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  1. Is there any documentation about the available flight profiles ? All i found so far is direct, TopDown and loalAltitude. Especially i'm looking for the terrain-following config entries.
  2. el76

    Development Blog & Reveals

    At least it depends on your hardware. I'm currently playing around with a jungle map in TB and it's pretty good playable for me and some friends had not much probs too. http://gametwitter.de/forum/gallery/userImages/9d/143-9df5c830.jpg http://gametwitter.de/forum/gallery/index.php/Image/117-MERCS-beta-Test/
  3. Thats right, just using the snap function of visitor. For this you just have to define the snap points in the memory Lod.
  4. I got around this by creating Elements of 5m or less for sloped areas. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/27337903937044472/CD294AC1409F63C5BB6CA61AB3494395AECA2F89/
  5. el76

    Arma 3 Bulldozer (O2)

    Got it solved for me now. Check your steam_appid.txt in your p-drive. After the install of the tools it has 233800 in it (Id of Arma Tools), but you need the ArmA 3 App ID which is 107410.
  6. el76

    Object Texture Problem

    I had setup the folder on my p: drive like this: ca\ all the bi stuff within this E76_.... all the addons in the root path of p:
  7. el76

    Plane Animation

    Did you take a look at the ArmA2 stuff BI has released ? The model.cfg's are also there.
  8. You got a pm. Missing model.cfg's uploaded Sorry, just missed them while reducing file size of the source.
  9. You need config.cpp and model.cfg properly set up.
  10. el76

    AAN Intro

    You need to create a control within a dialog as ST_PICTURE-style. To run the video you need those additional lines in your control definition: text = "path to your video.ogv"; autoplay = 1; loops = 1; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Text#Static_Videos
  11. Before you save your model, select all the glas faces and select in the menu Faces >> Move to next alpha. If this doesn´t work select Move top.
  12. Afaik the version we got can only handle angles of 10 degree. In your List you have parts with 15,22,30,etc. degrees.
  13. Sorry for the long delay. But it was part of a bigger building and i had to remove and rewirte a lot so it doesn´t confuses too much. (and i have to admit: i forgot it again...:o) Part damage works nice, but i have probs with jip players, which don´t get updated. The example contains a simple wall with two destroyable parts. The damage model is just a simple one, but at least it´s just to show what i got so far. Object can be found in editor below objects: Part damage wall File contains pbo-file and source files: Link Before and after:
  14. el76

    Sample Bridge Model

    A single brigde/road element may not exceed 25m. If you stay below, AI has no probs with it. 2nd point is the named selections in the memory lod. Has to be the same as for usual roads. e.g. This bridge has a total length of 400m. Each road element has 25m and the pylons a seperate objects. AI has no probs with it. http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/albums/ApplegateProject/110717_01.jpg
  15. Sorry, forgot about this, will do it the next days. :o
  16. - transparency is set in the alpha channel of the image. - the glow effect is done by the material file in ca\Data\data\default_flash_2pass.rvmat take a look at the sample models and you will see how it is done
  17. ambient[] = {1,1,1,1}; diffuse[] = {1,1,1,1}; forcedDiffuse[] = {0,0,0,0}; emmisive[] = {0.5,0.5,0,0.2}; specular[] = {0,0,0,0}; specularPower = 0; PixelShaderID = "Normal"; VertexShaderID = "Basic"; 1. create a rvmat-File 2. copy the above code into it 3. assign it in O2 to the face This should emmit yellow light at night. colour is set in this line: emmisive[] = {0.5,0.5,0,0.2}; can´t test it now, but i think it should work.
  18. I´m sorry for this :D
  19. Map based on the Applegate Lake terrain data, released by Opteryx some time ago. As far as i know, no one released a map based on this. Some facts: - US style - WIP about 40 % - custom roads (based on BI ones) - some custom objects and buildings (road signs, brigde, A1-imports,etc.) - 4 airstrips (3 done so far) - size 10x10 km - 386.000 objects at current stage custom signs Still some probs with blurry textures Building WIP More Screenshots: http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/110422_04.jpg http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/110422_06.jpg http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/110422_07.jpg http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/110422_08.jpg http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/110422_09.jpg http://arma2.battlegroundeurope.de/WIP/110422_11.jpg
  20. As T_D said, it´s done with hide-animations and hitpoints. I´m goin to release a example at weekend, when i have time for this.
  21. i got it working yesterday. I' m goin to do a example building at the weekend, when i have some time to do this. The damage model isn't fully done yet, but at least it works.
  22. This is the way to start with. addEventhandler Put this into the init of the units this addEventHandler ["killed", {myfriendisdead=true;publicvariable "myfriendisdead"}] PLace a trigger condition: myfriendisdead on activation: hint "My friend is dead"; Should work like this, sadly i can´t test it atm.
  23. This should solve your problem for MP, if you put this into the initline of the units who should be affected by this. this addEventHandler [GetIn", {player allowdammage false}]; this addEventHandler ["GetOut", {player allowdammage true}]; OK, forget about this. Mixed something up. Wrong forum... :D
  24. I think it´s controlled by the named properties. I added this to my geometry-LOD and it shows up on the map. Property Name: map Value: building At the biki you find more values about this.