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  1. Okay. Lets see if my dumbself can finally post this question / request in the right place - Any chance there is a stand alone Flash Bang mod for A2/OA. I see a recently nice one released for A3. Thanks
  2. Flash bang gernade? Where to DL? For ARMA/OA (just saw a great new addon relased for A3). Is there a weapons pack mod (non -Ace) that provides for Flash Bang gernandes?
  3. Is there a weapons pack mod (non -Ace) that provides for Flash Bang gernandes?
  4. meade95


    I've been reading through some of the threads here, trying to see how CQC will be handled (hopefully improved) in A3 - I've read about AI improvement in the general sense quite often (i've watched the new A3 videos put out). But I haven't exactly seen, CQC style simming played out (in vids). Nor talked about much at least in the threads I've read through.... Will AI, with regards to CQC (and A3 in general) be better at simming this game style out? Somewhat better? Vastly better? than is A2? Just curious.
  5. I'm running CD verison of A2/OA.... Patch to 1.61 (have not upgraded to 1.62). I would like to try the latest beta patch. 1. Where can I find the exact newest version and more importantly 2. Do I need to have 1.62 installed in order to update to the latest beta patch?
  6. If as broken as the High Command Mod is (or not finished). if one simply had the ability to tell units under their command to move and COVER an area (WITHOUT running off and engaging enemy targets until the end of time) the high command mod would be useful. Really wish Bohemia would find a way to accomplish this in a patch...
  7. I execute the fastrope script via a waypoint system. At a given waypoint I have the AI flown Help drop and hold to 25 feet. I then as member of unilt click the the "deploy fast rope" option that pops up. We Fastrope down....the Helo will then pull away.....but it does not go to its next waypoint...it heads towards it but will stop and turn around and fly back and forth around it's drop zone...
  8. Strange error - AI flow Helo's after Fast Rope Insertion are not going back to base (with dedicated waypoints for them to do so). they will simply fly somewhat around the unit on the ground (that fast roped out).
  9. meade95

    ASR AI Skills

    Is there any chance this amazing Mod will ever incorporate a type of UI that for example JED Advanced Skill Slider mod had / has? - That skill slider was / is very easy to use and allows quick changes of individual units in a very simple UI -
  10. meade95

    Infantry Combat-Boring and Unrealistic?

    A Mod by JED_ESS allows one to do exaclty this. Tweak all variables for enemy units (individually) and keep their preceision low...while their intelligence higher. Can't find link at the moment. But it is a great mod. I like it is some ways better / easier than ASR_AI mod.....
  11. With latest CBA (I play SP only). I get an error (CTD) message, with message saying I need the "CBA helper file" (or something along these lines about a helper file). I just rolled back and installed the last CBA I had and all is fine now. But the newest one wouldn't work.
  12. All of a sudden my guys can no longer just walk up and open an ammo crate? I use to walk up to crate, the option of "rearm at US. Weapons" message would be within my scroll. and I wold left click it. Now, it only appears quickly and when I click it, my guy simply knees down but the crate does not open. (No pop up screen). If I then click the "gear" scroll option the crate will open but then if I pick a weapon that say has a gernade option. When I select that weapon grenades are not automatically fitted with the weapon (which has always been the case before). Any ideas?? I have not DL any new mods or made any adjustments...
  13. Huh. What I'm having now, is I make sure my guys load first. I then load and am placed as far up toward front of MH47 seat as possible. We get to target location. I click the "deploy fast ropes". I then watch as #2 and #3 guy go. Then my #4 and I go at same time. Yet now, 1 person is almost always KIA (usually 2 of us) and I notice I seem to fall the last several feel (not on rope). I've tried from 25 feet to 35 feet. All with same result. This using Tora Bora map. I've yet to see all 4 surive fast roping in. It works great for those that do survive and the ropes are cut away (dropped) and helo flys off perfectly... I'm using A2/CO patched to 1.61 (not the latest patch, perhaps that is the issue?). UPDATE - Just tested on Fallugah map and it works perfectly!! Perhaps it is Tora Bora map?? Update #2 - Yep, tested it out on Clafghan map as well. Works great! As long as you find very level area for the Fast Rope drop! Great work! Much appreciated. Scopping out very level drop areas is key (and getting AI pilots to put you there!). Thanks again.
  14. Any chance you have looked at what's causing AI flown Helo, when fast roping a 4 man team, not to be able to get all 4 men to the ground (with 1 of them usually hung up still on helo). I know your busy, so no worries. Just curious.
  15. Actually, no, it's the other verison (that allows for movement of the ramp).
  16. Ok. I just click "deploy fast ropes" for it to work. Thanks. But now, I've noticed. On a four man team. My 4th member almost always gets stuck and does not fast rope. Once I order him down (after he is stuck). The Helo will look for place to land. I believe the spotter guy standing in back of Helo is what is causing the problem. This is when using AI pilot and a 4 man team -
  17. Love the MH47s. And options. Though am finding Fast Roping of AI (with AI pilots) to be somewhat difficult. Either all men don't go out, or Helo drifts very badly (which is okay some). When I click the "release fast ropes'. Should my next command simply be to my teammates "disembark". And What should I do. Lead the way, or them first and then me??
  18. How can I have an AI flown helicopter with say 7 waypoint locations.....on waypoint #3 drop down to 35 feet and hover? So I can have a deploy fast ropes option? Thanks I know how to use the Set Fly to 35 option at the start.....but I don't want the helo to fly that low for the entire trip. Just at waypoint #3 (example).
  19. I get how to set the height in which the AI helo will fly (at the start). However, I would like the helo to fly and normal height and then once at X waypoint, drop down to 35 and hover (so the deploy ropes option is avaliable).. There seems like there should be a easy way within a waypoint to change altitude (yet it doesn't appear there is).
  20. Wanting to get back into A2/OA (really can't wait for A3 to just get here). But I've always stayed at pactch 1.60, had good performance and AI seemed pretty decent when tweaked with a couple mods.....I'm now looking to patch to 1.62 (I mainly play single play / create my own missions). I remember and have read number of issues, gameplay and install issues when 1.62 first came out.... Just curious, is another patch coming soon (above 1.62) and I should just wait....or what is biggest improvements that would make most suggest to definitely install this patch instead of waiting. Thanks!
  21. Do these settings still matter in A2OA? skillFriendly=1; skillEnemy=0.75999999; precisionFriendly=1; precisionEnemy=0.41999999 I believe I recall they became somewhat of a moot point in the last official patch release? Making the enemy much more lethel (without the ability to tweak them down - other than via a mod). As is today, do these values matter at all within your A2 or A2OA profile? Thanks
  22. Any mod that I can pick up some Flash Bang gernades?? That is not ACE but simply for standard A2/OA? Thanks!
  23. Anyone know of a weapons pack (non ACE) that has flash bangs as part of it? Thanks