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    Loot Positions

    I'm thinking of making them just to explore all the buildings and details in the editor. ____ I decided to start making some loot positions. This DLC uses a holy crap ton of buildings and such!
  2. There weren't any loot position files for buildings in the Chernarus 2020 map or none that I could find, so I went and did them all myself in the editor. I included every CUP and Malden building and the commonly used military Altis buildings. Some buildings that are not enterable will also spawn junk at their doorstep as well as the smaller ignored buildings in countryside areas. I also created some loot positions for certain vehicle wrecks. Civilian vehicles spawn vehicle service parts, Industrial tractors spawn industrial junk and some of the military vehicles spawn military loot of course. Factory exhaust stacks and other towers with ladders also now spawn stuff! If there is a building missing from the list, would like more added or a misplaced position, please let me know. Installation: Go into your "exile_server_config" folder and drop the attached file inside. You can also make your own C++ language file and copy the string over from my dropbox. Open up the config.cpp file and replace the entire CfgBuildings string with this: So the beginning of your config should look similar to this: Here is the string file. Chernarus2020 Loot -------------------------------------------- Once you've completed the above steps, re-pack your PBO and enjoy.
  3. ObeseHamster

    Chernarus 2020 Loot Positions

    Updates: Fixed a few upper middle class buildings with loot positions inside floor Added all the Apex style tents Added the rest of the cargo buildings Re-placed the train positions with new ones and added loot to the box train cars Reorganized the script layout so you can find stuff easier Added positions for the USS Nimitz and the USS Liberty
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    about Chernarus Redux loot

    I got my loot tables from Thomas TKO;
  5. ObeseHamster

    Players have max Poptabs?

    In your config.cpp within your mission folder, search for pop tabs and change the value to your desired amount. Example: class CfgLocker { numbersOnly = "0123456789"; maxDeposit = 1000000000; //Edit this<<<< };
  6. It took me a while to figure this out, if there is a better way, please let me know. This method works for people who wish to delete all of the existing traders within the Exile world. I'm using Altis for my map and will use that directory. You can use this method for any map file. Also create backups of your files incase you screw up. Files you will need: -Exilemod - Copy this folder and past it inside a different folder, rename it to Exilee or whatever. As long as it's named different from the actual mod name. -M3Editor - 3DEN https://github.com/maca134/m3e_3den - Place this in your Arma 3 game directory Start up Arma 3 and add: -@ExileMod -@Exilee (the renamed Exile folder you just copied and renamed) -@m3e_3den 1. Copy your "mission.sqm" located with your map folder under"Yourserver\mpmissions\Exile.Altis" 2. Go to your profile name folder in the documents directory, open the mpmissions folder (create it if you do not have that folder). Then create a folder and name it whatever you'd like. In my case I named it as "myserver". Open up the created folder and paste the missions.sqm into the folder. 3. Start Arma 3 with the above mods enabled, open the editor for your map. To place traders, you must only use the existing Exile units in the Independent faction under the assets tab. You may also place objects around the map, just make sure they are not interactable items (weapons, vehicles, etc.). You will need to save the objects within the "missions.sqm" file (Make sure to save scenario without npc's!). You can also copy and move existing map markers in the map window. For animations you can find them with a quick Google search (Example: Exile trader animations). 4. Once you are satisfied with the placement of your traders, select the "Exile" tab at the top of the editor. Select "Save initServer.sqf" and copy this text to a seperate text document. Do the same for the option "Save initPlayerLocal.sqf". 5. Open up the file "initPlayerLocal.sqf" that is within your server under "Yourserver\mpmissions\Exile.Altis" Delete all the lines after: if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; Then open up the saved text file you created, copy and paste everything after the above line. It should look similar to this: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Static Objects /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Taken away for now //#include "initServer.sqf" if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; // 4 NPCs private _npcs = [ ["Exile_Trader_SpecialOperations", ["AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Ease"], "Exile_Trader_SpecialOperations", (I did not paste the entirety of it because it would take up this entire page) 6. Now open up the file "initServer.sqf" within your server. Delete All lines before the slashes for the Russian Roulette. Then open up the saved text file you created, copy and paste everything before the slashes. It should look similar to this at the end: } forEach _objects; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Russian Roulette /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 7. The final step is to copy and paste your "missions.sqm" file to your server, and overwrite. Edit: Make sure you delete all the objects you used for the trader areas, otherwise you will end up with duplicate objects clipping. Repack your PBO and enjoy.