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  1. @Larrow thanks for answer. But oops sorry I forgot to mention it xD I already tried with startLoadingScreen (and fnc too) and same result ... Another ideas maybe ? Thanks anyway
  2. Hi! I'm looking to force a custom display on top of the arma 3 loading displays. But currently I can't do it. Anyway all works except when I press the "ok" button in the lobby. That's when arma switches its displays to the top. And no way to counter it. I tried several ways: - used a oneacheframe with the command "createDialog ["displayName", true]" - used a oneacheframe with the command "createDisplay "displayName"" - used a oneacheframe with the command "createDisplay "RscText"; _dsp ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,0,0,1];" - to override the arma 3 base classes in the config.cpp with their "onLoad" - create a control on the current display. - used an init.sqf (with respect to its initialization order) - used a preInit function (mission and mod side) - used a prestart function Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance ^^