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  1. Are you going to add iCloud support to sync the progress between devices? It's a bit annoying if you have several devices that you play on. Also, the Steam version has achievements, that should be added to the iOS version as well.
  2. I'm running the latest iOS version on my iPad and I'm experiencing a couple of bugs. Every time I open Arma Tactics and start a new mission, I have to go into the settings and disable and enable the Veteran difficulty. If I don't do that, I only get XP as the basic difficulty level even though Veteran difficulty is checked. If I'm in the map view and receive a low battery warning the UI stops working, button presses don't respond. I have to press the home button and open the app again to be able to close the map view. If I choose to create a mission using the escape and evasion mission type, and keep the map random, I always get the first map even though I have unlocked all of them. I have not tested other mission types.
  3. eisa01

    Arma Tactics now available on iOS

    I like the game, it looks nice and is challenging, but you're missing iCloud support to sync progress between several devices.
  4. eisa01

    iPhone variant?

    Tried the AR update, and glad that you got the gyroscope to work! Will you add that to the other maps in a later update? Also, you really need to offer the restore purchase option. It's not acceptable that I lose the game if I need to restore my iPhone, and I can't install it on my iPad either. Edit: got the restore working with the last update, I also got fooled by the AR, you don't need the gyro for that :p
  5. eisa01

    iPhone variant?

    Are you sure? In other apps with in-app purchases they have an option to restore purchases. I just tried this out in two apps on my new iPad, but couldn't find any option in FR.
  6. eisa01

    iPhone variant?

    Yes, it crashes some times when I'm going back to the app it seems.
  7. eisa01

    iPhone variant?

    Yes, but it's not using the gyro. You have to use the iPhone as a driving wheel to move left or right, which is not a natural movement.
  8. eisa01

    iPhone variant?

    Another bug: the game center leader board is inverted, 1 point is the best edit: I don't think the achievements are working either, e.g. I have unlocked the Factory, but haven't gotten the achievement. Also I found the tilt controls, but it's not using the gyro, and it seems as the controls are inverted. Eliminate:GunRange is a similar game to Arma FR that does it right.
  9. eisa01

    iPhone variant?

    Bought it :) Did you consider using the gyroscope to control the aiming? I also noticed one bug: You can't scroll the text description of the guns. Also, it seems to me to be unnecessary to have an option between enhanced and basic rendering in the 3D view, as all the supported iPhones should manage the enhanced rendering.
  10. I'm pretty sure an SSD is the best investment for Arma. I just installed and played Arma 2 OA on a 2.4GHz C2D, ATI 4870, 4GB and with a new 120GB Intel SSD, and the performance was better than I remembered Arma 2 was without the SSD. Running on 1920*1200.
  11. Hm.. I have the default key mappings, and I don't have low FPS either. I'm trying some settings now, and I think it got better if I decreased the mouse smoothing, but it's not perfect.
  12. I just bought Operation Arrowhead, but I have some problems with handling the sight. When I right click to enter the first aimpoint zoom level it doesn't always register my click. And if I'm in the first level of zooming and want to go to the second level by pressing and holding the right button it doesn't work so good either, sometimes just reverting me back to the normal mode. Has anyone had this problem before and got any clue what might cause it? The mouse seems to work correctly just fine in other programs. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, C2D 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 120GB Intel SSD, ATI HD4870.
  13. If I have the DVD version of ARMA2 can I buy Operation Arrowhead from sprocket and use both together?
  14. eisa01

    Things I find weird in ARMA2 MP

    You should try the Zeus server. I've never joined a clan while playing OFP/Arma, but I've enjoyed many coops on their server back in the OFP days. I just checked them out again yesterday, and it was just like the old days. All you need to do is to install an addon sync utility, and Teamspeak. It's well worth it ;)
  15. eisa01

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    I'll try joining tonight, don't have a mic though.
  16. I'm playing Badlands now. Is there a way to move to units you buy over to a new team or one of the existing ones? edit: Not possible: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92301
  17. It was like that for me as well, maybe a bug?
  18. eisa01

    CiA co-op night

    How long are you planning to play tonight? I need to watch Sweden – Greece first, should end at about 2230 CET.
  19. eisa01

    CiA co-op night

    I'll join up with you on Tuesday, have got Queens Gambit installed now too.
  20. eisa01

    CiA co-op night

    I'm back home now, so I look forward to joining you on Sunday
  21. eisa01

    Delivery boy

    Don't hop in the truck until you're ordered, or this will happen. You'll get a waypoint to board it. That's at least what I experienced when I tried the mission.
  22. eisa01

    CiA co-op night

    @Valhalian, I guess I'll just have to wait while you play those missions then. Are you running 1.09b or 1.08 though?
  23. eisa01

    CiA co-op night

    Cool, I'll hold off then.
  24. eisa01

    CiA co-op night

    Is it necessary to have Queen's Gambit to participate? I don't have it yet, and as I prefer a boxed copy, it might be a bit difficult to get it by Tuesday. Haven't played ofp online in a long time, and just got arma working, so if I'll have to buy for the download to play with you guys this tuesday, I will. Is the PW updated? I joined in on a few games in the summer of 2005, so that's quite a while ago...
  25. eisa01

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    Wow, this couldn't be better! I come home for the holidays, haven't tried ArmA since I have a mac where I study, and finally it's working! The last time I tried playing ArmA in the summer, it didn't work at all. I have the famous Vista + 8800 combo. I don't know if it's this patch, or some other patches, but it works! Oh, and I don't know where my CD is, so that I no longer need it is even better