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  1. mrbean1112

    Free Version of Half life 2

    Hey everyone... I like the OFP/Arma community, so i decided to contribute something. I am offering a free version of half life 2 as a gift... i bought the orange box which came with half life 2, but i already owned it. So first reply to the topic gets the game, all you have to do is make a steam account, and tell me the name of your id.
  2. mrbean1112


    I have english with 1.08 patch installed.
  3. mrbean1112


    I tried the mission alone.. It was pretty fun but i would recommend having less zombies spawn in towns.. and more in the widlerness. I also tried playing it Over a LAN. Me and my friend tried it twice.. and both times this is what happened 1. I bought a car 2. He got into my car 3. Went to the bank 4. Withdrew 5000$ each 5. Went to Small arms dealer Now when i tried to purchase from the small arms dealer, like as soon as i clicked the browse items button, It started lagging all to hell.. and only an ak47 was shown in the browse items menu. My friend did not lag, until he too tried to browse items... the same ak47 was there for him... and he was lagging to hell.
  4. mrbean1112

    Dawn of the Yomies

    my problem in multiplayer was that the zombies ran around in circles... didn't target anyone. they worked fine alone. but as soon as i loaded up mp... It really annoyed me.. and made me uninstall arma because i worked on a mission for months.. only to have it do that. So if these yomies are updated.. i may have a few missions out for you guys. =]
  5. mrbean1112


    Wow... this is exactly what i have been trying to do... forever.. any interest in a test ? mrbean1112@yahoo.com
  6. mrbean1112

    Autumn Island

    would there be a simple way to create an island based in Autumn? to me autumn is the most atmospheric season of the year. The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, etc... Anyone else interested in starting up creation?
  7. Dy_eyeball.. im having some trouble still im trying to execute code when the player clicks on item 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc but i can not find where to add this execution in. Can you please help me? *edit I also am looking for a way to display a variable somewhere.. like for example player1money... i am making a multiplayer mission which has purchasing of weapons.
  8. mrbean1112

    Dawn of the Yomies

    I have discovered some new things in the yomie scripts to edit... that can change stuff. Enemies in Get_yomie_target "Will always let zombies know where players in this list are." iviewdist = 50 in init_Game "Tells how far zombies have to be to spawn.. without changing the view distance for players. _yomie in spawn_yomie (ADD DAMMAGE to yomies when they spawn.) And for those who are confused about how to enable/disable spawn triggers.. call compile format ["bSpawn%1=nil",0]; Will disable the yomie_spawn trigger call compile format ["bSpawn%1=nil",1]; Will disable yomie_Spawn_1 trigger call compile format ["bSpawn%1=true",0] Will enable the yomie_spawn trigger call compile format ["bSpawn%1=true",1]; Will enable yomie_Spawn_1 trigger
  9. mrbean1112

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Can someone better explain how to disable/enable spawns? or clear them? # Spawn areas can be immediately cleared, which leaves them also disabled, but you can of course enable them again if you want. Use the function fDisableSpawn to immediately remove all zombies in the area, without taking the player presence into account. Usage: _spawnIndex call fDisableSpawn; .. i think just if someone can post an example on how to disable yomie_spawn... i should be able to get it from there. ty
  10. mrbean1112

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Now that new tools have been released.. is there any way to get these zombies new version released? i have been waiting on a few simple things.
  11. mrbean1112

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Honestly, all i need to know is how to make the yomies spawn exactly where i want them.. with basic spawn scripts... and to disable the not spawning in front of the player thing. If i could do this... man.... i'd be good with this version.
  12. mrbean1112

    Black Sword

    This mission is AMAZING! Me and my friend had loads of fun with it, we tried probably almost a hundred Arma maps, but this was the one that we could play non-stop. Excellent job.
  13. mrbean1112

    Gears of War for PC

    Ever play it? It's a good game actually... i don't own an xbox 360 but i've beaten it several times with friends.
  14. mrbean1112

    Bad Strain Mission Pack Released

    Tried the map... but lagged way too much. Even with all the graphics down, and i have a fairly decent system. I'd advise switching to the Yomies... they don't seem to lag NEARLY as much. But i love zombies, and i give ya props for trying to show that Arma is the perfect zombie survival game.
  15. mrbean1112

    ArmA Rated one of the HARDEST GAMES OF ALL TIME

    Ahhh Arma is very hard. mainly due to the insane accuracy of the enemy >.< As for AVP! Well.. that was hard emotionally.. of course it might have had to do with the fact that i played it when i was 7 or 8. it was one of my first gaming experiences, and the scariest by far. 1.get to about the 3rd marine mission, heart pounding, screaming at the computer as i kill the aliens. 2. Get to a long hallway, with an opening door 3. Kill aliens, shoot grenade launcher and blow out almost all lights. 4. throw a few flares, areas clear. 5. Hear a small... crunching sound. 6. Look around me, sound getting louder. 7. Getting really tense, sound still getting closer. 8. switch to night vision, as flares run out. 9. switch back, as i realize my motion detector goes away with night vision 10. getting really freaked out by the sound coming closer. shoot a few rounds blindly in the direction. 11. Sound stops, breath of relief. 12. Hear a deafening shriek, screen fills with the insides of a facehugger, Scream out loud, push back in my computer chair, chair falls over. 13. run from the room 14. don't play avp again for several years. Great game!