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  1. (this was also posted to the subreddit.) I call it "possible" because it may be working as intended, but I don't think it is. The daily challenge "Stingray (Detect 15 hostile signals in Encounters)" isn't tracking the Signal Detector, only the Portable Signal Detectors. It doesn't specify but I would assume it should count both, or if only one then just the Signal Detector. I've tried it in three separate maps (Fiske Fabrikk, Vikotrsen Station, and Sagbruk) and the Signal Detector didn't register for the daily in any of them. The rewards are 3 Portable Signal Detectors, 3 Jammers, and some XP, so if they really expect you to use 15 PSDs for that, that's a raw deal.
  2. Some of my seasonal challenges are working as intended, and I've already completed several. But a few aren't completing. Vulture (Have all inventory slots full of weapons in a Shootout); Shows progress when the slots start to fill, but having them full did not trigger the completion. All challenges related to shooting challenges (The Gold Standard, The Silver Bullet, Whoa So META) are not showing any progress after completing shooting challenges. Edit:.I think that none of the seasonals are tracking today. I've played a few and safely left a few but those tallies aren't going up. I also won a phone duel, and that challenge didn't update.