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  1. Ha Ha :D Wish I could take credit for that AI move, but no, it was all engine. I prefer to avoid heavy scripting, especially with fighting, because the engine still surprises me quite often. Glad you enjoyed it, and I'm working on a final version (no major changes) as we speak, just need some more feedback first. All the best, Laggy
  2. That was the plan, "pure desperation" on the eastern front. However, you will last a long time if you stick to the trenches. Did you get the retreat order? Any ideas for improvement? Thanks, Laggy
  3. Ok, I did a .zip instead, without spaces in the file name. Should work now, please let me know. Sorry about the hazzle.
  4. Some people have experienced the same problem. I have repacked, re-uploaded and tried the download several times myself. I have no problems, so my guess is that it's your Zip/Rar program causing the issue. I have WinRar myself, so unless you've tried it I would use that program. Otherwise, I unfortunately don't know how to fix the issue. I can upload just the .ifa file (no readme, jpeg or .rar packing) if the problem continues.
  5. Download mission at OFPEC Public beta version - Unless bugs or real annoyances found, mission is finished. Mission description: Wehrmacht has to defend Baranow against a major russian offensive. Iron Front version: 1.01 Needed Addons: None. Known bugs: None. Thanks to: OFPEC forum. Credits: Nominesine for serious playtesting and inspiration. Missiontype: SP/COOP. Players: 1 - 20+ Mission Time: Around 30 min, maybe more. Map: Poland Baranow 1944 Mission Version: Public beta Intro: Yes Outro: No Parameters: Yes (in MP - daytime and view distance option) Time: Dawn in SP, varies in MP Weather: Good with slight fog. Missionwork: A mission that can be very intense. Trench warfare, playable as two infantry groups and armor. Expect enemy air, armor and infantry. Mission uses side-respawn, so you can teamswitch also in MP. Custom sounds and scripts. Contact: tolaggy@hotmail.com Hope you enjoy it. My wish is that I've created a fun mission, and feedback is always welcomed. Laggy
  6. Please help if you can! Just finished designing a pretty good mission and want to release it to the community. But, when I try to save the mission to SP or MP from the editor, same procedure as in ArmA2... nothing happens. I don't get the mission file (IFA) in any folder, nor does it turn up in the SP or MP lists of missions. This is really weird, I have made missions since OFP and this has never happened before. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? I hope I don't have to re-install. Thanks in advance, Laggy
  7. Mission updated to v 0.95. Final version unless any bugs or real annoyances found. Laggy
  8. That's why I suggest you don't submit any missions here, unless you are willing to read BAD feedback. I am for sure.
  9. You might be right and that is one of the reasons I wanted to start this thread. I think many mission makers feel the same way I do. But, if there is a like I said a "give and take" philosophy I think it could work well.
  10. Hi all, I have made missions with an emphasis on Multiplayer, since the OFP days. After many releases of what I consider BETA missions, I have found that feedback from players is very limited. Not only on this forum, but everywhere in the community. That's OK I guess, but I really wish there would be more comments, positive as well as negative. Feedback is the only thing that will make missions great, and the community would benefit from it. What I'm suggesting, is that anyone who is somewhat experienced and very interested in mission design could sign up for a "Mission Designer/Beta Tester Fellowship" right here in this thread. Signing up would mean that you will both design your own missions AND beta test others, like a fair "give and take" exchange agreement. Getting yours tested, would mean that you have to comment on at least one other mission in this thread. The feedback would sum up things like: - Any bugs found (mission design related or others) - Overall impression (positive and negative) - Spell checks and briefing clarity - Pointing out exceptionally great stuff (if any) - Suggestions for improvements I recommend that anyone interested would not put up their missions in this thread, before some serious playtesting on their own. If the mission is designed for Multiplayer, it should always have been tested on a dedicated server. This you can do by yourself, I do it all the time. Testing missions that are unfinished or completely broken is very boring, and as mission designer it is embarrassing and frustrating to get bashed all the time. So, only put missions up when you really think they are finished, because they probably still aren't. You will realize that issues you hadn't anticipated are often found by other players. Feedback and communication should of course be honest, but friendly. It usually helps telling others where you come from. I for instance much prefer realistic and immersive missions over CTF-base respawn. I can playtest Singleplayer and Multiplayer (if min. players == 1) quite frequently, like 2 times a week, while a PvP or other Multiplayer (min. players >= 2) would be at the most once a week. Anyone interested in this exchange? Please sign up! Otherwise, if you have any suggestions or comments on this thread, please share them! I put up these two Multiplayer Missions for a start: DM 2-20 ENDGAME v0.90 DM 2-14 VALLEY OF DEATH v0.90 All the best, Laggy
  11. laggy

    DM 2-20 ENDGAME v0.90

    OFPEC webpage is up and running, download of this mission now works again.
  12. OFPEC webpage is up and running, download of this mission now works again.
  13. Hi all, I have run into an annoying issue that I hope someone can help me with. In a PvP MP mission I use the SOM Module for "Request Support" only (no side missions are given). I want OPFOR to have access to Artillery, and BLUFOR Air Support. The support function is activated through the Radio Menu (Alpha and Foxtrot), and the enemy's channel is hidden by setRadioMsg "null". This is Radio Alpha Trigger (shown to OPFOR leader) Activation: if (isServer) then {[["artillery_barrage"], leader EastLeadGroup] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;}; This is Radio Foxtrot Trigger (shown to BLUFOR leader) Activation: if (isServer) then {[["aerial_reconnaissance","tactical_airstrike"], leader WestLeadGroup] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;}; Now, all this works like a charm, even on a dedicated server. You get the option in your (Spacebar) communications menu, Radio is heard and Support happens like it should. But, here is the issue: When the enemy player activates his Radio Trigger, "his" Support is shown in the other players (other side) communications menu. It seems like when anyone is inside the Support System, it becomes available for everyone. Example: If I play as BLUFOR and enter the communications menu while OPFOR is using Artillery, I can see Artillery in the list. Now, I thought this would be overcome by only running the code on the server. Not so. And, even if I will have this SOM Support for only one side, the same issue will occur. This might seem like a minor issue, but you can really "cheat" or screw things up for the enemy player. My fear is that this function is only seemless in its origin if all players are on the same side, like in a COOP mission. Does anyone have any tips on this, or any more info on the SOM Module than what is present on the Wiki, which doesn't bring up this issue? It is quite lean on MP facts in general. Kind regards, Laggy
  14. laggy

    DM 2-20 ENDGAME v0.90

    As also written in the Valley of Death thread: Thanks a lot, I hope you will try it again and still find it fun. Any info regarding bugs encountered is also appreciated. There shouldn't be any, but you never really know.
  15. As also written in the Endgame thread: Thanks a lot, I hope you will try it again and still find it fun. Any info regarding bugs encountered is also appreciated. There shouldn't be any, but you never really know.