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  1. laborj456

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    r u going to release some crews for these veichles or..?
  2. laborj456

    Project: UK Forces

    r u guys making also special forces units like sas and stuff like that???
  3. I have no idea but I'm guessing because the Ace Mod is a complete replacement mod and isn't designed to work necessarily with other mods.  Likewise nobody in our mod knows enough scripting to make our mod compatible with ACES or any other such mod. The only 3rd party "enhancement" mod that works well with ours is the FFN mod. That's what I generally use when I play our mod's stuff in ArmA.  But if we find someone who can make everything compatible with the latest 3rd party "realism" type mods, then we will do that. Thanks everyone for the nice words.  Hopefully soon we'll have the historic stuff ready soon.  Chris G. aka-Miles Teg<GD> !!!!maybe this can help u guys of lobo mod !!!! laborj456 @ Dec. 26 2008,12:35 if in the patch u fix the compatibily errors whit other mods like lobomod or others would be good for a completly war's experience    thanks. Panda[PL] on Dec. 26 2008,12:51 There are no compatibility problems in ACE that I know of.  There are problems with other mods that are not written/scripted so good. If you expect next version of ACE to fix that I tell you you're at the wrong adress. Once people realise they need to use EXH and stop overwriting the default classes it's gonn aget better. If it's about AI - using two AI mods at one time is not a good idea.
  4. if in the patch u fix the compatibily errors whit other mods like lobomod or others would be good for a completly war's experience thanks
  5. You're upset that you got a big, complex, awesome mod for completely free? Or you're upset that content which was stated to be planned for integration after the beta release isn't in the beta release that they said it wouldn't be in? I'm confused. Please enlighten me! Â i was thinking at a thing like VBS2 lmao
  6. there is just 1 stryker that has protections... where r all the new hummers and new weapons and new unists and all the stuff of imwm? i apologize for this but i'm a bit upset..
  7. hey miles why ur mod don't works when u r playing whit ace-mod? Â i mean.. when i play whit ace and lobomod the game miss a lot of idf units....
  8. what the hell!! Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â am i dreaming or what? Â Â
  9. laborj456

    173rd Airborne Brigade ACU Units

    can u configure the weapons? coz they use m16 and i don't know but i think they don't use it in the reality
  10. laborj456

    Advanced Combat Environment

    it's a good video  but i didnt unerstand well what is new and what r the new things can someone explain??  :
  11. laborj456

    173rd Airborne Brigade ACU Units

    good addon.. so u will convert this units whit dcu uniforms and woodland otv?
  12. laborj456

    Project: UK Forces

    will u make also mercedes unimog like this??
  13. laborj456

    173rd Airborne Brigade ACU Units

    Binkowski u will make dcu units?
  14. laborj456

    Advanced Combat Environment

    i have an idea can u release ace1.0 for arma and then starting to work for release ACE2 for arma2.. like csla did for ofp whit csla2 for opf and csla3 for arma
  15. laborj456

    CSLA3 Phase1

    oh yes and they miss tracers and stuff like that Â