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  1. As my russian colleagues have already said, that person is not a part of russian community but just a part of inadequate shit. Martin, as I can see the whole russian community here supports you. He'll be avenged for this abominable action.
  2. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Thanks! I have all of these except the last one. But the last one is really helpful
  3. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Thanks a lot for useful walkarounds (where you have been earlier? :) ) Btw, if anyone will find photos of cockpit somewhere by chance, it would be a real help for me.
  4. exall

    AH-64 Pack

    I just have no words!! It's perfect as is. I can't see anything you need to improve. Maybe a standalone simulator, though? :) I noticed that you've made "motioned" blades. Will it cause lack of pitch animations? You know what I mean. It will be strange effect if there will be motioned blades in angle. Don't know how to explain it more clear. Because of this reason I've decided not to make motion effect for blades on Mi-28.
  5. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Ok, I'll tell you the secret. I've made post processing with very popular app on iPad (don't want to make an advertisement, you can guess it yourself by checking out the top apps list). A plain simple app. There are tons of such apps there. It took a pair of minutes. One or two "vintage" photo filters and some brightness and contrast tune. Nothing special. Here are some original images without post processing:
  6. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Thanks for your opinion on this project mates. It's an inspiration for me. Here are some more postprocessed images:
  7. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Yes, you're right :) I've used a pair of simple photo filters and played with brightness and contrast.
  8. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Thanks friends )) There are a lot of things to do. For this moment I'm concentrated on cockpit (OMG some days ago I realized that there are two cockpits here). Despite the fact that this Mi-28 already has a lot of features I'm not planning to develop such things like simulation of real armament control system or else. I believe that it's too complicated for me today. And yes, it will be fair if I'll say that weapons which you see here are made not by me but a very talented person. They're really perfect btw. So I can have some extra time for other things.
  9. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Let me show you some progress :)
  10. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Definitely. When it will be modelled :)
  11. exall

    Mi-28 WIP

    Thank you all mates for this kind judgment of this model. Answering the questions, it will come out in new gray camo for russian air force, and it has 14593 polys at this moment. Even less than MiG-29 has. I plan to add some more details in limit of 500 polys. And there will be some optimization in future. So, you won't need computers that NASA uses to operate the Curiosity or else :) A plenty of MiGs doesn't cause problems even on my C2D e8400 with radeon 5850. I can't exactly figure out what do you mean Nod about the tail rotor. Could you explain that in detail? Will there be some problem with animation? And yeah, there will be a detailed cockpit, of course :)
  12. Hi to all! Here are some renders of my new WIP project: And one wallpaper for some fun:
  13. exall

    MiG-29 wip

    It will be addon free. To be exact it will not demand smth to run. It has flares if you mean countermeasures by them. Standard OA flares. There's classic afterburner already.
  14. exall

    MiG-29 wip

    All the same the topic was digged up. The current state: http://s1.uploads.ru/i/U/J/I/UJIc8.jpg (209 kB) http://s1.uploads.ru/i/k/Y/m/kYmaJ.jpg (158 kB) http://s1.uploads.ru/i/6/u/c/6ucZs.jpg (219 kB) http://s1.uploads.ru/i/K/l/5/Kl5Un.jpg (164 kB)
  15. Problem solved. It was an excess of limit for skeleton bones. I didn't know that there is such limit. I noticed some time ago when I was working with animation that buldozer hides a lot of bones. I had to comment a part of bones in model.cfg to work with other part of bones. But I hadn't any idea that this will be a problem because the first lod worked properly despite the large number of bones. Anyway, thanks a lot Gnat!!