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  1. Hi, I have some questions about the CWR2 resistance campaign, 1) what mods do people play it with to compliment it? 2) are sacenged weapons saved after completeing the mission? 3) how comes the intro mission automatically timeout after the russians arrive? (i used to prefer to leave my office, pick up a scorpion from a dead policeman and have a 6 hour gun battle) 4) has anyone made any alternative missions where Victor decides to help from the start and really damage the russians?
  2. miraoister

    Simple MEDEVAC

    wow, i just wrote requesting something like this.
  3. I think its quite strange to see a wounded soldier get healed, then stand up and continue fighting, ideally he needs to be healed and then if he can stand be helped off the battlefield. therefore somesort of script thats if wounded blufor go to x. x will be somesort of rear position on the map, marked by a marker. the wounded solder will either be carried, in various types of animation or limp back backthere. has this type of script alreadybeen made? i havent found a reference to anything similar..
  4. project 85 by Vilas has everytype of kalashnikof rifle.
  5. oh ok, i must of put a marsell file n your p85 folder, then six updater deleted it? yeah it was marseilles retextured files...
  6. hi, six automatically updated by version of p85, now i cant play any of my missions, it says these hve been deleted... kpfs_p85_east_german_repl kpfs_p85_west_german_repl any advice?
  7. I have noticed some ai controlled helicopters are spinning, if there are several helicopters in a unit they appear to spin around one point, player controlled helicopters don't have this problem. Fixed wing aircraft are find. Any advice?
  8. This happens in vanilla and ace2 sometimes the screen turns blurry, and randomly comes back, normally fiddling with the video settings helps temporarily. I have tried using recommended settings but it still happens.
  9. New seasonal variants of foliage... http://i.imgur.com/LgYGoln.jpg
  10. ok, i will be gunning you down two months from now. the Ukrainian arma2 mod team have made Berkut riot cops, and vandaised goverment billboards..
  11. its a bit annoying playing british troops with Ace, as all the voice as well as extra sounds are american, it ruins a lot of the game play. is there away to disable the Ace sound effects for certain units while mission editing?
  12. What can I find the mva berkut? .theyre not included in the Ukraine infantry pack.
  13. Anyone interested in a Kiev influenced game? Insurgency vs police etc? I thought p85/cwr2 did some good insurgents...
  14. Atkins/Limnos is Greek, the Islands look Greek and I'm pretty sure the locals speak Greek and eat feta cheese!