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  1. i believe the units on the pictures you posted, are not really SF, but rather police force, like SWAT. the SF engaged in recent events would look more like these guys http://www.chat.algerlablanche.com/photo/?img=3711&date_ajout=20-01-2013&cat=1. eventually, it's the same camo used on Project RACS
  2. khayes

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    thank you yurapetrov ! this is a piece of art
  3. thank you Abs for those very great and usefull videos. i think i love you now lol
  4. khayes

    Operation unknown wip

    hey sfc, thank you very much for your work, you did a great job ! about the camo here are some ref pics, particulary the typo of "MARINES", and other camo schemes you may consider decals 1 decals 2 decals 3 font to download FS color
  5. Hi El nino Foxhound, i downloaded the texture source file, but it only contains the textures of the wings. where can i download the textures for the fuselage ? thank you sir :)
  6. thank you guys ! can't wait to try those nice addons !
  7. khayes

    Seize zones AFGHAN '85 (SP)

    i agree with alex[dev]72, the ACE version needs bandages in the crates :)
  8. khayes


    may i ask you to add a few predefined groups of taliban, shadow army, civil etc... ?
  9. khayes


    excellent ! can't wait to play with those units in the incoming waziristan map ! thanks to all you guys
  10. khayes

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    indeed it works perfectly ! thank you guys
  11. khayes

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    i tried to put a unit in the commander seat via the init line, but "this moveincommander taxi" do not work. what should i put instead ? (i tried gunner, turret but no success)
  12. khayes

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    great video Gnat ! now it is armed, it gives another threat and lot of fun hunting it good job
  13. @ _barns_ : you'll find it in the file "dac_config_creator.sqf" in DAC\
  14. khayes

    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    thank you very much ukf people !! it looks like a great addon