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  1. Would have been fine if you asked once Ollie, but you're a persistant little bugger and you know it, you just don't stop... take this dancing banana... as long as your computer is functioning and there's power to your system it's likely he will dance forever if he remains on screen. That's how you are with asking for shit you're not entitled to. You're so persistant I had to report you for it... with regards to SDS, that wasn't anything to do with me... I was shown a link to the site, next thing I know you got stomped on. I can't find anything that's not on google, and especially not if I'm not looking for it. Google is like a little tin hat, it protects me from the bad peoples. I simply see it as that simple, I honestly don't care if you made a timor terrain, good for you, people might wonder where the hell timor is... I suggest a map of the world and a bit of back story. But I sure as hell stress to you not to even remotely refer to me again because I don't care until other people point out what you're doing. Jamie.
  2. No actually, right on topic because your words in bold and red in your post refer directly to me, so much so that I was playing fallout 3 when they were brought to my attention by someone half the world away. The fact you're a thief and a fraud is secondary to the fact your terrain is a rip off, you harassed me into the ground about operational terrain areas for the ADF, and yet still the people responsible for making those terrains public have not acted. All fun and games for them putting videos on VBS2.com and then telling the world who I work for, I have to deal with little shits like you. Jamie.
  3. No you haven't moved on, you still e-mail about once a week begging to get back in. C'mon Ollie, I'm here now, you posted comments to my blog, so lets get it on son, let's go! You are the fakest sorry sack of crap I have ever come across in my life. Jamie.
  4. Why don't you just name me Ollie? You're the one who breached the BIA EULA and made a sub-standard copy of an official terrain, you chose Baucau specifically to get a response from me, well here's my response mate, your terrain work is crap. None of it has seen use in military circles and out of all the terrains possible on this planet you chose a patch of dirt that has already been done. I mean why beat around the bush? surely you've got the balls to name who you're talking about? Oh that's right, you're a child who's parents bought VBS2 for him. Let's see, unqualified child launches a fake company on the internet, called Saturn Defense Systems, offering one on one training in MOUT through the employment of VBS2, then decides to argue with an experienced soldier over weaponry, ring any bells? oh that's right it was YOU... OLIVER CHRISTIE. Fraud comes to mind there. Oh and downloading encrypted VBS2 content not for your key code and attempting to reverse engineer it, that's highly illegal for most of the world's population. Jamie.
  5. jamie_c

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

    Lads, Grow a set of nuts. If you bought the GERMAN version from GERMANY you have to expect it to be localised for the GERMAN language (Deutsch). You have no right to demand or expect BIS to patch this version for English or any other language. I bought the German version without expecting an official English patch, but I couldn't see the logic in rewarding 505Games for delaying their release in Australia. It's still not released here and is still a long way away. If you're too stupid to see sense, you can BUY the official english language "patch" from 505games or their suppliers. Or keep quiet and maybe the BIS developers will reward you in return for peace and quiet, I know I would, I've only just read this thread and you've already annoyed me, I'm off to kill something in AA3. Jamie.
  6. A lot of it looks like a direct copy from the VBS2 OME/RTE interface, everything operates pretty much the same except the need to place a centre then a group to go with it, that's definately not a VBS2 thing, at least not in the versions I've been exposed to. On the whole glad it's in A2, I went back to using VBS2 today and sprinting felt like it was in slow motion (same with ArmA :\), and I couldn't reload while moving, so it looks like I'm only using VBS2 when I have to. Now if they fix the bugs there might be some forward progress on the horizon! Jamie.
  7. jamie_c

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I should be taking the plunge this week if my back pay comes in to buy a TrackIR 5. I have a TIR3 but feel like it's time for a change as I'm getting a new PC, I don't usually change out my peripherals with each new system, but for TIR I will make an exception. Hopefully I wont have to suffer on my current spec for too much longer (the PC, not the TIR3, which is still good). Jamie.
  8. jamie_c

    illegal copys may degrade?

    @Choum: The language patch that is most common (i.e. the one I use myself) has not in anyway adversely affected any genuine copy of A2, nor can it. It is simply a replacement of the original files, all the creator has done is rewrite the stringtable.xml files in the PBOs and repacked them. The more you say otherwise, the more people who PM myself and others talking absolute rubbish. If you're having serious issues with A2 like messages popping up about illegal copies, or something else wrong, a reinstall wont hurt you. If you are using mods such as noblur, I recommend using mod folders to ease fault finding should your copy have problems, e.g. \ArmA 2\@noblur\Addons in the case of Kegety's noblur addons. Also I strongly advise against putting anything unofficial in the ArmA 2\addons dir, however this works fine with the EN language patch. Jamie.
  9. jamie_c

    Realistic Stars

    The appearance of the "fat" stars needs to be modified under NVG, their apparent size is increased when looking at them directly and given that I have used the stars to properly focus my NVGs in the past, they're usually no bigger than they are without NVGs. Actually with NVGs you can usually see a lot more stars than you do without, it's fairly impressive to say the least, until you realise you're either covered in dust and haven't showered for weeks or you're freezing your bits off. And someone please make a telescope addon for Mr. Gustaffa here :bounce3: Jamie.
  10. Norrin, fantastic work as always mate. What's next? trying to take over the world!? :) Jamie.
  11. Kegetys, Thanks so much mate, really appreciate your efforts on your tools and everything else. I've already retextured a few BIS infantry models (after editing the ODOL P3Ds by hand) and the PAA plugin works fantastically well! Although honestly, not surprised coming from you. Jamie.
  12. The appropriate command line switch is -window If you need to reference commands, type one in an init field or similar in the editor and hit F1, you'll get the full comref entry, plus an example you can paste into any text field. As for fixing your alt-tab issues, honestly no idea, sorry. Jamie.
  13. Ok, more info, this doesn't seem to be linked to any particular game mode, difficulty setting or otherwise over here. What does seem to have an effect is changing the UI size under the video options, in advanced. Setting it to Normal for me shows the top and bottom elements, but they're not readable as you can only see half of the text. Only apparent in 16:10, 16:9 seemed ok. Jamie.
  14. Experiencing it here too, now that it seems quite common I'll take a further look and get back to you hopefully. It may just be tied into something else, unfortunately. I think I'm on a 16:10 aspect ratio at a lower resolution than what you're running. Jamie.
  15. jamie_c

    nvidia driver issue?

    LC, Keep in mind that I'm running Win 7 Beta (really can't be bothered transitioning to the RC). Your results may vary, but as you said it's finding a balance, right now for me I balance between A2 and VBS2 as VBS2 brings the money in, A2 brings the fun. If you find a good driver, wouldn't hurt to post the results here to help others mate, just a suggestion, and post what OS you're using too! Cheers, Jamie.