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  1. hotshotmike1001

    Marksmen DLC No Optics

    everything is updated Via Play witH Six @asdg_attachments @asdg_jm @asdg_jr @CBA_A3 @fhq_accessories @FSF @HLC @RH_acc @rh_m4_a3 @rh_pistol_a3 @rhs_afrf3 @rhs_usf3
  2. hotshotmike1001

    Marksmen DLC No Optics

    when i am using Virtual Ammobox None of my Stock sniper rifles have optics even the new Marksmen DLC There is no optics of any kind selectable :butbut:
  3. i have the ModuleOrdnance_F Syc with a trigger how can i make it work repeat so it just keeps working once it goes off the first time it no longer shoots at the target locaction
  4. great tool thank you for creating this i use it for testing addons is there anyway to make it spawn ammo boxes from the menu aswell? Thank you ahead of time
  5. hotshotmike1001

    Pilot Stick Animations

    i have that Sample model though the model config does not List the pilot stick in it
  6. hotshotmike1001

    Pilot Stick Animations

    is there a sample of the Arma 3 Pilot animations Downloadable? so i could add it to the SU-39 i am currectly working on? Thank you Ahead of time for the help Mike
  7. Just making Sure ! In the news report I See on Arma Does not Say Anything About Geting permission! from the creator thats why i am Posting!
  8. That Model is From FSX The Creator of the model Is IRIS Flight Simulation I have that aircraft in FSX Hopfully he got permisison from the owner of this Model it used to be a Payware aircraft so it Still owned by the creator! Model Below is the One in his photo With Wing Tanks
  9. This Addon Gives you a Standalone Mod for the MX and Khaybar Which is Using the 7.62x51 rifle ammo Plus Supports ASDG Joint Rails This will Not replace or Override any of your stock Weapons! http://www.moddb.com/mods/hotshotmikes-arma-3-armory-mod/downloads/mx-and-khaybar-762x51-standalone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXqvlu2v-M8&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvKvlXLOBJ0&feature=youtu.be
  10. One is a Tactical Setup With a Built In Flashlight the Other is a Standard model with Rails https://www.dropbox.com/s/690mf3ej2fsoiav/Arma3%20HK%20G36C%20Pack.zip Standard Model with Rails for attachments Tactical! With Flashlight On Left Side Requirements FHQ Accessories pack RH M4/M16 pack H&K 416D Arma credits TheLama Thanez NightmareMutant fxdarkloki Casper. happycamper W1LLDAB3AST Ice Cube Shortez brain collector Syncing RedRogueXIII Art Shi
  11. hotshotmike1001

    SVD (Dragunov) And Dragunov SVU

    Not from Arma 1 At all ! and PSO is Not from RH Pack! Its From CSS!
  12. hotshotmike1001

    SVD (Dragunov) And Dragunov SVU

    I Use all my weapons They work great for me Only reason I post Them is for others can see them if you do not like do not download do Not Crying About Ejecting Ports About Stupid Stuff! Be happy I am sharing Them with Others
  13. Credits on the other page http://www.moddb.com/mods/hotshotmikes-arma-3-armory-mod
  14. how can i make the engines not Turn on when they fold up for storage? to keep players from starting if the engines are packed here is the script What do i need to add so when it Packs engines wont start? and then when it unpacks it will start _mv22 =_this select 0; _phase=_this select 1; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_1_turn",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_2_turn",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_3_turn",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_1_turn",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_2_turn",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_3_turn",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_1_close",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_1_3_close",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_1_close",_phase]; _mv22 animate["engine_prop_2_2_close",_phase]; _mv22 animate["pack_engine_1",_phase]; _mv22 animate["pack_engine_2",_phase]; _mv22 animate["turn_wing",_phase];
  15. hotshotmike1001

    Weapon Flashlights

    got it working and it only works on rifles looks like pistols dont support flight lines built in