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  1. Hello guys, After the recent update, been getting this error every time I preview a scenario from the editor and as soon as someone fires a weapon, this pops-up and stays on the screen. |#| bis_effects_rifle Error Undefined Variable in expression: bis_effects_rifle What addon could be conflicting?
  2. Some ARMA 3 screenshots after a long time.
  3. hidden_spectre

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Here u go guys. A short tribute to arma2, BIS and the community, after a long break. http://www.vimeo.com/5626922
  4. hidden_spectre


    dude just backup ur SAVED folder in ur USERs folder u can find the SAVED folder in ur "username" folder in the USERs directory of ofp x:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\Users\*username*\
  5. hidden_spectre

    setface problem

    hello every1 merry xmas i jus dunno wht happend...i cant put up any of my faces on any soldier (AI or even mine)...the faces are in the addon directory as a .pbo....it used to work before....must be some sort of conflict wid an addon..but i got loads of addons..dunno which 1...i even tried a trigger wid a setface command to be activated after 5 seconds..the face did change for a split second but then went back to the original one...any help wud be appreciated thnkx
  6. hidden_spectre

    RHS release 6

    Red Hammer Studios is going nuts awesome chain releases frm u guys....im having one hell of a time... jus perfect.... job spectacularly done ps. u guys deserve a vacation in hawaii...
  7. hidden_spectre

    Musical instruments

    hey bloody awesome JAWA.......being a guitarist myself i really wanted som guitars...now i owe u a solo damn i can now make my music video for my band job well done JAWA
  8. hidden_spectre

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    Liberation MOd, Smiley's Kabul Afgan Island
  9. hidden_spectre

    House Divided ALPHA mod release

    yea the last two screenies were taken at Gettysburg...the desert one is AFGANEVERON
  10. hidden_spectre

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    HOUSE DIVIDED, Afganeveron
  11. hidden_spectre

    House Divided ALPHA mod release

    beautiful i must say......those are some good looking units....talking bout the horse...this is possibly the best horse ever..love the model and the animations...the dying animations are fantastic..looks so realistic...i shot a guy and he was still alive...limping..i went in to take a closer look and man can u believe it he got up and attacked me with his bayonet....this is so good hats off to u guys.......here is one thing ive observed....the "moveincargo" command doesnt work with the Horse wagon..wenever i try to do tht....i see a horse on top of the wagon...LOL best of luck with the final version....looking forward to it... some screenies
  12. hidden_spectre

    Armored Traktor

    wow...kool tractor dude.......now im gonna hunt some ZOMBIES!..yea baby
  13. hidden_spectre

    OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

    GROM, Mckools pacific, Fox2 Zodiac, Prph, FP2 snipers