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  1. geloxo

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    Check documentation about cooperative editing and JIP. The behaviour of the script depends on how Zeus itself works. There you will find the answers.
  2. geloxo

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    Do it, you can achieve great results thrust me. I remember a mission we played at our community for WWII (20 players I think). No AI was set on the map. 3 people played as Zeus: - 1 created ambience, explossions, planes flying, etc - 1 Zeus spawned AI to fight against players - 1 Zeus created friendly units as part of the roleplaying for players historyline I played as Zeus and really enjoyed it a lot.
  3. geloxo

    GX Addons v2

    Yes. It has nothing to do with those addons, don´t worry
  4. geloxo

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    Create things as Zeus, then export them with my script and then copy the exported content (it has sqf format) to a script that you have to run after mission starts or when you want it to happen. The exported stuff is available at your windows clipboard or in the jayarma2lib log file if you use that addon. Is quite simple but ask if you have more questions. Manual explains the steps as well. Cheers
  5. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_3_Replacement_Config_Tutorial You should follow the config replacement approach. The sounds entries in RH pistol should be defined in your config. So, when his addon is loaded yours would be loaded afterwards and yours will be calling your sound files. Take a look to that link ;)
  6. Just add to your cfgpatches class the entry: requiredAddons[] = {"addon name"} The addon name (must be between commas) will be the cfgpatches class name from the addon you want to require (in your case the one where the RH pistol is included). If you are not sure just open the pbo that contains the pistol and look for the very first lines of its config. You will find the cfgpatches entry there. Use the name that is next to the word cfgpatches and that's all.
  7. Hi, I´m not sure if this has been documented completely yet (indeed there are other posts discussing it under this section like http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?186260-FFV-GunnerActions) so just in case here we go... Probably we are wrong but this worked for us. Please feel free to correct us if we are wrong. Thanks to our UST101 parter Maur we tested this feature with existing models quite easily. The process indeed does only need a few tweaks on config and no modification to 3D model (provided it already had cargo proxies as usual): 1. Firing from vehicles sets those positions as extra "gunner" turrets, meaning that you either have to add new proxies to the model or just convert existing cargo positions in those new proxies. Therefore if your original model had 6 cargo positions and you want to convert 4 of them to be used as firing ones then you have to remove 4 slots from the cargo proxy and use them as 4 new slots for the firing feature. Example: The original model had 6 cargo positions, as follows: transportSoldier = 6; (total cargo of 6 people) cargo indexes --> 1,2,3,4,5,6 Then if in your new config you want to use positions 1 to 4 as firing ones you must have in your new config a total cargo of 2 people only (they will be the standard "ride in back" cargo) and they will use the original slots 5 and 6: transportSoldier = 2; cargoProxyIndexes[] = {5,6}; If you don´t do that you will have duplicated positions and the soldiers will be one on top of the other at those positions. 2. Add the cargo turrets class to the old config. Using the littlebird config entries as a reference: class Turrets: Turrets { class CargoTurret_01: CargoTurret { gunnerGetInAction = "GetInLOW"; // <-- animation for entry in the turret gunnerGetOutAction = "GetOutLOW"; gunnerAction = "passenger_bench_1"; // <-- action while operating the turret gunnerCompartments = "Compartment2"; // <-- cargo compartment existing on the original model memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos gunner"; // <-- memory point to allow the getin action (can be anyone existing on the model of your choice) memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos gunner dir"; gunnerName = "$STR_A3_TURRETS_BENCH_L2"; // <-- the displayed name for that turret in the vehicle actions proxyIndex = 1; // <-- original cargo index that we are converting to new turret for firing maxElev = 45; // <-- elevation and rotation limits for the new turret minElev = -45; maxTurn = 65; minTurn = -95; isPersonTurret = 1; // <-- enables the feature ejectDeadGunner = 0; class dynamicViewLimits { CargoTurret_04[] = {-65,95}; // <-- viewlimits }; playerPosition = 4; soundAttenuationTurret = ""; disableSoundAttenuation = 1; }; class CargoTurret_02: CargoTurret_01 { gunnerCompartments = "Compartment3"; memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos gunner_2"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos gunner dir_2"; gunnerName = "$STR_A3_TURRETS_BENCH_R1"; proxyIndex = 2; maxElev = 45; minElev = -45; maxTurn = 85; minTurn = -65; class dynamicViewLimits { CargoTurret_03[] = {-65,85}; }; }; class CargoTurret_03: CargoTurret_02 { gunnerCompartments = "Compartment3"; gunnerName = "$STR_A3_TURRETS_BENCH_L1"; memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos gunner"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos gunner dir"; proxyIndex = 3; maxElev = 45; minElev = -45; maxTurn = 65; minTurn = -85; class dynamicViewLimits { CargoTurret_03[] = {-85,65}; }; }; class CargoTurret_04: CargoTurret_01 { gunnerCompartments = "Compartment2"; gunnerName = "$STR_A3_TURRETS_BENCH_R2"; memoryPointsGetInGunner = "pos gunner_2"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "pos gunner dir_2"; proxyIndex = 4; maxElev = 45; minElev = -45; maxTurn = 95; minTurn = -65; class dynamicViewLimits { CargoTurret_01[] = {-95,65}; }; }; }; Notice that we have assigned as proxyIndex the old cargoindex (1, 2, 3 and 4) that the original model had. The other numerical values define the moving angle and elevation limits for the soldier operation from that newly created firing from vehicle turret (cargoturret). 3. Add the needed cargoturret class to config. For example, for an Arma2 helicopter class based model (the simplified config is shown): class CfgVehicles { class Helicopter { class CargoTurret; // <-- new entry class Turrets { class NewTurret; // <--- typically used for original gunners turrets }; }; // ............ rest of your addon config }; So simple indeed. I hope you find it useful with your existing projects ;)
  8. Foxy, I have sent to you a PM. Sorry for the delay :o
  9. Yeap no problem. Just send a PM to me. I can give the resulting addon to you so that you can publish it on your own or include it on the modpack for the future if you prefer so. I just intend to avoid that the work done is not lost.
  10. Take also a look at GX Addons which include a Zeus advanced script. It allows you to import and export to a script that can be called by any mission later. I have also seen that someone recently published in armaholic a script to export content to sqm format to integrate things into 2D editor.
  11. Hi guys. I would like to know if you would allow me to port the M2 Flamethrower to work under Arma3. I have seen it was quite easy to do it after some small changes to its config. I'm also testing a new fire script with it so if it works fine (currently it does) I would probably like to make it public. Is that ok for you?
  12. geloxo

    GX Addons v2

    Thanks for mirrors guys ;-)
  13. Hi, I was experimenting with unit reskins and prepared a small A3 resking pack, for seals and marines. The problem I have is that I can´t model anything in 3D and therefore I can´t make any vests or helmets. Currently I used the vests from VTE mod for the pictures. The model materials where changed so that no undesired shadows on clothes appear. The units also show proper blood textures. If you are interested on them for an eventual A3 release, please contact me, as I can give them to you ;-) Currently the seals use two tiger camo variations, as they used in real life. See example pic below:
  14. geloxo

    GX Addons v2

    New version v2.4 released. Now including also GX Zeus Advanced Script. Documentation and example mission included too.
  15. geloxo

    GX Zeus Advanced Script

    Hi, I will discontinue the script version and include the script into GX Addons mod pack: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173559-GX-Addons-v2 The next GX Addons release (shortly next week) will include the v1.03 of this Zeus script. No modifications where done to the code, except the integration with original GX Addons mod pack.