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  1. Do you use kimi_uy's Helmet Mounted Displays MOD ? (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/170973-helmet-mounted-displays-mod/)Because I had a similar issue. Kimi_uy's Mod also changes / gives alternative loadouts to the Comanche / AH-99 and so both mods seem to interfere.
  2. der_baer_fm

    Cessna 185 Skywagon - Light Aircraft

    Are all the files in ..\@cesna\addons\ ?
  3. der_baer_fm

    Russian Raven PMC

    Thank you, just saw that thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149690-Transfer-A2-addons-to-A3 I will try to bring FrankenArma to live! *thunder*
  4. der_baer_fm

    Transfer A2 addons to A3

    Thanks, did not know this. I will give it a try.
  5. der_baer_fm

    Russian Raven PMC

    You can merge your Arma 2 and Arma 3 installs? Did I really miss this or does that mean manually creating a "FrankenArma" by copying bits of Arma2 into the Arma 3 folder? (By the way, great addon!)
  6. der_baer_fm

    New Prussian Army

    The Region mainly east and south of Königsberg was known as the Duchy of Prussia, a fiefdom of the Kingdom of Poland in the 16th century. In 1618 Johann Sigismund Elector of Brandenburg (the region around Berlin belonging to the Holy Roman Empire) inherited the Duchy of Prussia and the lands he ruled over became known as Brandenburg-Prussia. In 1701 the Elector Friedrich III crowned himself King in Prussia (not Brandenburg) Eventually all the lands, that were controlled by the ruler of Brandenburg, in and outside of the Holy Roman Empire, became known as Prussia - so basically the ruler became King also in all his other lands. So although today we expect something different when we hear the name Prussia, Marseille77 is actually not wrong naming his fictional state Prussia as it is in the place of the original Duchy.;)
  7. der_baer_fm

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    You really captured a "feel" of a very oldschool eastern bloc country. Even De-Stalinisation did not make it there! http://shareimage.org/images/1h7vo9utyl0b6ngqh4g1.jpg I love it! Thanks.
  8. der_baer_fm

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thank you very much Mr. Rellikki. I will certainly try out the animation mod. The other WW4 stuff also looks rather tasty! I will have a look at it, when I had my fill of "vanilla" OFP.
  9. der_baer_fm

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hello, So, I'm downloading OFP Arma CWA right now and I'm really looking forward to play the old Campaigns. There is one thing, however, that I have to change bevor I can enjoy it: The original OFP animations. *shudder* So, as i have been out of touch with the OFP addon community for some years now, can anyone point me to the bestest animation mod around these days? Please? Thanks so much in advance.
  10. der_baer_fm

    Isla Duala

    Downloading now. Thanks for your hard work. A donation was long overdue and is now heading your way.
  11. der_baer_fm

    [OA] Laser Pointers?

    Oh well, it works. Looks like my "L" Key is a little unresponsive in Arma2. Thanks.
  12. der_baer_fm

    [OA] Laser Pointers?

    Hi, has anyone managed to switch on the Laserpointers that are visible in NV? Just hit "L" right? Tried it in the editor on a lot of USArmy Weapons without any success. Do I need one of the editor modules? I hope this is the right place for this post. (Arma2+OA merged) Thanks (back to Football)
  13. You can have several different collections of modfolders and parameters. Those are your "favorites" and are shown in the left column.
  14. der_baer_fm

    Project 85 release thread

    Little Bugreport::) I noticed, that the hk33k has no sound. After I deleted all the Vilas weaponfiles to rule out conflicts with the p85 files, now the whole hk33 (vanillla, tgs and k) family has no sound anymore. Thanks
  15. der_baer_fm

    Project RACS

    Looks like a corrupt file. Try to redownload, that should do the trick.