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  1. gamera3

    Magpul AK 74

    Great job! One suggestion; a red dot would be very good on it, for that the loadout that appears in the magpul dvd. Thanks!
  2. thnaks for the info, but what should I do then?
  3. it doesnt work here, it says that it lacks the script rksl-arma2\s\RKSLI|76System.sqf
  4. gamera3

    User mission requests!

    Hey guys, I have an idea How about a realistic dynamic pmc mission? Not rambo stuff like the PMC campaign, but more real stuff like transporting clients, having firefights in the middle of streets, getting better weapons getting $$$. A dynamic mission where you can do these things and plan carefully for the business to be a sucess. Now that's original!
  5. @spooky lynx There are modernized aks in the asl units and vilas aks, they are awesome! I have a request myself 1- For the FN FAL lovers, any Fal with red dot, aimpoint, or any modern sights? Even a SA58! http://everything-airsoft.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/classicarmy_sa58_osw/osw-poster.jpg 2- This one is pretty simple. A Ak 103 with kobra sight like Vila's instead of RH's or like the BIS original ones with a dot (I can't hit anything with RH's kobra sights for some reason) 3- How about tactical ak47 ? We have some tactical ak74 but no tactical pmc style ak47 http://dragonimpact.com/biz/images/8990103b.jpg 4- Seriously, we need a weapon resting mod aside of ACE. anyone? 5- No kobra sight on the an94s? No love for the most unique weapon in the russian side? an94 + kobra sights= awesome! thanks!
  6. gamera3

    User mission requests!

    Hey guys I have an original request. We had some great sniper missions with ACE, but how about one where the targets are between civilians? something like this where the civilians and terrorists are blended together and we can only shoot the civilians that get guns or act strangely plating bombs and so go on? And another thing; i'm surprised no one did another operation nepture spear mission based on zero dark thirthy with a bigger house!
  7. Again, thanks for the wonderful addon, the kobra sight is awesome!
  8. Of course Major! :cool: right now I tried this addon HSA SLA http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5112 result: almost flawless, very smooth conversion, BUT the loadout pictures are wrong, and the ak-9 iron sight is not properly working, but the rest of the guns are working great! did I mention an AK-9???? so would you still want the file even that is not perfect yet? I would be more than happy to help the community that made my days more enjoyable
  9. Hey Major Thanks for your help. Looks like now I know how to install other addons, but this specific one doesnt look like it's going to work in LEA ( Vilas_aks), unless I change some core stuff in there and I dont have the skills or permission for such. The other addons install fine. Again great stuff!
  10. Wow that was fast, Thanks W0lle, this one worked for me
  11. Hey Vilas, thanks for you great effort. I really like your aks ;) let me ask you, is there any version of your addons where there is one config file in BIN instead of two separate config.cpp's (for vilas_aks and vilas_aks_config)?
  12. Well, after using the search function and all the suggested programs I still cannot figure this out. I have a Config.cpp file I wanted to convert to bin. Which Program can do that in a straight way? Ive been trying eliteness, unpbo, and everything else. Any suggestions? :j: Any help appreciated
  13. Hey guys, anyone had luck on installing Vilas east weapons pack (vilas aks) in LEA? All I get is a "No file CfgWeapons.hpp found." any help? UPDATE well it's quite confusing, but the addon has two config.cpp files, sadly if I use one in Lea it doesn't recognize the weapon list, and if I use the other, it does but the rifles dont appear in game (they are invisible...) , both of them had to be converted to bin for it to be recognized ... anybody had better luck with it than me?