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  1. ok dudes any whises please post here: u wanna the sulaco? post! u wanna aliens ? post! moremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremore give it to me dudes!
  2. Safety is on actually :D Yar will make it more orange in another version. Seen different varnish colors so..
  3. Gonna put a 1PN93-1 sight on it.
  4. Sure that might apply in RL.. but do you spend 24 hrs gaming? :D
  5. From the idea i made a similar script with my RFJ_mercenaries back in the ofp day, where i used a similar script to allow switiching between 2 primary weapons. the full mag bug couldnt really be avoided but it worked. anyway, from a realistic POV, no one would take off acog´s or reddots during combat or in the field, simply because it throws off zeroing and rendering the scope useless. therefore modern scopes also have a piggyback reddot or can swith inside the optic like the elcan specter. same goes with grenade launchers and in a similar way with suppressors. nice gimmick but in my eyes not THAT really applyable.
  6. @max you mean the spec? yes it´s just been temporairly :)
  7. Nah... the game isnt called Ghey Ass-sault.
  8. The wood isnt.. it´s the varnish. i can make it pink if you want to. ;)
  9. 1 2k Mag is/will be single same as the optics/attachments
  10. Blocking out the colors...
  11. Oh ok i get your point. Well i only did the handguard via sculpting and it was overkill already. however, it gave me a seamless texture and nice sculpted casting seams, you could do these also by other means, but i wanted to push geometry a bit. Further detailing wil be done via PS, its faster.
  12. Gonna take some pics of my gen2 trews then..
  13. I´ve detailed the Handguard with a sculpting program which can also be used to create cloth. But you dont use these ingame as its millions of polygons. Here´s a shot of the Highpoly: the pink part is actually 3ds max trying to display a wireframe of the sculpted handguard ^^ It´s all displayed with the normal map.
  14. It´s too dark. Be aware that the pattern runs horizontally on the cutting sheet. There´s also scaling issues.
  15. Uhm wat? Hey there Assassin
  16. On and off on and off :p
  17. A 3 year old Model it is, that i´ve been working on since ArmA.
  18. First i was like uhmm.... Then i went like pffff.... Some days ago i was like hmmm And now i´m hehehhehehe It´s the lowpoly and it stands at under 6k tris. Gonna decide what Optics it should get. Will come in 3 versions. Sniper, Assault and NV Cheerio
  19. binned for now. eventually will get an overhaul.
  20. You gonna do a modern A2 aswell? Would look like this: Rail by Daniel Defence Rheinmetall LLM01 TA34 ACOG with docter sight on a (i think) jpoint mount. surefire 4 prong flashhider.
  21. np, lets see when i get the vss done, then we can do the debating ^^
  22. i dont like planning cause work on the vss has been streched over 4 months on the vss (not continiously...)
  23. Been spending an hour or two over quite a streched time. hipoly of the rifle is basically done, mag´s done. now i need to deceide between two scopes. either the bog standard version with psop 1 scope: http://www.banjalukaonline.com/forum/viewthread.php?action=attachment&tid=5659&pid=123566 or with the 1pn51/NSPU-3 nightsight: http://a4.att.hudong.com/49/22/01000000000000119092285481749.jpg cheers