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  1. All In Tennessee

    NEW SERVER: Pimpin Malden Exile

    It's not empty when I play, and, it's not my server.
  2. I found a brand new Exile server called Pimpin Malden Exile. I normally would not be moved to post about another Exile server, but Pimpin Malden Exile is different. First, it's the first Exile server I've played on where I get over 80 fps. On most other servers I get around 40. Second, I've been noticing a trend on other servers where server admins are actively engaged in playing the game. Now I don't mind getting killed, because it's part of the game. BUT, I do mind getting killed by an admin. The admins on Pimpin Malden Exile are ONLY there to administrate - not play. Personally, I find [SG] and Finders Keepers have too many "Premium" players as well as server admins that engage non-admin players. Pimpin Malden Exile does not have donators or "Premium" players. You join. You play. I really don't need any more than that. I just thought it was refreshing to finally see a new server some along that caters to gameplay where the only edge someone may have is their skill level. It's brand new. I've only played Malden on KOTH and I was impressed with how great it is for Exile. Pimpin Malden Exile has missions/cap missions/black market as well as CUP uniforms/weapons/vehicles. Anyway, if you're looking for a new Exile server or a change from the [SG]/Finders Keepers grind, give Pimpin Malden Exile a shot. Peace