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    Evasive Moves?

    but... it would be pretty annoying to accidently hit the ground while you're just trying to get a good line of fire, or any other situation where you need those move buttons for fine-adjustment of your position (behind cover or so) so that can't be it.
  2. orange juice

    Latest screenshots available

    hmm...sounds possible. I like the idea of different guys. In Ten Hammers, the guys all have some slight difference, making them unique. THis would be nice in ArmA. Hope your right. yes, the more detailed and realistic those soldiers look, the more are such variations needed. What i'd LOVE to see would be variations within animation, so that different soldiers would aim their gun slightly different from others, put the rifle butt not always at the same place, walk a bit different etc. The exact same movements for each soldier makes them more look like clones than the same uniform (imho). But i guess that if it's needed that all people in the game are the same height for animation purposes (most recent interview), there can only be one set of anims for everyone amiright?
  3. orange juice

    ArmA Progress Updates

    hell yeah that trailer rocks! i find it especially great that those flashy colors we've seen in some screenshots seem to be gone. and those smoke/fire effects are killer! especially in the last wo short scenes imo, where you see an explosion in the distance, and the very last one with that burning bmp. Great!
  4. orange juice

    Latest screenshots available

    that movie is not overly impressive rly... means you won't see anything new. i downloaded it with a dial-up which took more than an hour... there's some first-person-minigunning from a blackhawk. the gun model looks pretty nice and shiny, maybe a bit too shiny for most people here... the muzzle flash looked quite good. also the gun sounded pretty minigunnish imo (brrrrrrrrrrrrr...) not too shabby. gunner is spraying the buildings beneath that chopper, you can't see bullet impact though. the rest of the video (the longer part actually) is just some freely moving third person camera view of the blackhawk. No zooms, no stunts, a bit blurry. edit: i should probably add that the gunner's hands are not attached to the gun and not moving, just like original flashpoint... Looks pretty much like the standard "in cargo" position from OFP. that city looks quite nice from above too... framerate seems to be stable. well. there really is'nt much in that video.
  5. orange juice

    Latest screenshots available

    i think this is not a good abbreviation for Northern Sahrani rly.
  6. orange juice

    ArmA Progress Updates

    good stuff!
  7. orange juice

    ArmA Progress Updates

    does look like an average joe machine gunner (with spastic arm) to me. Had to be a really low profile tank otherwise.
  8. orange juice

    William Porter's Blog

    it was a joke.
  9. orange juice

    William Porter's Blog

    holiday? what? j/k
  10. orange juice

    Latest screenshots available

    peeping tom lol.
  11. orange juice

    Modern Tank Combat

    hm. probably BIS should have hired/bought T72 Balkans developer team for the tank part of ArmA. Sounds good that game.
  12. orange juice

    Latest screenshots available

    k i'm on a slow connection and the vid is just at 10%, but wow i totally love how the soldier's head keeps nodding while moving around. Really gives the feel of a moving body. His neck looks quite good too. The leg movement could use some overhaul though imo.
  13. orange juice

    About the release date

    hm but once it's out, it may be difficult to introduce substancial changes (read: fixes ) to the core engine. I'd rather have them release the game in a state where "ver: 1.0" is appropriate.
  14. orange juice

    Latest screenshots available

    that's a funny bullet hole texture on that truck, however if there's now the possibility of creating bullet holes on moving objects, that's like... whoa!