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  1. im conflicted, as i wasted money on the gtx 970 and having seen not much improvement, I'm thinking about new cpu, ideally the 4790k but then new cpus with socket 2011-v3 are out and motherboards which support DDR4 memory type. they say in the future this type of RAM will be the dominant. The new motherboard will eventually replace the LGA 1150 one as well. what is your suggestion. getting the new motherboard means getting rid of my RAM as well, and the motherboard alone costs $400, while the cpu costs pretty much the same as 4790k. when you total it, we're talking about $1000 upgade, where as if i were to go with LGA 1150 motherboard, about $ 530 total.
  2. ok i upgraded to gtx 970 from gtx 580 this morning and i must say I am not really seeing much differnce, i still drop to the 20s in heavy firefight, i can hit over 50 but what really matters is mininmum fps and it is bad. even my 580 could hit 50 and above so this upgrade hasnt improved anything. what a vvv
  3. Im afraid your PC is a bit low. you're still using ddr2 800mhz and people are talking about 2400mhz. Your video card is also not good enough. you probably are going to have to upgrade to enjoy better FPS.
  4. with your Titan card, what is your minimum fps?
  5. Thanks Massey_sd for your information, i see that you have gtx 970. I'm wondering did it improve your ARMA 3 fps? Im thinking about gtx 980.
  6. :mad: do i really need to build a whole new system for Arma 3? even people with newer cpus have trouble with this game. i was worried about buying the new card and still not seeing any improvement, but it seems i need new cpu as well which will mean new motherboard and possibly RAM. arma 3 is going to have to buzz off.
  7. if i can get some suggestions, i would appreciate. i currently have gtx 580 1.5GB and good quad cpu O.C to 4.0, the game though doesnt run well unless i overclock my gpu as well and normaly drops to the 20s when in heavy fights and in urban areas(always plays single player btw, never multiplayer). so will moving to gtx 980 help? if not, then WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME?
  8. turn off Vsync. that boosts your FPS a lot. but this game is never good at performance. Always there are problems related to it even when you have high end GPU!
  9. killerwhale

    How do I get my team out of a building?

    well, the game has problems. sometimes unexpected errors arise! so no fix, live with it. i too had to deal with parachutes dying as soon as they land and many more possibly.cha'cha'cha'aaaaaa
  10. killerwhale

    East vs West (OFP inspired mod)

    wonderful work sudden, the soldiers walk funny though. they kind bend their back as they walk or always have their gun pointing straight.
  11. cant you just get us the vehicles/guns without all the maps/units. this takes up too much space and issues.
  12. i think it is part of the sniper DLC they were talking about. we already have 50% of the DLC
  13. Hi, is it possible to edit BIS soldier models to equip them with different gun? or you will have to model a soldier first then the gun you want
  14. Help please, the part i have in red is the part i want to change. I want the soldier's default weapon to be M16A2 rifle that i downloaded. i don't know how to go about this. i understand "test_weapon_01" is in the weapon sample and im working on the character sample, how do i link the test_weapon to the character im about to create
  15. very nice information Fennek:yay:, now it will be through trials and errors before i get it working. that is if im lucky i dont get this line Thanks big time by the way
  16. it sounds simpler than i thought but still too completed for me. would any one care to make a video about it or write instructions
  17. i understand you can do that in the editor but you'll have to place a code in the init field or use the box containing the guns. i want the soldier to have it as his default weapon and the only way to do that i guess is to model a unit a gun of your own
  18. poofuu, if you dont have an answer, dont bother to reply
  19. There is a problem with this mode, even though you used the exclude option for a particular unit, it will still detect a unit not in its sight ( 1KM away with mountains in between) and enter combat mode, thus wont travel far!
  20. killerwhale


    Hi, i have problem with parachuting. i have 2 squads that are suppose to parachute from c-130 As soon as the parachute script is activated, the plane turns instead of continuing its straight course. what does he have to do with the parachuting, i dont know. anyway, what can i do to keep him his course? and not mind the soldiers parachuting. he is even set to captive (neutral)
  21. i have noticed that units are back to their default behavior when they are being fired upon, no quick response to fire being fired at them. standing around, thinking and finishing their smoke before they take a look who is firing at them.
  22. with the latest arma update, i dont think the mod works properly anymore. I think the guy who made this mod knows better than the recent guy that Bohemia hired for the Ai. they should hire this one.
  23. wasnt arma2 better than arma3, how come it wasnt made for arma2
  24. does this work with arma2?
  25. killerwhale

    A-10C for Arma 3

    why does it have to be pm, a lot of people have this problem as well, just post it. DUH