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  1. Tatawin Island

    I cannot drive though that long brige. the car cannot go forward at end of brige.
  2. MH500

    yes, nice working. btw, will you release US version as well?
  3. SLX MOD public release

    I got that error! what is wrong?? No entry “@slx\bin\config.cpp/CfgVoice/Words.contact3â€
  4. Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    Everything is Fabulous on my system. 1.12 is smoother, faster, ans texture is sharper than 1.11. NICE PATCH!
  5. FFN config replacement

    william1, you really need change same part of FNN. Using FNN, the pilot looks like that.
  6. FFN config replacement

    I tried it, it is really amazing. but, we I ordered my team get it the UH-1 chopper, I got that . Anybody can tell me what is wrong!!
  7. Sky Replacement

    fabulous !
  8. 6thSense.eu Presents: WeaponPack

    my favorite M14 still hasn't shadow...
  9. Sky Replacement

    I doesn't mean this addon doesn't work. I just feel it no so real. the following screenshot is BIS original sky. you can see not all sky shows same color. full size
  10. Sky Replacement

    Did anyone try a totally clear weather(I mean withou any cloud) after using this addon. the color of sky looks very strange.
  11. SAP_Everon v1.0

    great job!! it is the only 3rd party island I downloaded, that the AI air stuff can take off from its airfield without any script
  12. RH Aks pack 1.5

    I tried it a little. I found Ai with Ak47 or Ak 74 cannot use full mode to shoot . They always use semi mode no metter how far the enemy is and what kind of enemy is. Is it a bug?
  13. Sarve Island

    new version is great! I only got 25FPS in the swamp area in the old version. But now! 75FPS!
  14. RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

    Could you tell me how can I solve it???