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  1. Check under each unit's attributes. There's a dropdown list that regulates their electronics and sensors, and wether they can receive and send obtained intel. Enable it and they will cooperate without grouping. Drones work very well with the artiller on the USS Liberty destroyer. The official Bis Wiki lists wich vehicles can exchange senor info.
  2. nominesine

    Secret War 01: Operation Sandbox

    Yes. Forged in the depths of OFPEC a long time ago and I intend to stick with it. I just found my old user profile from back then. It seems as if it's still active. Funny, since I haven't been active in the community for many years. /Mathias
  3. nominesine

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    Had the same problem with installing 1.62, after being away from the game for a very long time. Got it to work by removing the file in question. That mod should have a fucking warning label posted on it. Thanks for the advice on how to remove it.
  4. You didn't miss this post over at Ofpec, did you? More info about the Mission Editing Contest can be found here.
  5. I agree. A tough mission, but fun and challenging. Download works perfectly now.
  6. Nothing. You write the _x exactly like that.
  7. Yes, the advanced AI module is included. It alters the AI behaviour somewhat, but I can't really say that they become smarter. I think the mission plays best as a quick deatchmatch with human players participating on both sides. The SP mode was only included to introduce beginners to IF game play. I would say an average match lasts between 5 to 15 minutes.
  8. Iron Front occasionally crash to desktop on my computer. Usually when there's an airplane involved. After a few tests I believe I have managed to pinpoint a problem that causes these CTD's. When a player controlled plane receives damage (from bullets or bombs dropped at low altitude) the game often locks up and freezes, followed by a CTD. It doesn't seem to affect AI controlled planes, as far as I can tell.
  9. nominesine

    The AI in general.

    I tested the Advanced AI Module that came with IF the other night (just place it on the map together with the Funtions Module). My impression is that Iron Front AI do behave a bit different, compared to their counterparts in ArmA2. They seem to spread out more often, and chose different approaches towards the same target. This happens more often when they are commanded by another AI, but also when I lead them. They also seem to follow me around if I'm a member of their group, even if I'm not leading them. I have a feeling that the AI in IF is more independent than in ArmA2 - for better or for worse. This is'nt scientific facts. It's my impressions after two nights of gaming/AI-testing. Anyone with similar experiences?
  10. nominesine

    Just place my order (DVD)

    As long as you stick to scripting, IF behaves axctly like ArmA2. Unfortunately you can't make your own addons (yet), but apart from that the game is basically ArmA2 revamped into WWII.
  11. Download: OFPEC Mission Depot Song of the Mud is a simple and straightforward mission for Iron Front and takes place in Ukraine in the summer of 1944. The setup is very simple: a small skirmish between russian and german forces. Both sides have firesupport from light armor/medium tanks. If you play the mission in Single player mode, you will be an AT-soldier on the russian side. The mission may also be played as a multiplayer game - Coop or Deathmatch, depending on your mood. There are 18 playable infantry slots. The difficulty is aimed at beginners or causual gamers. If you are an experienced player: Switch of your crosshair, disable third person view and join the battle. Bear in mind that I released the mission for testing purposes. The mission is only tested on a LAN-server. Any feedback is welcome.
  12. Glad to hear that. With the release of Iron Front your website became a very valuable resource to me. Downloading stuff now...
  13. nominesine

    Detecting Player Movement?

    If you want the guards to react faster you may try the following command: guardUnit reveal escapingPlayer Replace the sample names with the ones you used in the editor.
  14. After three nights of actual gameplay (SP and MP) my first impressions are very good. Summary: * Beautiful maps with very good terrain. Feels like a mix between Chernarus and the original Operation Flashpoint maps (this is good in my opinion). * A small but useful selection of troops, planes and vehicles. This game does not try to provide it's players with a little bit of everything, as far as I can tell. Instead it stays focused on small scale skirmishes on the eastern front, and does so very well. * Tank battles, dogfights in the air and artillery works way better than anything I've seen in the Armaverse before. What I hope to see in the near future: * Documentation of the new modules, documentations of the mines/tripwires/etc. * Civilians. * Did I say civilians? I want rural civilians and war refugees. And more eye candy, if possible.
  15. Does that mean synced (F5) with the Functions Module, or grouped (F2) with Functions?