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  1. any chance or version ArmA2 Modding Toolbox for maya 2008 and ty
  2. hey u make a maya 2008 toolset any chance :D:D
  3. mod0

    Conflict Zone Mindanao

    new model s211 simba
  4. mod0

    3d Application Questions And Answers

    never mind, i forgot to delete the history in maya, but thank u for da quick response.
  5. mod0

    3d Application Questions And Answers

    when i import my model from maya to o2 it flip my model from the right side to left ? do u get me or i need to post some pix describe it more clearly
  6. mod0

    3DS Import all screwed up

    sorry for the off topic, but how do freezz the modeling modifier stack in maya 7
  7. what program are u using and how did u model the front of the chopper,cause im having trouble modeling a md 530 chopper im using maya 7
  8. mod0

    Vbs1,vbs2 ,ofp or arma

    poland military from www.militaryphotos.net
  9. mod0

    Jonny´s Marines

    very very nice , now we need taliban and sunni insurgency
  10. all of my model exported from maya 8 got an error message import failed parse error in obj file extra character on line-(maybe more vertices on face than supported four but when i import the same obj file to animor and export to 3dmax file i got no errors any advice
  11. AFP armed force of philippines phil. army