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  1. We found the fix to the problem thank you
  2. Hello everyone , i have this problem with battleye since we add virutal asernal (vass) to our wasteland server . Anyone can help me out on this one ? here are the BE kicks logged ---- - 18787274276cc63a19c7a5ea4b889abe - #0 "a3w_fnc_initplayerserver [B Alpha 3-2:1 (=Ranger=) REMOTE,true,true]" -18787274276cc63a19c7a5ea4b889abe -RemoteExec Restriction #0 "bis_fnc_arsenal_condition" = {true} 2:1720 B_sniper_F -18787274276cc63a19c7a5ea4b889abe - #17 "bis_fnc_arsenal_condition" = {true} 2:2141 B_medic_F - 18787274276cc63a19c7a5ea4b889abe - #17 "ter_vass_cargo_default" = ["50rnd_570x28_smg_03",50,40,"smg_03_black",1000,5 All help to a fix would be appreciated , and also look for a coder/scripter if anyone wants to get involved with a great fun team . thank you