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    Pilfius + arma = <3

    ok having a bit of trouble with this. I have pilfius loaded and it is listening. I have the Arma.lcl loaded and n Pilfius is recognizes the commands. when I load arma and try to execute commands nothing happens. what am I missing here. do I need to retrain Pilfius to recognize the arma command. Shouldnt I be able to bring up notepad and when I say Squad shouldnt it write `?
  2. gunterlund

    CoC Command Engine X

    These files are dated 1/12/09. Is that correct?
  3. gunterlund

    AAN - ArmA Naval Units

    excellent job gnat. Only thing is if you get out of driver or gunner position you spawn on the deck and the ship moves without you. Other than that keep up the good wrk.
  4. gunterlund

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Ill be very interested to see if OFP2 has a fully developed coding/scripting language like Arma/ofp. That is the heart of these products and without it you have .... BF2.
  5. gunterlund

    Track ir

    For gaming this is one of the best purchases you will ever make. I find it indispensible for Black Shark and Arma. Brings the immersion factor way up.
  6. Trying to make a trigger that has seized by and the timeout settings. Followed the instructions in the biki and set it to seizedby blufor and detected by opfor. Set time to 5,7,6 minutes. I have opfor troops starting in the trigger. When the blufor entered the trigger activated within 5 minutes even though the redfor were still there. Why is that. Also I want the trigger to activate only when land units enter, not air units. I tried using iskindof in the condition but it didnt work. What is the best way to set the condition so it only activates when blufor land units enter it and still use the seizedby criteria.
  7. Wow, had not even seen those before. Im 100% behind any attempt buff up the russian and resistance side in ACE. This would be awesome. Come on Datakill go for it.
  8. gunterlund

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.15

    Not sure if this is related to 1.15 but its the first time it has happened to me. Was in an MP game and when someone entered in (JIP) they ended up in my body and I could no longer maneuver myself. He took over. wierd
  9. go due east of Medina ridge you will find plenty. Coord 169093 with ACE addon. drive around there and youll find plenty.
  10. gunterlund

    Al Amiriya

    Great work here. Keep it coming.
  11. Check 73 Easting. All the plants and rocks are floating in the air.
  12. gunterlund

    BMD 1 Alpha version

    Very nice work Soul. Keep it up. It will look great when its completed.
  13. Actually it does work. However we saw some desync issues(not too bad though, once in a while) last night where guys were dragging nothing. Actually come to think of it, the respawn in the mission was so quick that a guy would get dragged and he respawns in the meantime, then the dragger is dragging nothing.
  14. gunterlund


    beautiful stuff. What happened to Al Amiriya. Is that still coming out too?
  15. I highly suggest that anyone using ACE play with it with no other mods to see what it can do first. You may find it very good. If you need other mods add them later. Islands are ok. Dont complain about ACE until you have tried it solo, then the team can work out the issues.
  16. Looka interesting. Does Spon's map actually work.
  17. gunterlund

    Avgani and Afghan Village

    These at two works of art. If only they were bigger. Keep up the good work.
  18. The mortar is not in the system at this time. For future use.
  19. gunterlund

    BAS f

    FER Im glad to see that this is still supported. Its a great tool for mission makers and makes making missions quick and easy.
  20. After watching the trailer I must say I am excited about Arma II. If the base game looks and feels this good, I cant wait til our Mod community gets its hands on it.
  21. different ammo box from an addon. The addon is present as I have the same ammo box on the ground elsewhere. Im using mando_airsupport_type_ambox = "ACE_WeaponBox"; in my init.sqf.
  22. Ok also why use CARELESS instead of COMBAT
  23. ok great thanks for the update. Also Im using my own ammo box in the ammo drop. When the helo comes over it drops an empty parachute and the ammo crate automatically appears on the ground.
  24. great job on this package mando. We are having a blast with it on our server. Question about Evac I flew and evac mission to get extracted from a hot zone. the Helo was very hesitant to land. When it did land it started back the the evac point then stopped before it got there and went back to the extraction point. Is there something special going on in the script. I noticed the pilot is set to CARELESS. Wont this cause him to be more careful about where he goes. thanks for any info about the flying pattern.
  25. Change the {_i < 2} by {_i < 1} Mando you have done a terrific job with this. Now one last question and I hope it doesnt repeat a previous post. If I a playing in mulitplayer and two players have the console and both call in reinforcements, will the group attach to the respective player? I hope that makes sense. Will they interfere with each other if they called it at the same time?