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    patch 104 something broken?

    the contols are wacko for me too . Saitek x52 . was fine before the patch but now the chopper is uncontroable
  2. If you disable AI on the server it seems you do not get a chopper on respawn . For the damage to the chopper look in in the wiki for the part about HitPointDamage. it deals with the damage to the chopper systems. Most of the script errors seem to be spawn releated.
  3. A few script errors keep poping up , you should run it with enable script errors to correct them . you need to enable persistent = 1; in your description file to enable the mission to run when everyone leaves. Sometimes there is no respawn of the helocopters ..
  4. in short yes it needs all the files , however you can download it again from the source right from the server . I did with steam and it only took 10 mis or so
  5. will this beta work for steam verisons of the game ?
  6. dustoff

    Damn this game...

    been workin on it , its a tricky script but almost have it right .
  7. dustoff

    Damn this game...

    As soon as I can get back in to it I will be updateing that mission, I have a few side missions that go along with and have been testing. I started the mission as a way of playing around with scripting again so it does not really have a purpose, the orignal idea was to land on moving ships but there is a problem with the chopper staying on deck while the ship is moving. I have a cure but need to script it . was waiting for the new patch and java but will put all the side mission in . have a passenger pick up and drop off mission as well as a mission where you have to gather parts to fix the medium and heavy choppers
  8. nope nothing wrong . no one is really hosting , there are few missions to run and even the servers that where up where not getting players. the multipayer side of this game seems to be dead.
  9. dustoff


    would love to download this mission but the link provided shows a darkwarezp15 file.
  10. there are no ammo crates in TOH.
  11. Any chance to get a sneak peak at the JavaDocs so we can start reading up? (You guys do write JavaDoc as you go.... right?) would like to see this also ..
  12. thanks steam just updated so all is good again .
  13. Just waiting for steam now ...
  14. Ok download the new patch via steam and it has completly broken the dedicated server ...
  15. Sems to be a lack of servers . very sad ...