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  1. Glad to see you're still updating this :-) Keep up the good work Lordprimate!
  2. Just noticed your post: I haven't been around here for quite some time. Feel free to update/fix!
  3. It's been a while for me too :o but I think you need to set the path to "tpwcas" in stead of "f\tpwcas". So do not put tpwcas in subdir of your mission but in the root folder. Hope that helps. The rpt part you are showing: is that on client or on server? If this is on your game pc it works as designed and we would need to have a look at the server rpt. If this is the server rpt there is definitely something wrong while the server is not recognized as server by tpwcas... 'tpwcas_mode = 3' will disable all client side tpwcas scripting so don't expect to see any hints or debug messages on your game pc.....
  4. I've taken quite some 'ArmA-Break time' but after just looking at the new built-in vanilla suppression details I do have some ideas to improve tpwcas to have it working much better together with the built in suppression. Before you start wondering or even dare to ask at the risk of being banned: It may take up to a few months - not sure yet when I will really pick up the pace again. I will report back here when there is something worth to share.
  5. Please have a look at your userconfig\tpwcas_v2.hpp file when using mod version or "tpwcas_init.sqf" when using script version. Look for the following value and adjust to your liking: // 3 BULLET IGNORE RADIUS (M). BULLETS FROM A SHOOTER CLOSER THAN THIS WILL NOT SUPPRESS. tpwcas_ir = 20;
  6. Good question. I believe the BIS bullet detection is only putting AI in combat mode right now. So does TPWCAS, but TPWCAS does more. I *expect* tpwcas not to conflict, but the added value of tpwcas might be limited compared to vanilla A3 (which would be good progress!!!). So call to all of you: please share your experience with versus without here...
  7. Unfortunately not back yet :-( However it is indeed an interesting new feature which in the end might finally make twpcas obsolete :-) (Since the bullet detection feature seems to be build in danger.fsm this quite likely would make ASR_AI the better mod to expand suppression features based on this feature)
  8. As far as I know Zeus creates AI locally on the system of the player running Zeus. So you would indeed need to run TPWCAS also on the players system and use tpwcas_mode = 2 to make it work.
  9. Due to personal circumstances I'm taking a break from ArmA scripting - so no current development going on - but I'm planning to return and pick up the pace some time in the near future®
  10. and I agree with both of you.There should and never will be a single forced animation for suppression in TPWCAS. With investigation I meant to see if it would be feasible to add some different random suppression animation options.
  11. I'm still around but haven't been able to work on tpwcas (and other ArmA stuff) for a while now. However, I do hope to pick up ArmA scripting soon again. About the animation idea: that could be an idea, but it probably would interfere with a status change animation (e.g. going prone or crouched). I will put it on the todo list to investigate.
  12. Hard to tell like this - at tpwcas_mode = 3 you won't see color changes for sure. (which reminds me to take a look at that while I believe there is a new Arma 3 script command which may actually take care of that also for tpwcas_mode = 3) 2 suggestions here: - try with tpwcas_mode = 2 to see if it does work for you then - take a look at the arma3 log file for possible hints what might be wrong (On Win7 in C:\Users\<your windows user name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 )
  13. Thanks! If feedback here is positive I will release a signed version. ---------- Post added at 20:45 ---------- Previous post was at 20:44 ---------- Yes, that should work
  14. Sure! Thanks ---------- Post added at 06:51 ---------- Previous post was at 06:46 ---------- There is already a check if the leader of the group is a player. There isn't a check to see if there are any players in the group.
  15. ollem

    ASR AI 3

    I haven't recently updated TPWCAS so I doubt the 'diving animation' is caused by TPWCAS. The purpose of TPWCAS is obviously that the AI will hit the deck when being shot at, but that should not be diving, unless BIS changed something. (Your not confusing TWPCAS and TPWMODs do you?)