to follow, just using our own sweat and inspiration to break ofp's limitation, each subsequent addon maker adding a creative bit to tweak it better along the way.
  10. philcommando

    Pacific War Mod

    yeah!!!!! congrats XeLSiS !!!...A new revamp perspective on the warfront! Nothing like flying prop planes over sea and laying waste onto beach assualt troopers as ships fire salvo after salvo on snipers in the coasttree lines ....sugar rush compared to modern warfare where in 3 secs a beach assualt is over.
  11. philcommando


    lol!!! You havent mentioned the chicken and the dead animation for it yet made by the mastro himself, the utterly in all dead seriousness, MIG!!!!! A rehash of the greatest ofp military sim joke i heard from that chicken thread, too good not to spread it here again... Civilian:Why did the chicken cross the road? General:Hell!! I dont give a damn why, but i am sending in B52s to bomb the shit outta the chicken and then F16s to make sure the chicken is truly and thoroughly dead. The errr...rather out of this world addons old threads sure do crack me up, a definate bane to the realism folks here..hahaha!
  12. philcommando

    Relative and absolute altitude ???

    1. in the config of your object, add at the init eventhandler to camcreate a box addon( self created in 02) 2. Add a script in the eventhandler to setpos the box at 0 height far away in the corner of the map - xyz coordinates. 3. Add another script to your object to take reference height from the box each time your object is loaded ingame. Thus, whenever your object loads, the object will reference height to the sea level always, no matter what the tides are. This is the concept. I dont have a exact script with me, but if you want, you can download my Tarawa ship addon to check for the script. I used it offload the cargo whenever my boat moves 1 meter above sealevel which will always be land height. Just one way to skin the cat.
  13. philcommando

    Addon Making Team

    Many have tried and many had failed, but that doesnt mean you WILL fail too. Give your best shot, no worries. All the best! Ofp is what it is today because most of us had never gave up trying nor listen to seemingly 'for your own good' advices..(hehe), from zwarda's 'getin' chair of eons past to technically efficient war crafts of today that once upon a time we could only drool and dream of. You represent the new blood of ofp to take us further than even ofp2 can. For those who believe ofp1 or Arma has already reach its limit, lol!..think again. There is still a whole world of innovation waiting to be created that is possible in ofp, believe me. The only limit is your mind. 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration will see your dreams come true. Havent i proven time and time again the limits have not been reached yet?
  14. philcommando


    Glad to see masted ships populating the ofp world now . Should you intend to use my sailing ship prototype modelling and config for ingame use, i would recommend that you download my Tarawa ship or Japanese Naval fleet and see how it's done. These ships are more advance in scripting and config as well as 02 than my first historical ship which was the very first working ofp masted ship with cargo/cannon experiment. Not that those ships are perfect, but it will spare ya lots of hair tearing while experimenting ingame. No credit needed, my work is and will always be open source. Sorry cant be of much help, but real life sure has kept me outta ofp for some time, ( sheesh, its been 5 yrs of ofp already? A kid would've gone from high school and outta college into the marines in all that time!!! lol! )
  15. philcommando

    Typhoon Class

    nice sub, but if you want internals, best to either keep it within 40m X 40m size within geolods or break it up into a few 40m X 40m parts joined with script. ........and there is a way for SEEN underwater movement...but it would mean a total overhaul with the ofp game editor - meaning you will have to create a separate UNDERWATER MOD so that other vehicles will not be used in the mod. The radical concept is to base subs, divers, and other vehicles as heli class, and all other above water vehicles limited by a height script to be disabled once it touches your own created water line height. Land can still be created by wrpedit, but the water(sky) will be created by 100mX100m flat textures place within every map square of wrpedit and height mainted at perhaps 30m above ground. I had experimented with a simple 500m X 500m 'underwater' box with human divers and sunken ships. It works, but due to lack of time, i am unable to create a full mod out of it. If you really are interested in seeing and creating underwater ofp - all the best - you will be honoured for being the 1st to create something that even the developers had not tried nor implemented even for ofp2! NOTHING is impossible in ofp - only the lack of imagination.