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    Rework Machine guns

    Thank you for addressing this post in a timely manner and with a straightforward answer as usual. Thank you guys for sticking with this game for so long, I know you guys have a lot on your plate with all these people complaining and wanting changes, but your efforts are appreciated and they don't go unnoticed. Vigor is a great game. It speaks for itself with the reviews and the long standing player base. I hope to see you guys grow as developers and maybe make a Vigor 2 or continue with the same formula in a different game. If that is in the works, maybe make it for old gen and new gen if possible lol. Anyways thanks again❤️
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    What kind of hacks are you running into? I've played Vigor since the day it released and never encountered cheating of any kind.
  3. Whitelotus_

    Rework Machine guns

    Hey i think the meta of machine guns beating every other gun needs to be addressed and I didn't see any other forums on the topic so decided to make one. The machine guns are just too overpowered to say the least. They have been ruining the fun for me and all my friends who play the game with one friend quitting the game because he keeps dying to people with machine guns and can't even try to give other guns a chance because the machine guns are so strong that there's no point in using any other gun. The thing that bugs me is that they shoot so fast and have so much ammo but also hit harder than most guns while retaining accuracy during long drawn out automatic fire. There's literally no competition when you run into someone jumping around with a machine gun to delete you instantly. The weight doesn't even matter because people just put it on their back and they're running full speed again, at least it seems, but when you run into someone laying down waiting for you with a machine gun it's just over before you can do anything regardless of strategy or aim. I've ran into someone who plays vigor and just uses the Maschinengewehr 3 with the sole purpose of trolling and killing the whole lobby and he does not pick up anything so weight isn't a factor for him, he just gets kills and he can easily run around and delete people with no problem. And so I made this forum to try to see if anyone else is a bit annoyed or would like to see some changes with the machine gun meta that's been in the game for long enough. My advice or suggestion would be to add more weight to them, a lot more weight, maybe less starting fire accuracy, and make the 3rd person crosshairs or cursor separated further for all the machine guns. Would like to see anybody else's suggestions and woes to this machine gun meta