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  1. eenter

    Anyone play WWIIONLINE?

    Unlike ArmA2 it has great ballistics and armor penetration, but the controls are fubar. And considering the amount of players and the size of the map the graphics aren't bad.
  2. Any addons like Extended Voice Addon or RUG DSAI for ArmA2 being made?
  3. eenter

    Bad things about Arma2

    He probably expected something more than rambo missions with respawn to be played in a mil sim.
  4. eenter

    No dedicated server on MW2 as well...

    All Arma2 needs is cod players... like really.
  5. eenter

    Bad things about Arma2

    just typical bis fanboys defending whatever is said against the game :)
  6. eenter

    Bad things about Arma2

    Look at Project Reality, people play teamplay in public servers there, because the missions/maps are made so. So it can be done and squad based domination, sort of similar to PR system can work too.
  7. eenter

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Wow more people play a mainstream game. Incredible argument. ArmA2 won't die anytime soon. Not in the coming 5 years at least.
  8. eenter

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Majority of those reviewers never played ofp or any mil sim. Much like any of your notable reviewers having only played games released 2 years ago(anything older is considered old school and people who like those games are nostalgic) when they review any specific genre game. Sorry :(
  9. eenter

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I don't like arcade console shooters so this game doesn't interest me :(
  10. Setting for foliage detail would be nice i guess.
  11. Took only 2 months to sort that out, nice! :rolleyes:
  12. I can imagine computers melting from the jungle. :)
  13. Hopefully those wip things in arma2 were countermeasures, better armor system, realistic weapon interfaces and various improvements to make the modern equipment modern(in simulation), not pre ww2 type like it is now. But then again, we dreamed about these since OFP and nothing changed.
  14. eenter

    Such a low quality game

    To be a military sim you need to simulate it, ArmA 2 is more like a tactical shooter.
  15. Looks great, would be nice to have a similar system for all aircraft in arma2 to replace the "tab lock".
  16. eenter

    Please, Start Fresh.

    Making a new engine and a new game on it costs a lot more than making a game on the engine you have already established. So i don't think they're gonna do it.
  17. eenter

    Realistic weapon interfaces

    Maybe in ArmA 5 we will see that.
  18. yes, you just lock and fire with no effort required and laser designators are for bombs, though you gave a good idea for a mod - to lock only on laser targets with missiles too, so you can't do it just alone with this cheat mode.
  19. press tab to lock on targets
  20. eenter

    Any news from b.i.???

    Hopefully the patch is good so most people can start playing again.
  21. In reality incoming mortars and artillery don't whistle though.
  22. Who gives a shit what sites like gttv think? You can lower your iq while reading comments on videos there.
  23. eenter

    Graphics engine improvement

    When you're out of arguments you become a grammar nazi.
  24. eenter

    viewdistance and other dissapointments

    Well he's right about the view distance being 2000 meters for units. But that is funny fanboy defense, EDcase.